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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Beating, pressing on top; painful pressure on top (of head) on moving the head, with fever and prostration,

Severe headache from temple to temple, of a throbbing, beating nature (fifth day),


Whenever I put my finger on my head, there is always a strong subsequent pain, lasting a considerable time,

Could detect no symptoms, save a slight headache on top (eighth day),

Pressing pain on top (of head) and forehead, while reading and thinking, in the afternoon, with restlessness of mind,

Painful pressure on top, by moving the head, with fever and prostration,

Pain in forehead, in the protuberances, soon,

Pain in head, greatest one and a half inches above left eye,

Great pain in head, from temple to temple, all day,

Slight burning pain in forehead,

Dull pain in forehead, especially on the left side, with a stupid feeling,

Dull, heavy pain in forehead, and sharp, pricking pain in the left temple, sometimes attended with throbbing and pinching,

Severe, heavy, dull pain in forehead, lasting five hours,

During the afternoon and evening, headache over the eyes,

Pressive pain in forehead, ; with sensation of heat,

Pressive pain in forehead and vertex, worse after moving the head and stooping,

Pressing pain on top of forehead, while reading and thinking, in the afternoon, with restlessness of mind,

At 9 P.M., severe shooting pains in the head over the eyes, and in the temples, also a very violent, aching pain inside of an all over the chest (second day),

Pain in the temples from the jaws,

During the day, headache very intense at times in right temple,

At 9 A.M., most severe headache in both temples and over eyes unbearable, causing him to cry bitterly, and refuse to take another dose,

Dulness in occiput, after awhile becoming painful,

Slight pain in head, back part (seventh day),


Slight vertigo when rising from a chair (sixth day),

My hair, which is usually dry, has become very oily to-day, the first time I remember such an occurrence (third day),

Scalp very sensitive,

Outer head

Skin of head seems contracted and pinched up (fifth day),

Itching in "acquisitiveness" in the morning (fifth day),

On right side of vertex something comes from within and itches,


Much pressing on top of head; feels as if a form, fitting top of head, was pressing on it (fifth day),

Pressing heaviness on top and to the right (of head),

Pressing shutting on top of head,

Strange pulsation on top of head,


Numbness in left side of head,

Right side of head feels stiff, as if it would become numb (third day),

Pressure in left side of head, with boring and shooting inwards, extends to forehead and eyes, in the evening,

Tearing from forehead towards left side,

Left side of head is now, and has always been, most severely affected (sixth day),


Dulness in the forehead, more to the right side,

Head aches severely from temple to temple (fifth day),

Violent pressing outwards in forehead; the patient put the head towards the wall,


Boring in temples every second day, in the left, morning (fourth day),

Boring in the right temple every second day; in the left in the morning (fourth day),


Pressing on occiput, upper side,

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