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Magnesia Muriatica - General symptoms

Magnesium Chloride, Muriate Of Magnesia, Mag Mur, Mag-mur, Mag m, Mag-m.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Muriatica: Loss of smell

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Muriatica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Illusions of fantasy. as she was reading a book it seemed as though some one were reading after her, and she were obliged to read more rapidly.

with humming and buzzing before her ear.

on rising it seemed as though she were looking over great clouds and rocks, which gradually disappeared.

then she was attacked with anxiety, apprehension, and uneasiness, so that she did not know what to do.

on farther looking about, all these illusions disappeared, but returned on beginning to read again, until at last she was drawn away and averted by several people coming to her (the prover remembers having a similar illusion in her early youth, over which she wept violently and could not be quieted for a long time), (sixth day),.

Tension in the epigastric region, with pain as from ulceration, especially when touched, also violent in the evening after lying down, she slept well till 1 A.M., when she awoke with violent pain.

it seemed as though the bowels were cut to pieces.

on stretching out the body the pain extended over the whole abdomen and into the groins, with heat in the head, and at last it rose into the throat like a ball, and almost took away her breath.

she cried out that she should suffocate.

at first tossed about the bed, and then about the bed, and then about the floor.

this lasted two hours, and was relieved by nothing.

she endeavored to eructate, which at last was accomplished, together with emission of flatus, after which the whole paroxysm was relieved.

during this uninterrupted and persistent pain she was obliged to lie bent, and could tolerate no covering.

afterwards she slept till morning (after fifteen days),.

Spasmodic drawing and tearing in the abdomen, extending from below upward as far as the right side of the chest, where he experiences a spasmodic constrictive griping, with some oppression of the breath.

this lasted five hours, and became worse after eating cherries, but was relieved by pressure with the hand, from 5 to 6 P.M.

next day at 5.30 P.M. he was attacked by similar cramps in the abdomen, but less severe,.

A liver remedy with pronounced characteristic constipation. Chronic liver affections with tenderness and pain, extending to spine and epigastrium, worse after food. Especially adapted to diseases of women, with a long history of indigestion and uterine disease; children who cannot digest milk. Evil effects of sea bathing.

Nervous; with hepato-uterine or cardiac symptoms


Hysteria Crampings Dryness

Burning Darting

Dinner causes faintness, dyspnoea, etc



Yellow sclera

Tinea ciliaris

Acrid, crusty ozoena

Broad, yellow, scalloped tongue; feels burnt

Loss of taste and smell

Craves sweets

Pain from liver to spine or epigastrium

Sore, enlarged liver; drags if lies on [left] side

Cramp in gall-bladder, better eating


STOOLS DRY; KNOTTY; of little balls, like sheep dung; gray; crumbling at anus

Must press on bladder to urinate

Profuse, dark, lumpy menses; like pitch; with cramps, backache and pains in thighs

Gushes of leucorrhoea, follow each cramp or stool Palpitation; better motion or lying on [left] side

Throb below [left] scapula

Bruised or burning feeling in hips and back

Cramps in back, worse walking; in thighs, worse sitting Dead fingertips

Tense thighs and calves; must move limbs

Ankles cold or nervous, worse night

Cutting in heels

Yellow, thin, foul pus


Sweat on head and feet

Pelvic organs Uterus Rectum

Chloride of magnesium. Magnesia chloride. Mg Cl2. Solution. Trituration.

Biliousness. Bladder, paresis of. Cardialgia. Cold. Constipation. Deafness. Diarrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea. Dyspepsia. Foot-sweat. Headache. Heart, affections of. Haemorrhoids. Heartburn. Home-sickness. Hysteria. Leucorrhoea. Liver, affections of. Menstruation, painful. Nocturnal emissions. Ozaena. Palpitation. Pregnancy, nausea of. Smell, disordered. Spleen, enlarged. Stomach, disorders of. Taste, disordered. Tinea ciliaris. Urine, straining to pass. Uterus, pain in.

induration of. Waterbrash. Whooping-cough.

Whilst Mag. c. and Mag. Sulphur sul. are recognised old-school remedies, I can find no mention of Magnesia Muriatica Mag mur. or Magnesia Phosphorica Mag. Phos. in modern text-books.

Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. first appeared in Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases.

The general feature of Mag. c. appears in many symptoms, notably those of nervous disturbance and hysteria.

The salt, says Guernsey, "is found in many mineral waters, and in seawater.

It has a very bitter taste, and is decomposed by heat." The note about the sea-water is important.

Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. is like Nat Mur Nat. mur., and Aq. mar. in the relation to seaside effects. Nat Mur Nat. m. is particularly indicated in constipation," biliousness," and generally disordered health, which appear as soon as the patient goes to the seaside.

Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. is indicated when excessive weakness is felt after a sea-bath.

The chief Localities of its action are Head; r. hypochondrium; inner region of liver; rectum and large intestine; bladder; uterus; heart; feet.

It is especially suited to Diseases of women; spasmodic and hysterical complaints complicated with uterine diseases.

Headache at menstrual period in hysterical women.

Women after suffering months or years from attacks of indigestion or biliousness.

Enlargement and congestion of liver Puny, rickety children during dentition.

Men with disordered livers; and sexual disorders.

Teste, who places Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. in his Ferrum Met Ferrum group, says that Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. and Mag. c. "have been used for the cure of cachexia occasioned by long and painful diseases." He says he has seen Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. produce great improvement in this case "Hydrarthrosis of left knee, with emaciation of left thigh, consequent on a wandering neuralgia, which, after having commenced in the form of cystitis with (non-venereal) discharge from urethra, had successively invaded the shoulder, left elbow, eyes, and lastly, knees, where it had become seated." A connection between liver disorder and nasal obstruction has often been traced, and Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. has a large number of symptoms in both.

The nasal symptoms have led to its successful use in ozaena.

One case cured had redness, swelling and scaliness of nose, and sweat about the head and feet.

Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. is one of the leading remedies in foot-sweat.

Burning in soles, evening, must put feet out of bed.

In liver affections there is enlargement, sensitiveness agg. from touch, and agg. lying on r. side; tongue large, coated, indurated.

It is especially suited to liver affections in children who are puny and rickety, and have eruptions about the eyes.

The constipation of Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. is very distinctive, and has led to the cure of many extremely obstinate cases.

The characteristic stool is knotty and conglomerate, like sheep's.

It may remain in this condition, or it may crumble at the anus.

Painful urging before stool; burning at anus after.

As well as intestinal atony, there is atony of bladder urine can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles.

The hysterical symptoms are marked spasms, fainting, globus.

Bearing down in uterine region; uterine spasms.

Menses black or pitch-like, accompanied by pains in back when walking, pains in thighs when sitting.

Leucorrhoea after every stool or following uterine spasms.

Hysterical headaches. Patient is anxious, restless, always agg. by mental exertion; during or after dinner seized with nausea, eructations, trembling and faint spells, amel. by eructations.

Palpitation agg. when quiet, amel. moving about.

Perversions of taste and smell are marked in Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m., and I have frequently restored with it loss of taste and smell after Influenzinum influenza.

Among the Sensations of Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. are As if some one was reading after her.

As if boiling water was on side of head.

As if hair pulled. As if tongue burnt; mouth scalded.

Stools as if burnt. The pains are mostly boring and spasmodic contractive pains; dragging down.

There is much burning and heat.

R. M. Skinner reports (Med. Adv., xxiv. 383) this case A farmer had been treated allopathically three months for chills, which were checked, but the man did not feel well.

Spleen very large, sensitive, felt heavy when he walked or rode.

Constipated, goes three or four days without a stool.

It was for this that he sought advice.

Abdomen distended. hard, especially in ileo-caecal region.

Cold on left side and a crawling feeling, like a cold Bothrops Lanceolatus snake.

Beating in umbilical region as if his heart beat there.

Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. 20 one dose on the tongue.

At 8 p.m. the bowels began to act and went on acting with the exception of one hour till 3 a.m.

He complained next morning that the medicine had "almost killed him," and he looked thin and tired.

No further medicine was given, and in ten days he had no complaint, and the spleen was normal in size and without tenderness.

In a large proportion of Magnesia Muriatica Mag. m. cases the Conditions will give the leading indications.

There is general hyperaesthesia and agg. by touch or pressure; but the head pains are amel. by hard pressure; eye pains amel. by pressure, and the menstrual pains amel. by pressing on back.

There is great sensitiveness to cold and disposition to catch cold, amel. wrapping up head warmly; but the skin eruptions on face, head, and eyes are agg. in warm room; cough agg. in room.

Most symptoms except headache are amel. in open air.

Sea-bathing = bloody expectoration; great weakness.

Rest agg.; motion amel. (this is especially marked and peculiar in reference to palpitation). agg.

Lying down. Palpitation is amel. lying on left side.

Liver symptoms agg. lying right side, agg. on side lain on.

Rumination agg. while walking. agg.

At meals (fainting). amel.

By eructations (nausea and trembling). agg.

After coitus (pain in testes and cords).

Mental exertion agg.


As much of pure Magnesia Carbonica Carbonate of Magnesia as will dissolve in pure Muriaticum Acidum Muriatic acid at 800 Reaumur is dissolved in the acid. The Muriatic acid is prepared by distillation from common salt and Acid Phos Phosphoric acid of equal weight, which has first been melted and then allowed to acquire again from exposure to the air an oily consistency. The solution of muriate of magnesia is then filtered and dried at the same temperature, so that this salt, which readily deliquesces, may be preserved in a well-stoppered vial.

I cannot at present offer much information concerning this medicine, but chronic patients may expect from it much benefit, when we consider the great use which has been afforded in chronic (psoric) ailments by sea-baths, merely by the action of this salt on the nerves of the skin.

for in the North Sea, at least, one pound of sea-water contains almost an ounce of this salt. Some part of the use of sea-baths may, however, we grant, be ascribed to the journey to these places, the effects of removal from business, which is often burdensome, and the effect of the dashing of the waves against the bathers.

But since we can seldom expect the full cure of developed psora from any one antipsoric remedy, so these baths, even if used in a proper way, could only diminish so much of this multiform malady as could be expected from this salt in such disease, and whatever is not thus exterminated has to await the help of other antipsoric remedies.

From my experience I cannot do otherwise than value this medicine highly as an antipsoric remedy and to exhort to further provings of its peculiar symptoms.

It has done good service, especially in the following ailments

Daily headache. throbbing in the ear.

tensive pressure in the head.

eruption in the face. pressive pain in the liver, even when walking and when it is touched, worst when lying on the right side.

constant severe inflation of the abdomen, with constipation.

crawling shooting in the abdominal muscles.

inveterate, painful hardness of the right side of the abdomen.

tape-worm troubles. lumpy, difficult, retarded.

chronic disposition to diarrhoea.

, which even extend to the thighs, and cause discharges of leucorrhoea.

troublesome dryness of the nose.

the arms go to sleep in the morning on awaking.

paralytic drawing in the arms and knees.

pressive pain in the knees.

foot-sweat. readiness to take cold.

weakness of the body, seeming to proceed from the stomach.

The abbreviation of the names of my fellow-observers are ., ; ., ; ., an anonymous observer in "Arzneimittellehre;" ., .

A similar account, substituting for is to be given of Magnesia muriatica as of Magnesia Carbonica Magnesia carbonica.


Fanciful delusion As if while she was reading in a book, another person was reading after her, and compelled her to read more quickly, with humming and buzzing around her.

when she raised her head up she seemed to see great clouds and rocks above her, which afterwards disappeared again.

then anguish, apprehensiveness and restlessness, so that she could not contain herself.

by continuing to look around her all these things disappeared, but recurred twice more on renewing her reading.;.

Pain in the stomach, as if it was being cut up, it wakes her at 1 A.M., the pain, when the body is stretched, passes over the whole abdomen and groin, with heat in the head, arising in the throat as of a ball, with interception of the breath even to suffocation, and tossing in the bed and on the floor for two hours.

finally the whole is alleviated by eructation.

during the pains she had to double up, and could bear no covering.;.

* * * * *

Sudden heaviness of the chest, at dinner, with interception of the breath, nausea, collection of water in the mouth, heat of the face, spasmodic pressure upward below the tongue, with inclination to eructation.

she had to open her dress and go out into the open air.

the paroxysm lasted for a quarter of an hour and ended in a shaking chill (6th d.).;.

Magnesium chloride. Hahnemann. Mg. Cl.


It would seem rather strange that the two remedies to which Hahnemann gave such a good start by proving and use should be so neglected and forgotten as Magnesia carb. and Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur. have been.

These two, if used, would cure many of the liver troubles that are not now cured. Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur. could cure many conditions in nervous, excitable women that now go uncured. These remedies are neglected, while Phosphorus Phosphorus and Sulphur Sulphurare prescribed for almost everything.

Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur is a deep-acting antipsoric suited to nervous patients with stomach and liver troubles. it has enlarged glands and irritation of the nerve centres and brain. This patient is often sensitive to cold, chilly, but be desires fresh air and open air.

Many of the complaints are ameliorated by the open, fresh air, but come head symptoms are an exception. The head must be covered, as it is so sensitive to the open air. He is extremely restless.

only with great difficulty can he keep still, and if forced to keep still, he becomes anxious. Anxiety is the marked feature. Restlessness, fidgetiness throughout the body, coupled with anxiety.

Magnesia Muriatica comes on at any time, but it is worse at night in bed and still worse on closing the eyes to go to sleep. When he closes the eyes he becomes go anxious, restless and fidgety that he must throw the covers off, take a long breath or do something.

He is kept awake at night by the anxious feeling. It was described originally by the prover as an uneasiness, but in the Guiding Symptoms it is spoken of as a restlessness in bed. If you study the hysterical nature, the anxiety and restlessness, you will see it is throughout the whole economy and should be classed under mind and nerves.

Some remedies have vertigo on closing the eyes, some have anxiety on closing the eyes. Conium Mac Conium has sweat on closing the eyes. These were the points used by keynote prescribers and some times good results were obtained. I remember once curing an organic stricture, which had been dilated but was no better.

A scientific prescriber would not do that; but when he heard that symptom he would not know it was in the nature of Conium Mac Conium to have the stricture, and in another case he would see that Conium Mac Conium did not suit, and he would know when and when not to give it.

Anxious in the room, ameliorated in the open air. Anxiety at night in bed on closing the eyes. While reading she felt as if some one were reading after her and she must read faster and faster. That occurs in patients who are tired from being worked up to the highest pitch and it seems as if they would fly to pieces. Any thought that comes into the mind tends to repeat itself.

Yellowness all over the body. Yellow eye in jaundice and liver troubles. Eyes inflamed. Margins of lids and eyelashes crusty; fine pimples and eruptions. After leaving the head symptoms, which are relieved by warmth, we find many symptoms worse in the warm room.

Pulsation in the ears. Ulceration of the edges of the nostrils. Tongue has the appearance as if it had been burnt, excoriated and cracked in various directions. Fissures hum like fire. Hunger but knows not for what. Ravenous hunger followed by nausea. Aggravation from salt things, from eating salt food, from salt baths, from sea bathing, and at the seashore from inhaling sea air.

When a patient has urticaria at the seashore, Arsenicum Album Arsenic will cure in Arsenicum Album Arsenic cases and will often mitigate when it is the only symptom.

Foul eructations tasting like rotten eggs. Disordered stomach. Stomach easily disordered. Waterbrash, vomiting. Like Magnesia carb., it has inability to digest milk. Milk causes pain, and it is passed undigested lienteric stools. Fainting at the dinner table in hysterical women.

It has many liver troubles. Enlargement and induration of the liver, with jaundiced skin. Right lobe of liver sore, painful while lying on it and when he turns over to the left he is uncomfortable, as it feels as if the liver dragged over to the left.

Natrum Sulphuricum Natrum Sulph often cures that symptom, and Ptelea Trifoliata Ptelea has a somewhat similar condition. These two symptoms, aggravation from lying on the right, that is, the soreness, and aggravation from lying on the left, that is, the dragging.

come separately or together. It has much liver trouble from lying on the liver.

Tenderness in the region of the stomach and over the bowels. Attacks of gastralgia in the evening, A strong feature in Magnesia Muriatica is indigestion. The stomach becomes less and less able to digest and finally he cannot take a mouthful of food without distress.

Abdominal dropsies. Colic, cramps, tearing pains. Great flatulence. With this kind of digestive disturbance we have a good home for tapeworm, it hatches out easily in this patient. The most troublesome patients I have are those who come after having had a tapeworm removed by violent drugs. It takes a long time to restore them. If a patient will come with his worm and all his symptoms, I will give him relief, and he will soon be turned into order and the tapeworm will cause no trouble.

Constipation of infants, as in Magnesia carb Chalky stools like Magnesia carb When the patient is an adult and yellow with jaundice, the stools are light colored, bileless and there is no expulsive, power.

No Power to expel the contents of the bladder, so he presses with the abdominal muscles on the full bladder and passes a little. Lack of sensation in the bladder, so that sometimes he cannot tell whether, he has to urinate or not until his bladder is so full that it causes pressure. The inability to feel extends to the urethra, and he cannot tell in the dark whether he is passing urine or not. Metrorrhagia, with backache which is ameliorated by pressing hard back in the chair or lying on a hard pillow. Bearing down pains in the pelvis, especially in hysterical women and girls.

Congestion of chest from sea bathing. Chest troubles and colds on the chest at the seashore and from salt baths. Palpitation of the heart with anxiety. Anxiety and restlessness come on at rest; he must do something, must hurry. These symptoms are likely to come on again in the evening when he tries to go to sleep.

Shocks through the body, like electric shocks, when wide awake, jerking the whole frame.

twitching and jerking. Numbness in the extremities. Tearing pains in the upper limbs and marked restlessness in lower limbs. Cramps in calves at night. Paralytic drawing, and tearing in all the limbs. Burning of the soles at night in bed. Foot-sweat is another symptom like Silicea Silicea Numbness of the arms in the morning on waking.

Hysterical and spasmodic complaints. Weakness from sea bathing or salt baths. It is the aggravation from salt. Sleep unrefreshing, anxious dreams. Bodily state sensitive to cold, and great disposition to take cold.

Some complaints are ameliorated by fresh air, if not too cold.

Constipation, stools knotty or lumpy, like sheep dung; crumbling at the verge of the anus.

Nervous headache, better from pressure (Pulsatilla Puls.); on wrapping the head up warmly (Silicea Sil.).

Palpitation of heart when the patient is quiet, better when moving about.

Urine; pale yellow; can only be passed by bearing down with abdominal muscles; weakness of bladder.

Adapted to nervous, hysterical women inclined to spasms.

Magnesia Muriatica salt of Magnesia seems to act differently from the Magnesia carb., for while the latter most characteristically produces diarrhea, and we find it oftenest useful there, the former constipates. It has a peculiar form of constipation. The stools are hard, difficult, slow, insufficient, knotty, like sheep's dung, and crumble at the verge of the anus. Sometimes can only be passed by bearing down with the abdominal muscles. The remedies most resembling it in this form of constipation are Nat Mur Natrum mur. and Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium mur. and now that I think of it I might as well mention here another similarity between Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium mur. and Magnesia carb. which is characteristic, viz. The menstrual flow is worse at night. I forgot this when writing of Magnesia carb. Perhaps it will be all the better remembered for this interruption. With the Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur. menstruation is very painful; accompanied with severe cramps, which may increase to general spasms of a hysterical nature. This nervous condition, if found coupled with the peculiar constipation above described, will be a sure indication for the use of Magnesia Muriatica. Again it has a peculiar nervous headache, which is better from strong pressure (Pulsatilla Pulsatilla), or wrapping head up warmly (Silicea Silicea). This headache also is often hysterical. The spasms in connection with uterine troubles may find rival remedies in Cimicifuga Racemosa Actaea racemosa and Caulophyllum Thalictroides Caulophyllum, the tout ensemble must decide. Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur. is a liver remedy, and in some symptoms resembles Merc Viv Mercurius, notably, the tongue takes imprint of the teeth and the aggravation from lying on the right side. But the stools of these remedies are characteristically very different. Again, while Merc Viv Mercurius is best adapted to acute affections of this organ, Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur is more so to the chronic. Ptelea Trifoliata Ptelea, liver troubles are worse when lying on the left side. A very peculiar symptom of Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia mur., often confirmed is Palpitation of the heart when the patient is quiet, relieved when moving about.

Children cannot digest milk during dentition (Sepia Sepia).