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Magnesia Carbonica - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Sleep and dreams


Yawning, accompanied and followed by frequent hiccough,

Frequent yawning and sneezing in the forenoon (twenty-seventh day),

Frequent yawning in the afternoon, without sleepiness,

Frequent yawning towards evening, after 6 P.M.,

Very frequent yawning every day,

Very frequent yawning, with sleepiness and indolence, at 1.15 P.M.,

Unusually violent and frequent yawning,

Constant disagreeable yawning after rising till 9 A.M.,

Great inclination to sleep, from which he frequently started up,

Sleepiness and indolence, yawning and stretching half an hour after dinner (sixth day),

Sleepy and indolent; she frequently yawns and stretches in the forenoon,

Very sleepy in the morning though she had slept well all night (second day),

On the second day of the menses very sleepy and weak

(Falls asleep easily and soon, and sleeps well), (fourteenth day),

Sleep, was always good, and better than usual (first nights),

She became sleepy and very late in the evening,


She became sleepy only very late in the evening,

She was unable to fall asleep for a long time in the evening (thirty-first day),

She was unable to fall asleep in the evening for a long time on account of great uneasiness in the blood; afterwards she slept badly, and was obliged to turn constantly from side to side, without getting rest (second day),

She was unable to fall asleep before midnight,

She was unable to fall asleep till 3 A.M. (twentieth day),

During the menses, frequent waking at night,

Awoke about midnight, without known case, and was unable to fall asleep again before 2 A.M., then slept imperfectly till 5 (fifteenth day),

She woke about 2 or 3 o'clock, and could not sleep again,

She woke at 3 A.M., and was unable to fall asleep again (fifty-ninth day),

Restless night; she woke at 1 A.M., and was unable to fall asleep again till 5,

Many very restless nights, with little and unrefreshing sleep,

Very uneasy sleep, with frequent waking (thirteenth day),

Starting up in the afternoon sleep for several days,

When falling asleep, he started up and was attacked with uneasiness in the limbs,

Starting up twice in succession, about midnight; then she became wide awake, and was unable to fall asleep again (after one hour, twenty-eighth day),

Little sleep and many dreams,

Sleepless all night (fifty-second day),

No sleep, on account of anxiety and general heaviness (twenty-third day),

No sleep for several nights; constant tossing about in bed (after twenty-second day),


Remembered dreams three nights in succession,

A vivid, unremembered dream during the morning sleep, in which she cried aloud (third day),

Indifferent, historical dream (eighteenth day),

Jolly, very unimportant dreams (second day),

Dream of happiness and dancing, in which she enjoyed herself very much (second day),

Dream that she went fishing and enjoyed herself,

Dream that she had become a child three years old, which rejoiced her very much (first day),

Dream of gathering fruit in a garden,

A pleasant dream of receiving money (twenty-fifth day),

Dream that she invested money in a lottery (ninth day),

Dream of very small horses, that she exerted herself to reflect upon, after midnight (fourth day),

Dreams of masks in fools' clothes, which they soiled (ninth day),

Dream that she was at a ball where they did not dance enough; also at first she could not get ready with her dress (twenty-fifty day),

Dream of flowers, clothes, and other things; she had to make up the clothes, but had no inclination to do it, and besides did not understand how; she also saw many foreign plants, but during this she became soaked with rain (fourteenth day),

After midnight she dreamed that she was to marry one she did not like, which she violently resisted; she cried aloud, wept, and sobbed, without waking (thirty-second day),

Sad, but unremembered dream (thirty-third day),

Dream of her hair falling out, which made her very sad (seventh day),

Dream of the dangerous carrying of glasses (seventh day),

Dream that she had something contraband, and wanted to snatch it away from those looking at it, and lock it up (eighth day),

Anxious dreams at night,

Confused, anxious dreams (twenty-fourth day),

Dream of a fire, at which she was present (nineteenth day),

Anxious dream of a fire, being arrested, etc. (thirty-third day),

Anxious dream of a bright fire, at which she shrieked out violently and cried "fire" (twenty-seventh day),

Dream of danger by water (seventh day),

Dream of a flood, which flowed across the market-place, from which she woke in fright (fifth day),

Anxious dream, that a child was bathing in boiling water,

Dream that she made a long journey, and at last could go no farther, at which she became very anxious, at 3 A.M.,

Anxious dream, as if he was unable to find his way in his own house,

Anxious dreams of the misfortunes of relatives (twenty-ninth day),

Frightful, but unremembered dream,

Dream that she burnt her back by some one throwing hot roast pigeons at her (nineteenth day),

Frightful dream, that she burnt her cheek by the light,

Dream that he had an epileptic fit,

Dream that she was sadly disturbed in company, where especially her grandmother was taken with spasms, and at last had apoplexy,

Sad dream of dead relatives (twenty-third day),

About midnight, a dream that her mother had died, at which she woke, and believed that she was still weeping (tenth day),

Dream that she saw her dead grandmother (twenty-second day),

Anxious dream of a fight with robbers,

Dream of thieves who broke into the house and tried to kill her (sixteenth day),

Dream of being vexed (twenty-sixth day),

Dream that she got into a passion (eleventh day),

Dream that she had become vexed with her mother (first day),

Dream of fights, in which she herself participated (twenty-second day),

Dream of a funeral; she was obliged to dress the hair of the company; also of balls and marriages,

She wished to talk in a dream, but could not, and was distressed on account of it (seventeenth day),

Talking in sleep after midnight (ninth day),

Loud talking in sleep in the morning, therewith she beat her head against the wall and woke, but knew nothing of it (tenth day),

Nightly starting up and screaming in a dream, in which he quarreled with a beggar,

If he lies upon the back or right side at night, he starts up, and raves and screams out of a frightful dream,


Perspiration towards morning, lasting five days (after fourteen days),

The child perspires in the evening on falling asleep,

Morning sweat (after twelve days),

Profuse perspiration during the day, on slight motion,

Night-sweat, unusually profuse (after forty-eight hours),

Offensive night-sweat,

Sour-smelling, oily perspiration, difficult to wash off, all night,

Parched dryness of the skin, towards morning in bed (after sixteen days),

Animal food causes a dry skin and heat,

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