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Magnesia Carbonica - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Feeling as if the stomach were disordered, after dinner (twelfth day),

Pain in the stomach, as if empty and qualmish, in the forenoon, disappearing after dinner,

Pain and a contractive sensation in the stomach, after dinner,

Aversion to food, without qualmishness (soon),

Aversion to food and qualmishness, from 6 to 7 P.M.,

Aversion to food, and nausea, as from a disordered stomach, lasting an hour,

Great disgust for food; the stomach was painful and cold (soon),

Great disgust for food, with shuddering, followed by eructations (soon),

She does not relish warm food, has no inclination for bread and butter,

Aversion to green food; rather relishes meat (eighth day),

Dull stitches in the right hypochondrium, half an hour after dinner,

Audible rumbling beneath the umbilicus, two hours after dinner,

Great distension of the abdomen, after dinner (eleventh day),

Griping and rumbling in the whole abdomen, followed by diarrhoea, thin and green, without tenesmus (after one hour); renewed after an hour and a half, and also a quarter of an hour after dinner, and about 1 o'clock,


After micturition, violent twinging beneath the umbilicus, extending into the small of the back and left hip, with a sensation as if an emission of flatus would follow, but it did not; in the open air,

During the menses, cutting pains about the umbilicus, followed by frequent emission of flatus, with relief, in the forenoon,

Great distension of the abdomen, only somewhat relieved by emission of flatus, in the evening,

The abdomen is excessively distended, afterwards also at night; with profuse emission of flatus, with relief,

Movings and slight griping in the whole abdomen, followed by emission of flatus, with relief, and at last a soft stool,

Emission of flatus while walking, soon followed by the usual stool,

Frequent loud emission of flatus, in the afternoon and at night,

Very loud emission of flatus,

Frequent emission of flatus of a penetrating odor (twenty-eighth day),

Griping in the abdomen, even in the forenoon, and only transiently intermitting; in the afternoon it became worse, and in the evening worse still, with distension of the abdomen; emission of flatus afforded relief (twenty-eighth day),

Griping or grasping in the whole abdomen, as before menstruation, with profuse emission of offensive flatus, at noon; the griping was worse in the evening, and preceded by rumbling in the abdomen,

Violent pinching in the middle of the abdomen, relieved by emission of flatus, and followed by stool, the first part of which was very scanty and as hard as stone, with great pressure, but the last was soft and passed without pressing; after the stool burning like fire in the anus, at 2 P.M. (fifth day),


Pain in the stomach, causing nausea, in the morning, without qualmishness, relieved by eating soup (tenth day),

Shortly before menstruation, frequent eructations and nausea,


Paralytic pain in the left hypochondria region, at 8.30 P.M.; she could not lie on that side on account of the pain,

Pinching and constriction in both hypochondria, towards the umbilicus, frequently appearing and disappearing, in the forenoon,

A fine pinching externally beneath the lowest right ribs, extending upwards into the ribs and disappearing, soon followed by a burning in the face, and taking the same direction,

Sharp stitches in the left hypochondrium, like stitches in the spleen, while standing, at 2 P.M. (second day),

Sharp stitch in the right hypochondrium,

A violently painful stitch in the right hypochondrium, as with a knife, making her start; on stooping; disappearing on rising, at 7.30 P.M. (fourth day),

Fine stitches in the left hypochondrium (after one hour and a quarter),

Umbilical and Sides.

Pain, griping, and grasping about the umbilicus, in the morning (twenty-fifth day),

Griping about the umbilicus, with thin, scanty leucorrhoea (thirteenth day),

Violent griping about the umbilicus, with distension of the abdomen, followed by a stool, which at first was hard, but at last soft, in the morning,

Excessive griping in the abdomen about the umbilicus, followed by a thin stool and succeeded by burning in the anus, at 5 P.M. (third day),

During the menses, painful dragging beneath the navel frequently wakes her at night,

Cutting in the abdomen, beneath the umbilicus, with some dragging, as before menstruation (twenty-second day),

It seems as though there were something hard in the right side of the abdomen, or in the hepatic region, with frequent griping in the abdomen (after two hours),

Frequent griping in the right side of the upper abdomen,

Violent, painful griping in the sides of the abdomen,

Slight cutting in the left side of the abdomen, soon disappearing,

Tearing in the left side of the abdomen, especially when walking,

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen,

Great distension of the abdomen, with tension, from 3 P.M. till evening (twenty-fifth day),

Abdomen excessively distended and tense, in spite of three loose movements, in the afternoon (second day),

Much motion in the abdomen before the stool, and he became hot before the stool passed,

Pinching movings in the upper abdomen, somewhat to the left side, at 5.45 P.M.,

Rolling and gurgling in the bowels on inspiration, as in cramps, disappearing after eating, in the evening and the following morning (tenth and eleventh days),

Audible though not perceptible rumbling in the abdomen, as in cramps, at 9 A.M.,

Audible rumbling and gurgling, on motion, without even knowing where, in the forenoon,

Violent audible rumbling, gurgling, and moving back and forth, with fine cutting in the abdomen, all day,

Painless rumbling and movements in the abdomen, at 1 P.M.,

The abdomen seemed empty in the morning after rising; the intestines seemed empty and contracted, together with a pain as if they had just been torn out,

Great heaviness in the abdomen,

Pain in the abdomen, followed by leucorrhoea like water, in the forenoon (twenty-fifth day),

Pain in the abdomen, with dragging towards the genitals, in bed; next morning, the menses appeared, six days too early, at first very scanty and without pain, in the afternoon more profuse,

During the menses violent pains in the abdomen, in the forenoon,

Violent pain in the abdomen, especially about the umbilicus, in the morning while in and out of bed, relieved after warm soup,

Cramplike pain in the abdomen, like a constriction, followed by diarrhoea and relief, at 8 P.M. (twenty-second day),

Griping in the abdomen, three days in succession (after eighteen days),

Griping in the whole abdomen, at 10 A.M. (seventh day),

Frequently intermitting griping and movings in the abdomen, with the usual stool; on moving the body to and fro she at last got into a position in which the pain disappeared for a time; it also occurred in the morning in bed (thirtieth day),

Pinching in the forepart of the abdomen, in the morning, without stool,

A feeling as if everything were twisting about in the abdomen, with stitches beneath the umbilicus, at 2 P.M. (second day),

Cutting in the intestines, in the evening, lasting till falling asleep,

Cutting and griping in the abdomen, before the stool,

Violent pain in the abdomen, as if the intestines would be torn out, lasting three days, not relieved by smelling Camphora Camphor, but completely relieved by smelling Hep Sulph Calc Hepar sulph. (twenty-ninth day),

Colic and distension of the abdomen, after eating,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Fulness in the lower abdomen, relieved by walking, at 2.30 P.M. (second day),

Painful griping in the lower abdomen, beneath the umbilicus, frequently intermitting; afterwards the pain extends to the stomach, in the afternoon,

Pains and griping in the whole lower abdomen, and dragging towards the genitals, at 9 A.M., that continually became worse till 11 A.M.; during which, after 9 o'clock, the menses reappeared, but disappeared in the afternoon (sixty-seventh day),

During the menses, violent dragging pains in the lower abdomen, all night and in the morning,

Pressure in the lower abdomen, every morning in bed, ceasing after eating (after twenty days),

Violently cutting colic, extending from the small of the back to the pubis (after four hours),

Acute constricting-griping pain, as with pincers, in the right groin, so that she was obliged to cry out, at 11 A.M. (twenty-eighth day),

Pinching pain in the right groin, disappearing on rubbing, while walking, at 3.30 P.M.,

Painful cutting and dragging in the abdomen, in both groins; it woke her from sleep at night (after forty-eight hours),


Distension of the stomach, disappearing after eructations (soon),

Rumbling in the stomach and afterwards in the abdomen, only heard, no felt, with yawning, at 7 P.M.,

Audible rumbling in the stomach towards noon,

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach, with empty eructations in the morning (ninth day),

She woke after midnight with violent pain in the stomach, like an emptiness,

Fulness in the stomach, that disappears only after frequent eructations (after two hours),

Constrictive pain in the stomach,

Constrictive pain in the stomach; she could sleep but little all night (fifteenth day),

Pressure in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach, extending up into the chest, disappearing after empty eructations,

A dull stitch to the right of the pit of the stomach, extending into the right chest,

A sharp stitch in the pit of the stomach, so violent that it made her start,

About ten sudden stitches, as with a knife, somewhat to the right of the pit of the stomach, so that she thought she could not endure it, at 2 P.M. (second day),

Pain like a soreness in the stomach and both hypochondria, when touched, even at night in bed (forty-second and forty-third days),

The stomach is very sensitive to pressure, almost like an ulcer, and a feeling internally as if it would fall out, with coldness and prostration; she could not walk across the room on account of weakness; somewhat relieved by drinking coffee (twenty-sixth day),

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and general discomfort in the forenoon, disappearing after dinner (twenty-first day),

During the menses, nauseated and qualmish from morning till noon,

Nausea, with eructations of the odor of bad eggs, all night (fifteenth day),

Nausea in the stomach, without aversion to food, with heaviness in the head and ill-humor,

Nausea, and a feeling as if the stomach were full of water; she wished that she could eructate,

Nausea and qualmishness, with constipation, for three days (after fifty-three days),

Nausea in the stomach, even to vomiting, with empty eructations,

Qualmishness in the stomach (soon),

Qualmishness and collection of water in the mouth, the whole forenoon (third day),

Qualmishness, frequent collection of water in the mouth, in the afternoon,

Great qualmishness in the stomach after supper, with weakness and sleepiness,

Efforts to vomit, at noon, while eating soup; she vomited only bitter water, but no food, after which the mouth remained bitter for a long time,

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