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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - Clarke

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Loss of consciousness sometimes at an early stage, but not generally until a short time before death (R.).

Does not hear or see persons around him (R.).

Memory for single words much improved.

Thoughts of something terrible going to happen come into his mind against his will; feels impelled to do reckless things, such as throwing a child, which he carries in his arms, through the window.

They appreciate the formidable character of the disease and speak frequently with a remarkably quick and sharp articulation of the impending fatal results (R.).

During the tranquil intervals, responded correctly to questions put to him, recognised those around him, and with a presentiment of impending death, begged them to pray for him and not leave him alone (R.).

Most commonly the mental faculties are in a superior state of excitement, shown by quick perception, amazing acuteness of understanding and rapidity with which they answer questions (R.).

It seems to her as if two entirely different trains of thought influenced her at the same time.

During convulsions, mental illusions and hallucinations; in intervals of consciousness mental faculties are retained (R.).

Imagine that they are abused, and energetically defend themselves against attacks and insults, which in reality are products of their own fancy (R.).

Fancies he is blown at by several persons, some of whom are not present (R.).

Thinks he is a dog or a bird, and runs up and down, chirping and twittering, until he falls down fainting (R.).

Strange notions and apprehensions during pregnancy.

Insane ideas enter his head; for instance, to throw a glass of water, which he is carrying in his hand, into some one's face, or to stab his flesh with the knife he is holding, and the like.

(Mania spermatica in stallions.).

Inclination to be rude and abusive, to bite and strike.

A strong and uncontrollable impulse to do certain acts; to spring at and bite any moving object that came within reach; dog (R.).

Lament with great anxiety their inability to relieve thirst which afflicts, and by various contrivances endeavour eagerly to drink (R.).

Break out of their stables furiously and run or jump over ditches and fences (sheep).

Not afraid of dogs, but dislikes to see them because their sight renews her fear (lyssophobia, after bite by non-rabid dog).

Exhilarated, felt as if he had received joyful intelligence.


Hypersensitiveness of all the senses.

On a watch held to scrobiculum he sees the hour and minute hands (R.).

He says he can see hands on dial plate of church clock (R.).

He could hear what was spoken in next room, and counted coppers in a room below him (R.).

Linen dipped in sugar water, put on pit of stomach, gives a sweet taste in mouth (R.).

Cuprum Metallicum Copper, if in his room, makes him restless and full of pains (R.).

Sometimes he would control inclination to stool by a strong effort of will, but effort caused much nervous irritation.

Attacks of nervous headache become awful and insupportable if he hears water run out of a hydrant.

When he hears water poured out, or if he hears it run, or if he sees it, he becomes very irritable, nervous; it causes desire for stool and other ailments.

The mere sight of a drinking vessel containing water is intolerable; they turn away their faces, shriek out loud, beckon anxiously with hands to have water removed, for voice and breath fail (R.).

Thinking of fluids of any kind, even of blood, brings on convulsions.

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