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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Head symptoms - H.C. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Peculiar lightness in head; lightness after nausea

Singular sensation in vertex, as if he momentarily lost consciousness, but only in that place; or as if a habitual feeling had disappeared from there, it is no fullness, no motion, but it causes a vacillating motion of head; in evening

A slow vacillation or wavering of head, from something being loose in upper part of head

Surging towards head is felt inwardly, deep in brain

Sensation as if a small leaden ball was rolling about in brain

Rush of blood to head While lying down; from chest upward, with toothache; during pregnancy; when rising

Burning, surging towards head

Pressing inward, throbbing or drawing above right eye

Aching in bones above eyes, particularly right worse by stooping

A sensation in forehead as of something moving

Tearing from middle of forehead towards left side

Pressing in vertex and in forehead, particularly when stooping or moving head; afternoon

Passes hand across forehead

Pressing in forehead, with slight sensation of heat, 6 P M

Occasional stitches in right temple

Boring in right temple very short, 5 P M; repeats every other day; but on fourth day in left temple, and in morning when getting awake

Beating, throbbing headache; most severe in right temple and above right eye; each bone feels shattered and sore; from temple to temple

Uterine disease

Dull weight, first on left side of head, then on vertex

Pressing weight on right parietal bone

Left side of head is now, and has always been, most severely affected

In vertex; dullness and tensive sensation; stupefied feeling; vertiginous shocks; a peculiar sensation; pressing weight; pressing stinging; right side; pressing shooting; pressing beating; pressing heaviness, right side; strange pulsation; burning surging; throbbing

Pressure in upper part of head and forehead; worse stooping or moving head; at 4 P M, while reading and reflecting, with mental restlessness

Frequent pressure on vertex, as if a cast, which fitted top of head, was pressing it down

Pressing from forehead to vertex and jaws

Head feels as if it would split with severe pressure on vertex

In rare cases serous effusion in opaque subarachnoid tissue and lateral ventricle, and also increased adherence of membranes of brain to convolutions

A peculiar sensation in head all day, as if something drew the head towards shoulders

Burning aching from left side of occiput down neck

On top of head, pressing heaviness, same in right parietal bone

Tearing and stinging in occiput, as if in bones, worse after rising

Beating pain in forehead, pareital bone, occiput and nape of neck; better in neck when bending head backwards

Right side of head feels stiff, as if it would become numb

Numbness of left side of head

Itching in locality of acquisitiveness

Eyes and Sight

Sensitive to light

Left eye exceedingly sensitive to light and water

Sparks before eyes

Something moves to and fro before eyes while sewing, but always a little farther off the point at which she is looking

False vision, dullness of sight, together with dilatation of pupils, sometimes actual blindness

Since five years could not read longer than a few minutes at a time, when she would see letters double and would read something else than the right words; had tried all sorts of spectacles without benefit, was often ashamed because she could not sign her name properly

On looking up eyes are very weak

Vision much impaired or absent, lasts twelve hours

Vanishing of sight

Could not see or hear

Drawing, beating pain over right eye, extending into eyes

Aching over eyes, as if in bone, worse right side and stooping

Pressing sensation in upper part of right orbit

Drawing, beating pain over eyes and into balls

Throbbing over right eye

Pressing sensation in orbits

Eyes ached intensely; feeling of soreness

Burning of eyeballs

Eye draws heat from nape of neck

Itching heat in eyes

If mental anxiety is great, pupils are in some cases dilated, while face and conjunctiva are injected

During period of tranquillity, in last stage, pupils are contracted or of unequal size, eye fixed, strabismus

Pupils were a little dilated and eye had a somewhat wild and restless appearance

Eyes are wild, rolling, staring and livid

Disturbed look, or eyes firm and penetrating

Lachrymal glands evince increased activity

Eyes red and cornea somewhat inflamed

Sore eyes and some fever after a bite in nose

Dullness and inflammation of eyes, dogs

Inflamed, dim, watery, staring eyes, with very much dilated pupils, upper lid drawn up, and diminished sight

Eyes somewhat red and inflamed (cornea)

Eyes slightly red, and occasional stitches in right temple

Great inflammation in an eye from which gushes foamy pus; pustules around eye, in morning lid puffed up like an eggshell, small pustules on one finger


Eyelids fly open involuntarily

Pressure in left side, shooting to eyes in evening

Burning in lids

Eyelids feel paralyzed on awaking in morning, and appear to be more firmly closed, as if glued together

Swelling of eyelids after bite of dogs

In sheep

Extreme ulceration of eye, lids closed and puffed up by pus

In sheep

Ears and Hearing

Conversation in vicinity of patient may throw him into a most violent agitation

Ringing of church bells makes him anxious, and causes a sharp, salty taste, with stitches in heart

Water poured into a basin, with splashing noise, caused paroxysm to be reproduced, with convulsion and agitation

Sudden noise causes involuntary startings

Hearing water poured out in next room makes him very irritable and nervous

On crossing ferry, soon after eating, noise which water made caused unspeakable torture in her back

Convulsions excited by barking of dog, from great sensibility; any other sudden noise, shutting a door or a blast of wind, produce the same


If, during night, or in morning before rising, he heard pouring out of water in next room, he was immediately obliged to rise and have an evacuation

Chronic camp diarrhea

Hearing water poured out brought on convulsions

Sensation as if blood rushed to right ear, then a pressure as from a dull knife, interiorly and superiorly

Sound as of rushing water in left ear

Buzzing in right ear

Hears various noises in night

Shooting stitches in right ear, from without in

In morning, pressing in forehead and drowsiness, with stitches passing inward in both ears

Stinging pressure behind ears; afternoon

Rush of blood to right ear; after pressure like from a dull point

Pressive burning in right external ear

Burning and heat in ear

Earache extends into teeth

Pressive burning in right concha, in evening

The ears feel stiff

Itching in a small spot in upper part of both ears, disappears after scratching

Nose and Smell

Strong odors may start spasms

The greatest sensibility to smell of tobacco; taste of snuff while box is one foot distant

Frequent bleeding from nose; repeatedly some clotted blood in nose

Tickling in nasal cavity causes sneezing

Itching in nose all day

Repeated sneezing, which stops on being interrupted

Frequent sneezing, mostly early in morning or late in evening, as if a coryza would begin; also when looking at something bright, and from every little dust

Fluid discharge from nose

Coryza, with tickling in roof of mouth and in front of nose (relieved by Phosphorus Phosphorus)

Thick green mucus runs out of nose (horse)

Sensation of stiffness in nose, in right side of neck, and principally in jaws

Nose feels bruised

Nose, right neck and side feel very stiff, more about jaws

Nose extremely sensitive to touch

Nose itches all day


Dullness; of head; in forehead, more to right side; in middle of brain, where it surges; and stupidity at night, with restlessness; amounting to pain in occiput

Throbbing headache in forehead, vertex and occiput, down to neck

Pain above left eye before going to bed

Pain in a small spot above right eyebrow worse while writing

Sharp pain above eyebrows, followed by burning in lids

Sharp pain above eyebrows and up nose five minutes after walking, with headache

Severe shooting pains in head, above eyes and temples

Headache extending into right eye

Dull pain in forehead, with a stupid feeling afternoon and evening

Pressing or burning pain in forehead

Two P M, intense pain in head, extending back of forehead to organ of firmness soon after the whole top of head and to eyes, lasting all day

Dull heavy pain in forehead and sharp pricking in left temple, alternating at times with throbbing and jerking

Slight frontal headache in morning on waking, worse after rising

Maddening outward pressing pain in forehead; he presses his head against the wall

Pressing pain in forehead and top of head, returns 4 P M, seventh day, with uneasiness of mind when reading or thinking

Continual dull pain in forehead, principally on left side, with stupefaction, in afternoon and evening

Throbbing pain in forehead, vertex and occiput, extending into nape of neck

Headache at times very sever in right temple

Severe headache in both temples and above eyes, beginning at 9 A M, so unbearable that he cries bitterly; violent jerking in limbs

Violent headache from temple to temple

Tearing pain; in right temple, from jaw to temple

Sharp pricking pain in left temple, alternated with throbbing and punching

Violent headache, most in temples and forehead, worse during day and from stooping and stirring about

Severe pressing pain in left side of head, occasionally boring stitches from without in, later pressing extends to left side of forehead and left orbit; 10 P M

Dull pricking pain in left side, from head to waist

Headache most severe one and a half inches above left ear, in evening

Piercing pain in right side of head, with sensation of stiffness, or as if part would become insensible

Woke in morning with a burning, aching headache in left side of head and down neck

Severe headache, extending from behind forehead to organ of firmness, soon after spreading over vertex and to eyes, at 2 P M, lasting all day

Pain on top of head and in teeth running into each other

Painful pressure, most on upper part of head, worse when moving head; later also in forehead, with considerable heat and prostration

In occiput painful dullness; pressure in left side; tearing and stinging as if in bones; worse after rising; aching; burning; pain in left side, worse during wet weather; dreadful pains running up neck and down spine, worse when lying down

Sharp pain across eyebrows and up nose, while walking out doors; exceedingly fatigued and weary after a short walk

Intolerable headache extending to ends of nose and into teeth; some pressure on head, and for a moment a feeling as of an invisible hammer striking upon back of head (relieved by Tabacum Tabac)

Frequent attacks of headache, in which head, nose and teeth appeared to be soldered together

Feeling of tension in head; much pressing pain in head

Pain as if head would burst

At 3 P M; headache very severe; dull heavy pain in head

Afternoon, pain in head; sick headache

Headaches from bite of dogs, rabid or not

All morning severe headache which makes him impatient

At noon slight headache, lasting all day

Dull heavy pain in afternoon in head

Painful rush of blood to head after moving, turning around, or stooping

Unbearable headache for three days making her snappish, harsh and irritable; trifles annoy her lower jaw feels stiff and aching, hands numb

Crying bitterly during headache

Headache with nausea and sore pain in heart, in afternoon; better in cold air

Pain from mouth up through head and down back of neck

violent headache and backache

Painful pressure on top on moving head, with fever and prostration

Horrible headache, accompanied by general weariness

Headache in bones of skull

Very annoying headache, more outside, near vertex, better by gentle scratching, or by rubbing, but it must be done by hands of others, thus by a kind of mesmerizing

Small pustule, painful when touched, on left frontal eminence, later same on right

Sight of water agitation; renews idea of pain; causes convulsions (pregnancy)

Great weakness in eyes, without pain

Pain over right eye pressing inward

At 9 P M severe shooting pains in head, over eyes and in temples; also very violent aching pain inside of and all over chest

Pain over left eye previous to retiring

Sharp pain across eyebrows, afterwards burning in eyelids

Pain in small spot over right eyebrown, worse writing

Soreness in eyes and above them, pain in forehead

Headache extends into right eye

At 9 P M felt a curious stinging pain in left eye extending to forehead, over right eye, painful

Eyes feel very bad, severe pain in them and in all his joints

Eyes congested and painful

Eyes bloodshot and painful

During his attacks of chronic headache, which come after mental emotion or excessive mental exertion and last a day or two, he cannot bear to hear running water; if hydrant is allowed to run in an adjoining room, or even if water is poured into a basin, his headache increases to an insupportable degree

After the pain following an evacuation had lessened, and he was sitting at open window, the large street waterplug was opened to cleanse the streets, and as soon as he noticed water running down gutter in front in his house, he was seized with violent pains and had to go at once to the watercloset

Temporary stoppage of right ear; about two hours afterward while thinking upon it, ear commenced aching; pain extends into teeth and through head

Tearing pain from lower jaw into ear

Bending pain in right ear

Tearing pain a few inches from right ear

Pressing from nape of neck into ear; Above left ear, headache most severe

Ear tickles, after rubbing pain

During three days her sense of smell, which is always extremely acute, became painfully so, particularly in reference to unpleasant effluvia, action of nostrils extremely painful

Pain in nose

Headache extends into nose


Irritable headache, touching head makes it ache; very sensitive scalp

A darting from within outward to scalp, on right side of vertex, followed by itching

Hair which is usually dry has become very oily

Scalp feels contracted and pinched

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