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Magnetis Poli. Ambo. - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - H.C. Allen

Magnetis Poli Ambo, Mag-p-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnetis Poli. Ambo. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Beating in the top of the shoulder with sensation as if torn

Shocks in the arm-joints and head, as if those parts were beaten with a light and small hammer

Drawing pain in either shoulder, and down the nape of neck, with beating in either arm

Beating and throbbing in all the joints of the arms and fingers

Upper extremities

Pain in the humeral articulation, or in the ligaments, as if the head of the bone were dislocated, not only as if bruised, or sprained and twisted

Tearing jerkings in the muscles of the arm when staying in a cold place

Uneasiness in the sound arm

Drawing pain in the upper part of the lower arm

In the evening, between the sixth and seventh hours, he feels a tearing and bruised pain in the joints of the arm, more during rest than when bending the arm; the pain returns in twenty-four hours

Shocks in the top of the shoulder which caused the arms to recede from the body with a jerk

Pulling in the points and muscles of the arm

Digging-up around the wrist, elbow, and shoulder-joints

Pain in the muscles of the arm, as if they would be divided into fine parts

Burning and cutting in the arms and chest, with cold shuddering

Burning in the right arm, as from fiery sparks

Burning pain in the surface of the arm in various parts

Prickings in the arm

The arms are gently elevated, or even crossed as if by spasm; one of the arms is spasmodically tossed, either horizontally or vertically

Deep-seated pain in the arm, extending as far as the elbow, the arm going to sleep and trembling spasmodically

Painless shocks in the elbow

Burning in the elbow joint, as if torn by hot pincers, with violent burning and sparkling of the eyes

While removing the magnets from the arms, the fingers, hands and arms become curved and even entirely contracted, in a state of unconsciousness

Drawing from the head down to the tip of the fingers

The hands are icy cold the whole day, for several days, from touching the centre of the bar

Pain in the wrist-joint, as if a tendon had become strained, or as if an electric shock were passing through the parts

Arthritic digging up, and boring pain in a spot of the lower joint of the thumb during rest

Tearing in the joints of the thumb in the evening when in bed

Pain as if sprained and bruised, in the morning when in bed, in the lower joint of the thumb, when moving or bending it

Sudden bending, and sensation as if dislocated in the first and second joint of the thumb

Prickling and digging-up pain in the tip of the thumb, in the evening after lying down

Twitching jerking in the muscles of the thumb and in those of the chin

Continuous burning stitch, accompanied with sore feeling in the thickest part of the muscles of the palm of hand and calf of the leg; afterwards in the lower part of the tibia

The fingers are liable to be bent and strained

In the evening the legs and thighs go to sleep

Lower extremities

Sensation in the upper part of the calf, when rising from a seat, as if it were too short

Attacks of cramp in the calves and toes after waking

Pain as if bruised in the fleshy part of the leg, on the outer side of the tibia, in the evening when walking

Pain from the hip down the limb, as if the parts were being divided by a fine instrument

Drawing from the hips to the feet, leaving a burning along that tract

Violent shocks of the right lower limb, occasioned by a burning emanation from the chin and neck through the right side

Fiery burning in the upper and lower limbs; when the right limb touched the left one, it seemed as if the latter were set on fire by the former

Painful going to sleep of the thighs and legs when sitting, disappearing when walking

Burning tearing in the left leg, mingled with creeping

Prickling from the knee to the feet

Stitches in the leg

Shocks in the knee, causing the leg to be stretched spasmodically

Throbbing in the left knee

In the morning after rising and when attempting to walk, he feels a pain in the tarsal-joint and beyond it, as if sprained

Stitches in the ball of the heel

Tearing pain in the heel, setting in with a jerk, passing off immediately, but returning from time to time

In the evening, prickings with burning in the soft parts on the side of the heel

Painful sensitiveness and soreness in the region of the root of the nail of the big toe, and in the skin over the root, even when merely touching it

Sore pain under the nail of the big toe of either foot, as if the shoe had pinched him, and as if the nail would come off by suppuration

Burning and sore pain of the corn, which is generally painless when commencing to walk

Pain in the upper part of the tarsal joints, as if the shoe had pinched him, and as if a corn were there

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