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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urine too scanty and high-coloured (cured in a case of camp diarrhoea).

Constant desire to urinate on seeing running water; urinates a little at a time.

Prostatic juice passes after urinating.


Semen is discharged too late or not at all during coition.

No emission during coition, but afterwards semen escaped unconsciously in sleep.

Glans is dry and sticks to foreskin.

Atrophy of testicles; testicles diminish in size, first l. then r.


Severe leucorrhoea, with pains in back and lower part of bowels, sore vagina.

Sensitiveness of vagina rendering coition quite painful.

Since cessation of lochia a severe leucorrhoea; pain in back and lower part of bowels; soreness of vagina.


Increase of uterine sensitiveness, conscious of having a womb.

With a painful sensitiveness of womb, slight degree of prolapsus, so that after any considerable physical effort there would be a strong conviction that it was prolapsed.


Lasciviousness after eating, with feeling of weakness in parts; with erections in afternoon.

Strong erections, without sexual excitement or thoughts, in evening, while undressing in a cold room.

Sexual indifference with erections, even during act of coition, which is perfectly performed.

Increased sexual desire (dropsy of spine with sheep; hydrophobia of sheep).

Priapism, with frequent seminal emissions.

Satyriasis in a stallion; hot breath streamed from nostrils.


Complaints resulting from abnormal sexual desire.

Pain in l. ovarian region, uneasiness there.

Any change of position that would tilt or rotate os uteri would cause much pain.

Prolapsus uteri of seven years' standing.

During pregnancy strange notions, desires or cravings; rush of blood from chest upward; toothache, backache and other complaints; great sense of bearing down; intense pain from inflammation of os and cervix (formerly treated with Causticum caustic); great soreness in lower part of back and bowels.

Spasms excited whenever she attempts to drink water, or if she hears it poured from one vessel into another; sight or sound of water affects unpleasantly, even though desiring water (puerperal convulsions).

Both breasts swollen when waking in morning, she can hardly get up; three mornings in succession; same swelling of breasts at night when opening her dress.


Weakness in back, with copious catamenia.

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