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Malandrinum - Skin symptoms - H.C. Allen

Grease in Horses, Maland.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Malandrinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



On the 6th day a pustula eruption covering chest and shoulders with hard nodules and intense itching; eruption began to crust with little or no discharge from pustules

Two ladies had taken the 200th, one dose, daily; on the third day with one and on the fourth day with the other, a slight pustular eruption appeared on the face and chest

The eruptions were similar in character and ran their course in a week

A few small pustules appeared on the left arm near the site of infantile vaccination, some days after a dose of Malandrinum 200 - Geo H Clark

A sensation of rawness of the skin over chest and shoulders, after bathing, as if the skin had been scraped with burning acid, smarting by covering parts

A nodular eruption over chest and shoulders, extended down the arm to elbows, with slight vesication, disappeared, leaving thin crusts

A burning itching sensation beneath the skin in the palm of the hand, appeared upon contact; after the eruption had disappeared, continued for several weeks

Eczema of face and scalp, with burning, stinging itching

Impetigo on extensors of forearms

Small dusky red spots on legs, not disappearing on pressure

Dry, rough, unhealthy skin remaining for years after vaccination

Skin rough, dry, harsh

Palms and soles thick; deep rhagades worse in cold weather, worse from washing with any kind of soap

Skin greasy; oily eruption, and hair excessively oily

Pustules slow to develop but never ending; as one healed another appeared

Eruption in hollow of arms and knees, red, scaly with intense itching worse when becoming warm

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