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Magnesia Carbonica - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On rising, head confused, etc.

vertigo, etc. on rising, heaviness, etc., in head.

after rising, sticking headache.

pressive pain in forehead.

after waking, eyes swollen, etc.

in bed, tearing in eyes.

sneezing. on waking, dryness of nose.

dry lips. burning in palate.

bitter taste. after rising, stopped sensation in throat.

pain about umbilicus. relieved after warm soup.

pain in abdomen, in bed, ceasing after eating.

pressure in lower abdomen.

after waking, pain in anus.

contraction in shoulders, etc.

while walking and stepping upon it, but disappearing after walking a long time, pain from ankle to middle of tibia.

in bed, cramp in heels.

in bed, disappearing after rising, tremulous, etc.

weariness. on waking, exhaustion etc.

on rising, stiffness of body.


(Afternoon), Worse towards evening, headache, etc.

from 1 to 5 o'clock, headache.

lasting till evening, and disappearing in bed, tearing in forehead, etc.

tearing, etc., in centre of forehead.

at about 3 o'clock, sticking, etc., in roots of teeth.

pain in lower extremities.

from 4 o'clock till going to sleep, chilliness up back.

Such violent tearing, drawing, and gnawing toothache in a right lower hollow tooth that she moaned.

nothing relieved her. after applying cold water or lying upon the painful side the pain was for a short time relieved, but immediately returned and lasted with varying severity till 4 A.M.

it was worse in a warm room, with uneasiness, ill-humor, and tensive pain over the whole right cheek, after menstruation (after forty-four days),.

Sticking-burning and bruised pain above the left hip, extending up to beneath the shoulder, aggravated on stooping towards that side, and generally worse for three days, when it gradually decreased.

together with dry cough, with violent stitches in the side.

it was somewhat relieved by pressing the hand upon the painful spot and bending herself together.

from 7 to 9 P.M. (after sixty days),.

Preceding the menses, dragging, cutting, and pains in the small of the back, as if contracted and beaten, especially while sitting, relieved by walking.

the flow was at first scanty, but next day very profuse and brown, with relief of the pains.

on the third day very scanty, and on the fourth ceased entirely.

the flow in general was especially profuse at night,.

Woke about 4 A.M. with intolerable pain in the rectum, as if pierced by numerous needles.

somewhat relieved by emission of flatus.

very painful, then after awhile she gradually fell asleep again (sixth day). Extremely painful stitches as with needles in the anus, occurring in the morning after waking, lasting a minute, and relieved by emission of flatus (seventh day). Frightful pain in the anus as from needles, with urging to stool, though only flatus passed, with relief (eighteenth day),.



Twitching without pain, in the vessels of the thighs, shoulders, and often also in the face,

Tremulous and weak, in the morning in bed, disappearing after rising (ninth day),

The body is relaxed (after seven days),

Becomes easily sprained and strained; on bending the arm backward, the shoulder pains as if dislocated, and when touched feels bruised; she is unable to turn the head to the left without great pain,

In the morning after a good sleep, he is more weary than in the evening on lying down,

Easily becomes weary while walking (after six days),

Weakness and weariness of the whole body, especially of the feet (seventh day),

She was unable to sit up in the evening, on account of weakness (forty-second day),

While eating, she became weak,

After eating, weakness, paleness of the face, nausea, and vomiting of dark-colored food (after seven days),

Weakness after the stool (after seven days),

General weakness, suffering expression and some qualmishness (twenty-seventh day),

Very weak and prostrated after vomiting (forty-second day),

Very weak while sitting and walking, less so while standing, in the afternoon (sixth day),

During the menses, great weakness, so that she could scarcely walk,

Exhaustion of mind and body (after twenty days),

Sudden exhaustion when walking in the open air,

Completely exhausted and a bruised feeling in the hands and feet, with trembling and weakness, in the morning on waking; she was obliged to lie down again, after which she became better, though she felt cold immediately on getting out of bed,

So exhausted, weary, and sleepy after dinner (of rather undigestible food), that he suddenly fell asleep while standing and talking, with confusion of the head, which made all thought impossible,

Prostrated, weak, uncomfortable, with anxious warmth and perspiration (twenty-fifth day),

During the menses, very prostrated and weak all day; with perspiration, without thirst,

Internal restlessness, with distraction of mind, so that while writing a letter he was obliged to stand up several times and write the letter over three times; with trembling of the hands (after three weeks),

He tossed from side to side in bed for two nights, and if his body lay quiet the arms and legs jerked all night, even while awake, but without pain; on waking he knew nothing of the occurrences of the night (after eight days),


Great sensitiveness of the skin of the head and body, especially to cold; cold creeping though the skin, and chilliness through and through, from every slight draft,

Stiffness of the whole body, in the morning on rising,

Feels weak in the morning in bed (after seventeen days),

General heaviness and prostration all day (soon),

Extremely uncomfortable, apathetic and weak, in the morning (second day),

Pains here and there, in all parts of the body,

Burning needle-like stitches here and there,

Tearing in the left ear, left upper back teeth, and in several other places, generally shifting every moment, in the forenoon (twenty-seventh day),

The whole body is sore,

Violent jerking-tearing, now in the vertex, now in the occiput, upper arms and thighs, all day (twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth days); while in bed she was free from pain, but on rising the jerking pains here and there began again (twenty-eighth day),

She was attacked with frightful dizzy faintness, with coldness at 9 P.M., after lying down.

after which she was qualmish for half an hour.

she then fell asleep, but frequently woke.

with great nausea from the slightest motion, less when quiet.

in the morning after rising it was worse.

wherewith she had a very disagreeable taste, almost like bad eggs, and similar eructations, with a pale face and coldness (twenty-fifth day),.

At noon, while eating soup, she was suddenly attacked with excessive nausea and vertigo, so that she almost fell down.

this lasted an hour, was followed by white diarrhoea, after which there were cutting pains in the bowels and distension of the whole abdomen (forty-second day),.

She changed her chemise in the evening and took a foot-bath.

the night afterwards the menses appeared, eight days too early, without pain.

at first very scanty. next day more profuse and dark-colored.

on the third day still more profuse, with dragging in both groins, and during these dragging pains there was no discharge of blood, but always a flow on each emission of flatus, and it was most profuse at noon and in the afternoon,.


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