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Manganum Metallicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Manganese Acetate, Manganum, Mang.

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HPUS indication of Manganum Metallicum: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Manganum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

The arm pains as if paralyzed by an inordinate pain, which suddenly darts into it from the teeth.

Weakness of the arm.

A tensive pain in the joints of the arms and hands, here and there, neither excited nor mitigated, either by rest or by movement.

Paroxysmal pain in the joints of the arms.

Morbid, distressing feeling in the arm.

Drawing and tearing from the shoulder, through the whole of the arm.

In the upper arm, a sudden feeling of weakness, so that he must let it sink down, with drawing in the biceps muscle.

Drawing tearing pain on the inner side of the upper arm.

Sudden painful twitching on the outer side of the right upper arm.

Stitches in the right upper arm, toward the top of the shoulder.

Outward boring shooting pain, on the inner side of the right upper arm.

Boring in the right humerus, seemingly in the marrow, w, at times stronger, then again weaker, extending into the top of the shoulder, relieved by moving the arm, going off by pressing upon it, but recurring frequently.

Burrowing in the humerus, in paroxysms, by night in bed, when lying on that side.

Gnawing pain, on the lower end of the humerus, by night.

Burning on the lower surface of the right upper arm, toward the top of the shoulder, with yawning.

Itching on the upper arm, close to the elbow.

The elbow-joint pains as if dislocated, with much yawning.

Clucking in the elbow-joint, with pain as from a furuncle, when touching it.

Straining and shooting pain on the left olecranon process, and previously, a like pain below the left axilla.

In the muscles of the fore-arm, a hard pressure, close by the wrist-joint, in every position of the body.

Straining pain below the elbow, on stretching the arm, as if it was too short.

Straining pain on the inner side of the right fore-arm, as if the skin was being pulled upward, only temporarily removed by pressing upon it.

Tearing, on the lower end of the fore-arm, seemingly in the radius, not relieved by anything.

Drawing shooting pain, on the back of the right fore-arm.

Tearing shooting pain, above the right wrist-joint toward the fore-arm.

Violently itching tetter on the inner side of the left fore-arm.

The hands are tense, as if swollen, when she wishes to clench them or to spread them out.

Severely drawing tensive pain in the bones and joints of the right hand, almost as if constricted, and after these pains have disappeared, heat in the hand.

Tearing cramp-like pain in the muscles of the right hand, especially in the thumb and index, both at rest and in motion.

Tearing, shooting pinching in the left palm, on the ball of the thumb, not to be changed by anything.

Tearing and shooting on the inner border of the left hand (near the thumb), so violent as if it would tear out the tendons.

Stitches in the bone of the right wrist, then pain, as if the capsule of the joint were dilated and the bones seized and pulled out.

Tickling itching in the palm, returning with aggravation after scratching, and only permanently allayed by licking with the tongue.

On spreading out the fingers, tension in the skin of the ring-finger.

Repeated, violent spasmodic pain on the posterior joint of the left ring-finger and the middle finger, as if it would contract the tendons.

Twitching or drawing pain in the index finger, in the evening. Drawing tearing, in the left middle finger.

Tearing on the back of the left middle-finger, as if it would tear out the tendons.

Twitching tearing behind the right ring-finger, seemingly in the marrow, toward the arm.

Cutting in the proximal phalanx of the right index, with sensation of warmth in it.

Shooting in the proximal joint of the ring-finger and the middle finger, worse when pressed upon.

Paralytic pain, as after a blow, in the posterior joint of the left index, worse when at rest.

Sudden sensation of cold, in the soft part of the tip of the left thumb.

Burning itching on the outer border of the right thumb, then after scratching, a red spot, and later, a blister, smarting when touched and full of ichor, on the same place.

Severe itching on the fingers, and, after rubbing, transparent vesicles.

Deep, very painful chaps in the two bends of the thumb and in the middle bend of the middle finger.

From a small scratch on the proximal joint on the little finger, there arises a malignant ulcer, with a blue border and stinging pains, especially at night.

In the os ischium, a constant stitch-pain, when sitting.

Burning pain on a place in the left natis, as if a pustule was forming there, chiefly when sitting.

Nodules, with tensive pain upon the nates, with ulcerous pains when pressed upon.

In the right side of the hip-joint, paralytic weakness, with stitches on treading, so that he must limp, in the morning.

Bruised pain of the muscles on the head of the right femur, especially when sitting.

Burning soreness in the bend of the right thigh.

In the lower limbs, twitching of all the muscles, at the least Movement.

Lassitude in the thighs and legs, with drowsiness.

Sensation of tension in the right lower limbs when walking in the open air, as if it was stiff.

In the thigh, a pinching straining on the anterior surface, as if it would pull the skin upward, the pain continues for a long time, in the open air.

Pinching, shooting pain on the outer side of the thigh, passing off when sitting, but increasing while walking, so that he had to stand still.

Twitching shooting pain above the knee, extending to the upper part of the thigh, in the evening.

Twitching of the muscles on the inner side of the thigh, after walking, causing anxiety and a fainting sensation, as if he should collapse.

Bruised pain, transversely across the thighs.

Burning itching on the inner side of the left thigh; after scratching, there comes a sensation of soreness, and when touching it, a bruised pain.

Pimples on the thighs; at the hips they are covered with scurf, with burning itching in the morning and evening, and with sore and ulcerative pain after rubbing.

The knees feel unsteady and tremble in the evening when walking.

Tearing about the knee, a hand's breadth above and below it. on the outer surface.

Shooting in the hough, when walking and sitting (aft. 17 d.).

Itching on the knees, in the evening.

Itching in the houghs, depriving him of his night's rest.

On the left leg, a hard pressure in the muscles near the ankle.

Severe griping and snatching, in the left calf and from the hough to the outer ankle.

Tearing and itching, on the outer side of the left calf.

Tearing in the right calf, with burning externally.

Tearing stitch in the left calf, when sitting.

Drawing tearing on the right tibia, when sitting, entirely ceasing on rising.

Drawing and sore pain in the left tibia, as if it were broken, while standing; it goes off when sitting.

Smarting sensation on the right tibia, as if it were bruised.

Rigidity and coldness of the right leg, especially of the calf, and a smarting sensation when sitting down, it ceases on rising, in the evening.

Curious, lukewarm sensation on the left leg, from the knee to the ankle.

Itching on the tibia.

The feet are so heavy that she can hardly raise them.

Crawling formication of the right foot when standing.

Drawing on the dorsum of the left foot, on the ankle, it ceases on moving.

Continual tickling in the hollow of the sole of the right foot.

Constant coldness and sensation of coldness in the feet, especially when walking; the coldness ceases when sitting, but is renewed on walking.

Inflammation and swelling of the left outer and inner ankles, with shooting in the leg, extending up from the external ankle, at times per se, but always while walking.

Soreness. with itching, between the last two toes of the right foot, for ten days.

On several parts of the body, a twitching shooting, especially in the inner side of the thighs.

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