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Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) - Modalities Etc

Lyssin - Saliva Of Rabid Dog, Lyssin, Lyssinum, Hydrophobinum, Lyss.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sight or sound of water; bright, dazzling light (Stramonium Stram); carriage-riding (Coc, Sanic; better from, Nitric Acid Nit ac)

(Morning), Eyelids as if lame; little appetite.

(Afternoon), While reading and thinking, pain on top of head.

(Evening), At 9 o'clock, pains over eyes, etc.

(After coffee), Heat in face.

(When looking upward), Weakness of eyes.

(Moving), Bursting feeling in head.

(Stooping), Vertigo; bursting feeling in head.

(Writing), Pain over eye.


WORSE, sight or sound of running water or pouring water, or even thinking of fluids; dazzling or reflected light; heat of sun; stooping.


Bending head backward, better pain in neck; heat, hot steam or hot water; warm bathing; cold air better headache

(Cold air), Headache.

(After meals), Feels better.


Better appetite than usual,

Appetite to-day and yesterday perfectly ravenous,

Likes cold apple-butter,

Little appetite in the morning,

Aversion and disgust to everything fat, particularly mutton,


Not thirty these two weeks,

Position etc

At 2 A M; did not sleep more than thirty minutes until after

At 3 A M became cold in bed for one hour

At 8 A M pain in left side

At 9 A M severe headache begins; suffocating feeling in chest lasting till 1030 P M

At 10 A M began to spit a great deal; soreness and constriction in throat

At 11 A M soreness in throat till noon; stitches in heart for a few minutes

In forenoon sore throat; belching; gnawing pressure in left side; painful sensation in upper part of abdomen

Towards noon headache with increase of saliva; pain in testicles worse

At noon slight headache, lasting rest of day; pain in right elbow

Until dinner time felt strangely in his whole body

After dinner disinclined to think; headache very severe; pressing in epigastrium; sexual excitement

At 1 P M slight pain in right shoulder joint

At 2 P M intense pain in head; sore throat; violent spasm of throat; laid down and found head twisted to left side, found it quite comfortable; felt numbness in left side; severe pain across back; pain in left elbow

At 3 P M headache very severe; peculiar constriction in back of throat; feeling of malaise and debility

Until 4 P M feels as if he had heard or would hear unpleasant news; pressure on upper part of head

At 4 P M constriction in throat worse ; violent pain in right kidney lasting one hour

At 5 P M swallowing more difficult; woke with stinging in forepart of index finger

During day rising of bile in throat; diarrhea, with pain worse ; unable to sleep from nervous anxiety; disagreeable dreams when falling asleep, only first half hour

After supper pressing in spleen; lewdness, with weakness of parts, but inclined to an emission

At 6 P M sore throat better

At 7 P M sore throat; slight, dull shooting pain in heart till 1030 P M

At 8 P M salivation recommenced

At 9 P M severe shooting pain in head; curious stinging pain in left eye; spasm of throat better ; violent pain in heart; irresistible drowsiness; a dripping, warm perspiration from wrist to nails of right hand

At 10 P M pressing pain in head; pain in wounded left arm worse ; stinging pain in right hand; pains severe until that time

After 10 P M while in bed all symptoms more severe

At 1030 P M numbness in right arm went to bed, could not sleep; dozed and heard various noises till 3 A M, started frequently

At 11 P M as if she was going to have a fit

At 1130 P M awakes from sleep with severe bellyache

After going to bed; intense pain in back of right heel; pain in heel