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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Generalities symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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After eating; all cooling, burning, wavelike sensation disappear, also congestion; pressing inward in epigastrium; lasciviousness with sexual excitement; lewdness with a sensation of weakness in parts, but inclined to an emission of semen; increased lassitude and drowsiness, slept an hour without making it any better

Very soon a sensation of weakness, a kind of flabby lassitude, like days after great exertion, or after a fever or other disease

Fatigue and heaviness in legs

Great physical relaxation; whole body feels fatigued; tired all over

Felt irritable, tired and nervous

Felt stiff and tired; required an effort to draw his breath


Inclination to yawn, with stiffness of lower jaw

Felt inclination to gape and stretch

Felt drowsy; in afternoon; irresistible drowsiness, 9 P M

Sleepy after a meal, slept one hour without relief

Frequent yawning, without sleepiness, particularly when hearing others yawn

Did not sleep more than thirty minutes until after 2 A M

Insomnia; sleepless in spite of narcotics

Passed most of his nights sleeplessly, walking up and down in despair


Restless night, with stupefaction in head

Sleep fitful, position continually changed; dog

Excited, cannot sleep

Felt as he did some years since, when sitting up with a sick relative three nights out of five, unable to sleep during day from nervous anxiety

When lying down could not sleep, eyes open, unless he purposely closed them, when they reopened involuntarily

Went to bed at 1030 P M (as usual), could not sleep (a very unusual circumstance); dozed and heard various noises till 3 A M, which caused him to get out of bed to ascertain what they were; started frequently; slept soundly from 7 to 830 A M

Went to bed at 10 P M in great pain all over; woke up at 1130 P M

With very severe pain in stomach, lasting one hour

After 10 P M, while in bed, all symptoms more severe

Had a restless night, woke repeatedly and felt tired

Woke several times at night with pain in wounded arm

Starting in sleep, afternoon

Has to scratch whole body, and has no sleep for it all night

Jumped up in bed

During night slept but little; was disturbed by disagreeable, disconnected dreams; felt strangely

On waking stands perfectly still for a time; head fixed as if gazing at some distant object; a dog

Sleepiness when unable to sleep, and sleeplessness when she might otherwise have slept; generally restless at night

On waking is morose, inclined to be angry

Late getting awake, and difficult to recover from sleep

Slept from 4 to 6 P M, woke up and felt dreadfully nervous; had a great fear as if something was going to happen

In morning, after exciting dreams, much fatigued, feels tired in sacrum and back

If inclined to sleep, it is short, disturbed with frightful dreams, and on awaking is apt to fall into slight convulsions

On awaking from siesta, numbness in head


When water (in bath) was least ruffled, so as to touch a fresh surface, convulsions were excited

Slightest touch brings on convulsions; along whole vertebrae causes irritability akin to convulsions

Twitching of tendons, with tendency to general convulsions

Muscular contractions appear with various degrees of intensity, from slightest convulsion to those of most severe and clonic form; frequently tetanic convulsions

Sensation of convulsive actions in different parts; distress of epigastrium; heaviness of limbs and general prostration; Exertion is frequently succeeded by convulsions

Convulsions conjoined with an exalted state of sense of smell, taste and touch

Clonic convulsions; decided tetanus or trismus not observed; opisthotonos in rare cases

Convulsions daily; rolls head from side to side; winking and rolling eyes; attempts to bite others; pelvis and legs are turned to one side as far as possible

Eating and drinking

Before dinner a very strange sensation, a strangeness of whole body

Warm drinks, such as milk, soups and wine, are more easily taken than water

Inability to take solid food, or else it is consumed with greatest difficulty

After supper, 7 P M, feels worse, less sore throat, no difficulty in swallowing

After meals very ill disposed, every noise irritates him; if others eat apples, or hawk, or blow their noses, it brings him beside himself; passes away after siesta and coffee

After dinner and in evening disinclined to think

After supper pressing in spleen

Nausea after eating eggs or fat food

Tabacum Tobacco affected him more than usual

Hiccough, Belching, Nausea and Vomiting

Squeamish sensation; a want of appetite in evening, followed by great lightness of head

Nausea with giddiness, headache and pale face; with pale face after diarrhea; food does not taste right; and loss of appetite in evening; at 10 to 11 P M


Continual belching of wind; convulsive eructations

Belching in afternoon sour, in afternoon

Gagging when he forcibly attempts to swallow water, forces it out of his mouth

Rising of bile into throat during day, at same time an unusual quantity of tenacious saliva in mouth and throat

Nausea and vomiting, after diarrhea

Vomiting of food; of fluid while drinking, followed by faintness; of what was eaten at supper, at night in sleep

Nausea and vomiting of a foamy, mucous, dark colored substance resembling coffee grounds

Scrobiculum and Stomach

Pressure in epigastrium after eating

Suffocating pain at pit of stomach

Distress in epigastrium and precordial region with dyspnoea

In epigastric region sensation half coldish, half burning

Pain in epigastric region, deep in, as if in or behind duodenum

Aching, with coldness in stomach

A cooling pain in stomach, with here and there a sharp and pointed pressure

A sensation of motion in stomach

Loud gurgling in left side of stomach, becomes more continuous like water from a bottle

A loud cooing noise in stomach, to left, and after a while repeated as a quick croaking

Great oppression in stomach, has to open her clothes

A slightly hot, quiet, aching sensation below chest, sometimes lower down, often in entire abdomen, as if in intestines

Stomach empty, or may contain a dark, opaque substance, frequently resembling coffee grounds; in mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, decided injection of blood-vessels; upon former frequently hemorrhagic erosions


Affects principally the nervous system

Great blueness of veins and redness of arteries on wounded arm

Tearing and shooting as if in bone

Supraorbital bones feel shattered

All his joints cracked on least motion, and pain was quite severe till 10 P M

Lost flesh, getting thinner all over

Quick tendency of body to putrefaction


Touch Passive Motion Injuries

He cannot bear to ride in a carriage, feels generally unwell during or after it

Faceache after puncturing a pimple on check

A lacerated wound on right cheek, behind ramus of jaw, one and a half inches, and three lines of abrasion in front of same cheek

Local sensations of pain in wound or scar continue often after prodromic stage, in an increased degree in higher stage, but are in last scarcely heeded

Peculiar sensation are frequently experienced at seat of bite, or in adjacent parts; like a sensation of pricking, boring or burning always proceeding from wound

Complained of a pain in right arm (bitten part); no inflammation or enlargement of glands of axilla could be discovered

Tearing pains often proceed from wounded parts, frequently attributed by patients to effects of a cold and to rheumatism thereby induced

Shooting out from bitten part towards trunk, less frequently extending outward from sensorium, or in some locality other than part injured

Wound in exceptional cases appears inflamed and swollen; of a reddish or bluish hue

Sensation of creeping and pain in scar

Next morning wound red around edges

Great redness of small bloodvessels around wound

Soreness in muscles around wound, which is now almost healed

The wound healed without irritation kindly in course of twelve or fourteen days

Some are without pain in bitten part

No pain, swelling or inflammation in lymphatic glands, between bite and thorax

The wounds heal kindly and characterized by a striking absence of inflammatory reaction

The subsequent inflammatory reaction (after caustics) is generally slight, while pain thereby produced is moderated

Even after application of strong caustics, wounds manifest a strong tendency to skin over without granulating

Never saw a wound more disposed to heal; he was abroad in five weeks, yet afterwards affected by hydrophobia

The ready healing of the wound made by the bite of a rabid animal is similar to the rapid healing of wounds in those affected with leprosy

Touching scar is said to produce peculiar sensations, a shuddering, feeling of anxiety, and sighing

A bite of an angry dog into right thigh had not healed, turned into malignant ulcers; surrounding bluish-red edges, raised and hard, bases badly suppurating and ichorous, with redness and hardness

Scars from a bite in nose swollen and red for fifteen months

Ulcers remaining after bite of evil disposed dogs

Pain on spot bitten became burning, and extended over whole body, and he felt very strangely


Felt a continued pain in spot on right calf where he was bitten, but without a lesion

Wounds from bite of dogs, in sheep

A cow bitten by a dog in foot had a large swelling of part, and animal got very restless

Two puppies, bitten by their rabid mother, did not get mad after taking Lyssin

It may be a prophylactic to hydrophobia, but never without at the same time applying radiate heat to the part bitten, and frequent sessions in hot room of Turkish bath; during the attack remedies are to be applied according to symptoms

Touch on head makes it ache; small pustules on frontal eminence; nose very sensitive; pimple on eminence of forehead painful; pain on check worse

Pressure on neck of bladder; causes worse pain in neck; causes pain in larynx; muscles of forearm painful; violent pain in right hand

Disposition to press hand against lower jaw

Presses head against wall; headache

Rubbing headache better ; causes ear to pain

Gentle scratching headache better

Scratching itching in both ears disappears; scurf off pimple, discharge of lymph and blood; sheep's back makes them quiet; worse biting and itching in various parts of body; causes small red spots in a circle on inner side of thighs


Until dinner time he felt so strangely in his whole body as never before, without being able to define the feeling

In all motions of her body and in her looks is expressed a peculiar erethism

All things affect him more, tobacco included

Irritability; violent agitations

He could neither lie down nor stand up for any length of time

Great restlessness, anxiousness, distress; tossing about

In afternoon whole body trembles, she can scarcely speak; stinging in one of cervical vertebra; when stooping feels dizzy on right side

Afternoon tremulous in whole body and very weak, can hardly talk

Continual trembling sensation through whole body

The strange feeling changes during night into a trembling, and he is full of fear

Twitching of muscles throughout entire body (last stage)

Severe nervous twitches in whole body all day

Felt quivery all over

If during great restlessness she attempts to sit down and work, she has alternately twitching in arms and legs

Nervous twitching, with trembling of right hand

Starts now and then

Spasms of individual muscles, as well as of muscular system in general, clonic, rarely tetanic

The spasms have the character of reflexed spasms; their proximate causes are attempts to swallow; speaking; a current of air; sight or idea of fluids; sight or sound of running water; coming in contact with another person a bright light; sight of shining objects or of some strange person; a loud noise or strong odors

Attacks returned every few minutes, for five hours, until they were arrested; pain passing down spine to loins and hips, and from thence to knees

Spasms of legs and arms, occasionally very severe

In quick succession violent epileptic attacks

Spasms so violent that four strong men could hardly hold him and prevent him from hurting himself

Every day at 9 P M, convulsive startings

She struck, snapped and bit at everything and every person

Pain commencing in cicatrix of bitten thumb, producing slight spasm, and still greater disposition to snap and bite and to grind teeth, which were entirely beyond his control, causing him to fall on floor

Suddenly a severe pain in bitten thumb, after nine days, instantly passing up spine and thence into brain, producing a violent, nervous convulsion for a few moments, with a disposition to snap and bite; passed off in two or three minutes

Child, aet, 2, after scarlatina

Feels as she did when she got up from a nine days' illness; feels so heavy and sore

Great debility and disinclination to move about, lasting till 2 P M, gradually diminishing

Feeling of malaise and debility at 3 P M, great disinclination to move

Does not wish to rise

Great weakness and restlessness, does not know where to turn, would prefer to lie down, but it affects his breathing

Such weakness that knees tremble at every step, and she feels as if she would fall

Weakness with sore throat; after urinating; of sexual organs

During exhaustion more nimble and active

With numbness of paralytic symptoms the violence of all others increases

At times a singular sensation, a kind of "die away" feeling, quite instantaneous, cannot describe it; seems to extend through heart to back; accompanied with quivering around breast bones and pain in nerves, from left side of chest to throat and left jaw; fluttering about heart

After singing, suddenly falls down as if dead, with eyes shut face red, quick breathing, pulse 100

Temperature and weather

Burning sensation in bitten place better by hot steam striking against it


Unbearableness of heat of sun

Dropsy of spine with sheep

The damp, warm weather oppressed him

Expressed a desire to go into bath; after warm bath more irritable to external air, the most distressing symptom that occurs

Great sensitiveness to every breath of air

A very gentle stream of air projected from lips on to patient's forehead; and continued only for a few seconds, brought on a violent spasm

Asked her mother to beg him not to breathe upon her face again, as it distressed her so much (after Belladonna Bellad)

Air, of agreeable temperature, feels cold and disagreeable

Continually directs a window to be closed which is not open

Draft of air, or opening or closing door, brings on spasms

Extreme sensibility to cold or least variation in temperature of air

Heat of sun cannot bear it

Warm drinks more easily taken than water

As soon as he gets warm in bed; itching in inner sides of thighs and knees; compelled to scratch

Open air headache better ; feels a chill strike right arm

Breath of air sensitive to

Blast of air causes greatest distress

Wet weather aching in left side of head worse

In cold room, while undressing strong erections

Cold air better headache; headache, with nausea and sore pain in heart better


After coffee more frequent beating of pulse; heat in face

Aching in bones; every bone seems bruised and sore; as if every bone had been broken or violently beaten; never had such pains, had to return to bed and lie there all day

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