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Manganum Metallicum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Manganese Acetate, Manganum, Mang.

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HPUS indication of Manganum Metallicum: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Manganum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




That part of the pathogenesis which belongs to Hahnemann and his ten associates is entirely in his earlier manner, for it is transported unchanged from Vol. VI. of the first edition of the . The symptoms (124 in the original) obtained by Nenning are almost the sole additions here.

Manganese as it is mined.

, the black oxide of Maganese, is triturated in a porcelain mortar with an equal quantity in weight of crystallized pure copperas (sulphate of iron), and then mixed with some syrup of sugar, and the mixture is formed into balls the size of a hen's egg. These are heated between Carbo Veg charcoal, and are kept for ten minutes at a white heat. A subsequent solution in pure (distilled or rain) water contains pure sulphate of manganese, while the sediment contains the excess of oxide of manganese, mixed with oxide of iron.


From this solution we precipitate , by adding carbonate of soda. This precipitate, when sufficiently washed out with water, is a white powder. When this has been dried, powdered, and for some time exposed to the air, by being spread out on paper, it is apt to take a yellowish color, if sufficient care has not been used in its preparation.

this is owing to some oxide of iron still present in it. To remove this the powder is dissolved in diluted Nitric Acid nitric acid, filtered through paper, precipitated by carbonate of soda, and then properly washed in distilled water and dried.


From this white carbonate of maganese one grain is dymanized for homoeopathic use, as is done with other dry medicinal substances.

or it is dissolved, by boiling it in distilled vinegar, until a saturated solution is obtained, which is then boiled down to the consistence of syrup (). Of the latter substance one drop, being taken as a unit, is homeopathically dynamized like other fluid medicinal substances, by means of one hundred drops of alcohol successively in each of thirty attenuating vials.


Both of these preparations have been used in the following provings of the pure effects of Manganese.

Manganum Metallicum metal has proved especially helpful where the following symptoms were present among others, or predominated

Diminution of the senses.

burning of the eyes and dimness of vision by day.

eyes closed by suppuration in the morning.

too frequent discharge of flatus.

clotted and difficult stool.

repeated, pappy stool during the day.

diseases of the larynx and of the windpipe.

. intolerable pains of the periosteum and the joints.

long-continued inflammatory swelling and suppuration of the little finger.

shocks of the heart. yawning.



The abbreviations of the names of my fellow-observers are as follows , , ; ; , ; , , , ; , ; , ; , , , ; , , and , the well-known anonymous observer in the of the and .

Some few of the observations are by and -


- Disposition to weep.

Toothache of the most violent kind, first darting suddenly into two hollow molars, then from there it moves into the arm, the zygoma, the neck or the ear, and again returning to the teeth, with complete prostration of strength, so that he can scarcely walk, must lie down, with great internal restlessness and oppression.

the pain was somewhat alleviated by biting on something elastic, or resting the forehead on the table.

it was much aggravated by sitting upright.

with great dilatation of the pupils.;.

* * * * *

, dull without resonance. -

On the left natis, toward the anus, a cramp-like drawing, aggravated when extending the thigh, when standing on the one leg, and when sitting down, but it goes off almost completely when flexing the leg, and when sitting.

it is most troublesome when he rises from his seat, so that he cannot walk, unless he presses his hand upon the painful spot.;.

At 1 o'clock at night, she wakes up with violent pinching and griping above the os pubis, with icy coldness on the whole trunk, the head and the arms, with profuse cold sweat, with great internal heat and sensation of dryness on the moist tongue, with warm lower limbs, great apprehension and restlessness, so that she continually tosses from one side to the other, while she cannot bear to be uncovered.

after a quarter of an hour, inclination to eructation, without attaining it, then empty eructation, and slight discharges of flatus without any relief, thirst, rising of water in the fauces, with nausea and paleness of face, warm sweat on the lower limbs and great lassitude in the feet, inclination to stool, hardness and sensitiveness of the abdomen when rubbed.

after these symptoms and the pains which she had long before felt in her sleep, had been allayed by Ipecacuanha Ipecacuanha, a sound sleep.

in the morning, on awaking, heaviness of the head and setting in of the menses with thick, black blood (4th d.).;.