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Magnesia Carbonica - Throat symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sore throat, as from a hard body, with burning and retching and sensation of roughness, with excitation to hawking, even when not swallowing.

Pain in the throat, on deglutition, as of a foreign thick body, which she ought to swallow down.

Sensation as if the throat was stopped up, and would not let any air pass, in the morning after rising (25th d.).

Spasmodic retching in the throat at 8 P.M. as if the throat was distended; she had to open her mouth, but it gave no relief.

Lancinating pain in the right side of the throat, on deglutition, in the evening.

Shooting, deep in the throat, when talking.

Sore pain of the throat, on the right side, with shooting and burning on the left side when talking, sneezing and yawning, more during deglutition than outside of it.

Burning and roughness in the throat.

Roughness and burning acidity in the throat (soon).

Roughness in throat, with inclination to vomit.

Shooting roughness in the throat and scratching as from the awn of barley, or from the seeds of the dog-rose.

Roughness in the throat, frequently recurring.

Scrapy and rancid in the throat, as from old smoked meat.

Scrapy and rough in the throat, with eructation, without taste, after every dose of medicine.

Dryness in the throat, with the sensation while swallowing, as if the throat was being pulled apart.

Dryness in the throat, when swallowing.

Dryness in the throat, in the morning, with shooting in the left side, during swallowing and outside of it (10th d.).

Dryness in the throat and mouth, in the morning, on awaking.

Contraction in the windpipe, with pressive pain in the pit of the throat.

Hoarseness, for two days (aft. 2 d.).

Hoarseness and roughness in the throat, in the forenoon; ceasing through eating dinner.

Complete hoarseness, toward evening.

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