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Magnetis Polus Arcticus - Head symptoms - H.C. Allen

Mag. C, Magnetis polus articus, Mag-arct.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnetis Polus Arcticus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


The head feels bruised and as if dashed to pieces in one of the hemispheres

A shock in one side of the head in the morning in bed

Sensation as if the head were pressed down by a load

Pressure as from something hard in several parts of the brain

(A good deal of heat in the head)

Disagreeable, compressive sensation in the head, and as if one part of the brain were pressed in

The head is concussed by the sound of a hammer

Tensive sensation in the brain behind the forehead, extending down to the root of the nose

Stitches in the upper part of the forehead, in the morning after rising, until afternoon

Rush of blood to the head, and suffusion of heat in the cheeks

Pressure in the right temple, when walking in the open air, causing a dullness of the head

Tearing in the head behind the right ear, with sensation as of a shock, gradually moving to the front of the head, when walking in the open air

Pushing tearing in the head behind the left ear when sitting

Pressure in the articulation of the condyles of the occiput with the atlas from within outward, obliging him to bend the head forward constantly


Two days in succession he wakes from his siesta with a violent headache, as if the brain were bruised and obtuse; the headache decreases after he is fully awake, and disappears gradually after rising

Headache, consisting in a sore and bruised pain in the surface of the brain, in the sinciput and in one of the temples

Headache, especially when raising or moving the eyes

Headache, as if the temples were pressed asunder

Violent headache the whole afternoon, as if the brain were pressed asunder

Drawing-boring pain in the right temple, accompanied with a spasmodic pain below the right malar bone

Aching pain over the left temporal region, externally

Aching pain in the left side of the forehead

Aching pain in the outer parts over the right eyebrow


Tension of the scalp as if firmly adhering to the skull, causing a dullness of the head (for several hours)

Tubercles on the hairy scalp, painful when touched

Smarting itching of the hairy scalp

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