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Magnesia Carbonica - Skin symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Itching and running, as of fleas, on various parts of the body, especially on the top of the shoulders, with little vesicles on scratching, they dry up after twenty-four or forty-eight hours; in the afternoon, evening and morning.

Itching in various places, also on the forehead, in the face, on the head, and in almost all the parts, mostly ceasing on scratching.

Itching, here and there, at times with burning after scratching.

Violent itching on the whole body, also on particular places; after scratching one place, it appears in another.

Itching, here and there, returning after scratching.

Severe itching on the whole body.

A burning needle-prick, here and there, on the body.

Violent itching, in the evening, on undressing, on the nates, and also on the fore-arms; and, after scratching, severely itching pimples, the itching of which is continually aggravated by scratching.

Itching on the top of the shoulders, the thighs and the neck, in the evening, before going to sleep, and in the morning when dressing, with itching pimples after scratching, lasting twenty-four hours.

Large pimples, here and there, on the body.

Vesicles and pimples, occasionally violently itching, on the neck, the nape, below and before the ears, on the arms and between the fingers.

Large lumps under the skin, with shooting pain, in the axilla and above the elbow-joint.

Hard lumps, before the top of the left shoulder, deep in the skin, with lancinating pain and redness as from a boil, only felt when pressing upon it.

Itching nodules on the wrist-joint, which, when pressed upon, exude clear water.

Small, red, little elevated, smooth tetters, afterward forming scabs, without sensation, on the chest and the calves.

Small furuncles on the forehead, the neck and the chest, and particularly on the thighs.

An old cicatrix, from a burn, turned into an erosive blister, from which he suffered for weeks.

Great sensitiveness of the scalp and of the skin of the body, especially as to cold, with every breeze, she feels a shudder through her skin and feels chilled all through.

Parched dryness of the skin, toward morning in bed (aft. 16 d.).

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