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Malaria Officinalis - Fever And Chill symptoms - H.C. Allen

This remedy is not a reliable preventative for malaria, Malar.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Malaria Officinalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(When in open air seems cold and shakes inside till she fairly cramps).

Coldness ascending over body from legs.

Face feels warm as if flushed, also head; spreads over body as if feverish.

A feeling as if he would have a chill, then as if he would become feverish, though neither is very marked.

Intermittent; quotidian; tertian (No. II.)

Chills for one hour followed by fever for six hours (No. II given to a consumptive patient, whom it cured).

(Ague every other day, weak and drowsy between attacks.)

(Dumb chills.)

Shooting pains all over in the muscles; bones ache.

High fever during night; also in the morning.

Very stretchy and yawning.

Chilly, with flushes of heat, and great desire for fresh air; unable to breathe on account of pain in liver worse lying down; worse from hard pressure over region of liver.

Slight fever for several hours in the evening; raves, sings, and talks all night; restless.

Chill begins about noon, every other day, icy cold from hips down; chilly all over; fever worse about the trunk, and slight general sweat.

Feels languid, weak and drowsy during apyrexia; unable to be up.

Flashes of heat all the time; offensive breath.

Sweats very easily and profuse on least exertion.

Feels malarious, depressed and languid.

Dumb ague, chills every week.

Weakness in the morning, vertigo and nausea.

Eyes feel heavy.

Coldness and internal chilliness in the open air.

Aching all over body, especially in arms and legs; chilly sensation, then breaks out in slight perspiration; frequent recurring attacks.

Chilly every second day followed by heat; profuse sweat during the night; wakes up chilly and takes cold as perspiration ceasesp

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Malaria Officinalis is not available to buy over the counter.