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Magnesia Carbonica - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

A small reddish-blue spot on the left cheek internally, without sensation, but bleeding when rubbed (thirty-first day),

Slimy and mealy in the mouth, in the forenoon,

Mouth dry without thirst, all day (forty-third day),

Mouth dry in the night, without thirst,

Heat of the mouth all day,

Violent itching on the inside of the right cheek (after three hours),

Bitterness in the mouth, like wormwood (forty-second day),


The gum internal to the upper lip is painful, as if cut to pieces in the middle, from morning till afternoon; on touching it with the tongue it burns,

Small burning, painful blisters on the forepart of the left margin of the tongue and lower lip, suppurating on the third day,

Gums and teeth

(The lower wisdom teeth come through), (after thirty days),

Looseness of the teeth, with swelling of the gums,

The lower back teeth of both sides are painful, though worse on the left side, in the evening and morning,

Sensation of elongation of the back tooth, with pain in the morning if cold water touches it, as if it would be torn out, also on chewing,

Toothache every day, and especially at night,

Toothache at night; the teeth seem too long, with rather a tearing than throbbing pain,

Toothache on the right side, daily in the morning, after waking, or after rising, disappearing after moving about for a long time (fifty-ninth day),

Toothache extending from the teeth to the temples, commencing only in the evening in bed, and at night driving her out of bed, several nights in succession,

Toothache, with swelling of the cheek,

Toothache while riding in a carriage, aggravated by cold (thirtieth day),

Raging toothache in a hollow right back tooth, relieved by nothing (sixtieth day),

Burning, throbbing and tearing, with a sensation of elongation, now in one, now in another tooth, upper or lower, relieved by movement of the body at night, worse in bed, and also during the day, renewed by eating and chewing (after sixteen days),

Burning toothache, in the evening in bed, with pain as if the teeth were loose,

Drawing in all the teeth, with swelling and redness of the gum,

Sticking and tearing in the roots of three left upper teeth, not relieved by pressing upon them; in the open air the teeth seem too long and sensitive, with a kind of tickling sensation, about 3 P.M.,

Sticking toothache after eating,

Tearing in a right lower back tooth, afterwards in an upper back tooth, as if it would be twisted out, at 1 P.M. (ninth day),

Tearing in the roots of the teeth of the left lower row, afterwards also in the right lower row,

Tearing in both right lower anterior molars, at 4 P.M. (fifth day),

Tearing in the last left back teeth, without being able to distinguish exactly whether in the upper or lower, in the evening, in bed, lasting till falling asleep, and also in the morning on waking, disappearing on rising (seventeenth day),

Tearing and drawing in the right lower back teeth, lasting a minute, at 8 P.M. (thirteenth day),

Tearing and drawing in the right lower back teeth, lasting half an hour; she put salt upon it and the pain ceased, at 4 P.M.,

Violent tearing in the lower right teeth, extending into the temples, an hour after dinner,

The teeth are very sensitive, and seem too long (twenty-ninth day),

Beating and drawing toothache, all night,

Jerking toothache, and also jerking in the fingers and feet almost daily, in the morning after rising, and in the night, both while awake and asleep (sixtieth day),

The teeth pained much more violently as soon as he got into bed, with great accumulation of water in the mouth,


Constant and almost painless swelling of the gum, even in the sockets of the teeth (after thirteen days),

Great sensitiveness and burning of the gum at noon, while eating; therewith, the teeth seem too long, and feel as if they would fall out, especially the two lower front incisors; in the evening it disappears, but is always renewed on eating (thirty-second day),

Bitter and slimy in the mouth, mucus hangs from the teeth and tongue, in the morning,


Dryness in the mouth (twenty-ninth day),

Dryness in the mouth and throat, in the morning on waking,


Constant spitting of saliva, with nausea in the stomach, in the morning (second day),

During the menses, much accumulation of water in the mouth; she was obliged to spit constantly for half an hour, in the morning (sixth day),

Bloody saliva, ; (ninety-fourth and ninety-fifth days),



Tensive painful blisters on the anterior margin of the tongue, and right corner of the mouth,

A number of pimples like millet-seeds in the mouth; not only on the tongue, but on the sides of both cheeks; they bleed on the slightest touch and burn while eating, especially acids, lasting four days (after thirty-two days),



During the menses, flat taste and little appetite,

Bitter sweetish taste in the mouth, which was full of mucus, disappearing after eating bread,

Bitter taste in the mouth, even the broth in the morning tasted bitter; soon disappearing,

Bitter taste in the mouth in the morning, with a white tongue, also with white mucus in the mouth, which disappears after rinsing it,

Bitter and pasty taste in the mouth in the morning, disappearing after rinsing the mouth (forty-third day),

Sourish taste in the mouth,

Sour taste in the mouth,

Suddenly very transient sour taste in the throat, followed by rawness,

Dinner does not taste as well as usual, though there is no aversion,

No taste at all to the food (first to seventh days),

Food has no taste; the tongue is coated white, and the mouth constantly feels slimy,

Not the slightest taste for several days; food tastes like straw, though she had an appetite,


Frequent burning blisters on the gum, internally to the cheeks, on the lips and palate, in the afternoon,

Blisters on the palate in the morning; on eating bread, a feeling as if the skin were loosened; next day, a feeling as if the spot were denuded and sore (fifty-eighth day); these blisters and this raw sensation disappeared on the appearance of the menses (fifty-ninth day),

The whole inner mouth, especially the palate and anterior half of the tongue, feel numb, in the morning on waking, and the whole forenoon (twenty-third day),

Burning on the palate as if the skin were loosened, in the morning (second day),

The posterior portion of the palate is raw as if denuded, in the morning,

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