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Medorrhinum - General symptoms - H.C. Allen

The Gonorrhoeal Virus, Med.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Medorrhinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Introduced by Swan.

Provings by Swan, Ren Dell, C. H. Allen, Finch, Norton, Frost, Farrington, Cleveland, Laura Morgan, Berridge, Wilder, Higgins, Ostrom, Nichols, Peace, Sawyer, Carr. Bigler. Macdonald, in Great Britain, and Noegerath and Lydston, in American, have published fatal cases, and the effects of the poison. The symptoms produced by the virus in acute cases have been included in the pathogenesis, just as the toxic symptoms of Arsenicum Album Arsenic, Merc Viv Mercurius, Opium and Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum are included in the pathogenesis. The potentizing of the virus has developed latent dynamic forces, which is just as effective in homeopathic practice, prescribed strictly on its symptomatological basis as any other remedy. If the symptoms of the patient call for Medorrhinum it should be prescribed with the same confidence as any other in the Materia Medica, entirely irrespective of the sycotic history in the case. Like every other nosode, it should be prescribed according to its strict indications, just as we prescribe Arsenicum Album Arsenic, Opium or Sulphur Sulphur, irrespective of its origin or the diagnosis.

We append the following graphic description on the effects of

For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.

When thinking of it (Helonias Dioica Helon., Ox. ac.).

heat, covering. stretching out.

leaning head forward. thunderstorm.

least movement. sweets.

salt bathing. early morning (three to four A. M.).

common to Medorrhinum and all sycotics.

in the mountains. in the sun.

armth of bed. entering a warm room.

from warmth, even when cold to the touch.

from daylight to sunset (rev. of Syphilinum (Luesinum) syph., which is worse from sunset to sunrise)p.

in many cases where improvement reaches a certain stage, and then stops, Medorrhinum has removed the obstruction and the case progressed to a cure.

Indisposed to work or make mental effort.

desire for rest and dread of change.

noise, confusion, disorderliness of surroundings distressing.

depression and much anxiety, especially after sleep.

irritable if the room is not light enough to make everything distinct.

craving for stimulants, but cannot endure the effects, for they cause a wild, crazy feeling in brain after the first sleep.

same effect from using eyes.

Vertigo when stooping.

several times during day sudden attacks, seemingly in vertex, with danger of falling.

things did not seem to go round, but there was a sensation and fear of falling, only slightly better lying down, worse on movement.

always woke with it. as if intoxicated.

walks zigzag. in occiput extending to vertex, with sensation of enlargement of occiput.

Sensation as of three points of tension in head, in centre of each hemisphere and cerebellum.

as if large cords were drawn to each from every part of lobes and cerebellum.

extremely painful, caused a disposition to run wildly through streets tearing hair.

seemed as if tensive pains would break, when suddenly they relaxed and a bubbling sensation passed from centres to circumferences.

when reached, the tensive pains began again.

Swelling in region of left submaxillary gland, the size of a goose egg.

whiskers over tumor came out.

softened in centre, at times sharp, shooting pains.

on being opened discharge a large quantity of thin, bloody pus.

was opened several times, finally the aperture formed raised embankment-like edges.

the pus burrowed until arrested by clavicle, where it formed an enormous swelling (better after Thuja Thuja 3m.).

the tumors left fistulous openings which were a long time in healing.

Sensation of an abscess on left chest between pectoralis major and minor where they form anterior boundary of axillary space, hard and sensitive to touch, drawing pains in every direction, worse motion of arm.

great heat extending about three inches from spot and through to back of shoulder, no redness and very slight swelling.

Takes cold at the slightest exposure, begins in the head and goes down on the lungs.

severe burning in the base of the tongue extending down the bronchi as if he had inhaled hot steam.

worse in the morning, a raw feeling extending from throat to lungs as if the mucous membrane was scraped with a knife.

worse by breathing cold air, sensation as if the lungs were stuffed with cotton.

The ulcers were all over prepuce, and as they improved the warts began to grow all over glans, back of corona, inside of prepuce and frenum.

enormous seed warts. the head of penis was two or three times natural size.

the warts were very moist, and secreted a yellowish, stinking fluid, and bled very easily, and the odor was very perceptible in a room with him.

but his general health was much improved.

during eight months mostly suppressed by drugs and injections.

for past two months flow persists, watery, transparent, but acrid and abundant, mixed with creamy liquid, stains linen yellow brown.

pain at end of penis during urination.

since third month of infection had heavy, drawing, wandering pains in right arm, right hip and left calf, worse damp weather.

urine stains clothes a dirty brown, discharges extremely slow, sometimes it takes half an hour to empty bladder, leaving him in a weak condition.

during urination, painful rectal tenesmus.

chilliness when bladder is too full, better by urination.

if he urinates after getting warm in bed, has to urinate every hour rest of night.

faint, indefinite sense of chilliness, followed by frequent calls to urinate, urine being hot, copious and followed by spinal chill and incontinence of urine on getting cold.

six months later there came for several months successive crops of vesicle on prepuce, very sore to touch, which soon opened at the tip, and left a little ulcerlike sore lasting a few days.

a round, clean cut, sharp edged elevation with depression, however not filled with pus as in genuine chancre.

Extremely sensitive, swollen bunions, worse on left foot, puffed, very red, feet hot.

in the centre there is a spot as if blood had collected, which is very sore.

itching very annoying must remove shoes to rub them, which relieves for the time.

very sensitive to pressure.

flesh feels as if cracked open.

in the evening, after being on the feet all day, almost unendurable.

worse on warm days. feet swollen and tenderp.

Slept well but woke at an early hour with a frightened sensation as if something dreadful had happened.

the weight on the head was heavy, and great heat in it.

could not rest in bed.

felt as if she must do something to rid her mind of this fearful torture.

for two hours was in this state of mind.

she struggled against it.

fought with what seemed to be the adversary.

scolded herself for her weakness.

all to no purpose, and grew weak with the effort.

she cannot describe the mental agony she endured

Chills up and down back.

several times a day 10 A. M., some chattering and shivering.

at 1030 A. M., fever with thirst, began in fingers and toes.

from 1030 to 1230, thirst during chill, none during fever.

from 10 to 11 A. M., cold feet and legs, from 10 to 12, nervous during fever, moving fingers.

at 11 A. M., beginning with great coldness of fingers and toes.

at 2 P. M., feet cold first, after chill excessive languor.

at 5 P. M., followed by fever and slight sweat (after getting wet).

repeated next day, but slighter.

Chill came first at night, afterwards at various hours.

for instance, on two consecutive days at 2 P. M., then two days at 3, 4, 5 and 6 each, then at 7 P. M., where it remained for two weeks.

chill commenced in small of back, running up and down, lasted about an hour, and as it ceased, profuse and frequent urination appeared and continued during fever.

congestion of chest simulating pneumonia during fever, causing great alarm.

great renal distress during paroxysm.

thirst during fever for hot drinks.

fever continued for six or eight hours.

profuse sweat after fever.

great nervousness during paroxysm, was sure he would die.

intolerance of noise. irritablefont.

Right neuralgia in temple in eye.

headache in temple. as of a worm crawling in ear.

soreness of concha. quick, darting pains in ear.

fever-blisters near corner of upper lip.

neuralgia of upper and lower jaws.

hard swelling in upper jaw.

as of a tumor in side of abdomen.

tensive pain in side of abdomen.

darting pain from centre of ovarian region to lower edge of liver.

cutting in lower abdomen, running into spermatic cord.

testes very tender, distinct bubbling sensation in kidney.

sensation of three bubbles in renal region.

heavy, drawing, wandering pains in arm and hip.

tense pain passing diagonally in ovary.

small chancres on edges of labia.

pain in upper part of lung.

pain in right shoulder as though it came from left.

darting pain from centre of lung to lower edge of liver.

cold pain in lung. sharp stitching pain in bottom of lung.

lung cold. sharp pain along edge of sternum.

mild heat spreading over right side.

pain in bottom of lung.

sensation of enlarged gland in side of neck.

pain under scapula. throbbing and thumping in region of suprarenal capsule, seeming to come from just below fifth rib.

creeping chills in region of kidney.

rheumatic pain in shoulder and arm.

severe pain from abscess of liver, extending to shoulder and down elbow.

crampy pain in first and second fingers of hand.

dropping of leg. cramp in leg.

between knee and thigh.

soreness of great toe.

pain, swelling and inflammation of great toe.

pain like rheumatism along nape, whole side, hip, upper leg. Left neuralgia in temple and eye.

aching over eye. pain in parietal bone.

tensive pains in side of head.

ptosis of outer end of upper lid.

pulling pain in lower lid.

itching, aching or burning pain in ear.

ringhole in ear sore. soreness of outer wing of nostril.

crawling in nostril. fever sore on lower lip near commissure.

swelling in region of submaxillary gland.

mild cramp in calf. hot swelling on side of anus.

heavy drawing, wandering pains in calf.

great deal of pain in ovary.

ovary seemed enlarged.

soreness and nervous pain in a spot on side of uterus.

swelling of breast. oppression worse on side.

sharp pain in bottom of lung.

aching in back of lung.

an old sore spot in top of lung aroused.

fatigue of lung. walking in sun, lung becomes excessively hot.

pain in upper chest. aching in lung under scapula.

sharp pain in edge of sternum and lung.

lung very painful, feels drawn towards right side.

side of chest from top of lung to waist hot as fire.

bottom of lung sore to pressure.

dull, heavy pain at top of lung.

intense boring below scapula.

sore spot size of Argentum Metallicum silver dollar begins at top of lung, extends through to lower part of back.

after having slept on side, soreness of heart.

great pain in cardiac plexus, extending to arm.

intense pain in side of chest.

pain from sore spot below scapula to heart.

dull pain in heart, with pain in arm.

burning in arm. sensation of an abscess in chest.

great soreness of muscles of lower chest.

ribs sore to touch. occasional creeping sensation in region of kidney.

pain in region of kidney darting over hip.

rheumatic pain in top of shoulder.

itching eruption on shoulder.

pain commencing under scapula, running down arm to little finger.

forearm and hand numb.

pain in arm and sensation in hand as is swollen.

numbness down arm. numb pain in arm.

sensation of a boil coming on back of hand.

pains across middle knuckles of hand.

middle finger swollen.

sharp pain over hip. numbness of leg.

pain in knee when walking.

trembling in leg. contraction of muscle under knee and in calf.

knotting of muscle in calf.

sudden intense pain in ankle, back of joint.

sore swelling under foot.

pains like rheumatism in lower leg.

leg swollen near knee.

numb sensation in arm, hand and leg.

leg goes to sleep. itching sometimes confined to side.

Of falling. as if intoxicated.

as if occiput was enlarged.

head as if tightening.

as of a tight band across forehead.

as if front half of brain would come through forehead.

as if skin was drawn tight.

as if she would go crazy.

as of three points of tension in head, as if large cords were drawn to each.

as if tensive pains would break.

as if head had been struck.

as if occipital protuberances were enlarged.

as if eyes were pulling out of head.

as if she stared at everything.

as if eyes protruded. as a sand under lids.

as of sticks in eyes, lids and inner canthi.

as of a cool wind blowing in eyes.

as if upper lid had a cartilage in it.

as if a tube went through head.

as if parchment was drawn over ear.

as of a worm crawling in right ear, as if it commenced boring in anterior wall of auditory canal.

as if mucous membrane of nose was hypertrophied.

as of a centipede crawling in left nostril.

mouth as if burnt. throat as if scraped.

as of a paper of pins in pit of stomach that seemed to force themselves through flesh.

as if heart palpitated in pit of stomach.

as if a lump in stomach.

cramps in stomach as from wind.

sensation in liver as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.

as of a heavy weight in lower abdomen.

as of a tumor in right side of abdomen.

pressure as of a hard, biconvex body in abdomen.

beating as of a pulse in abdomen.

as if there was a large lump on posterior surface of sphincter ani.

as of passage of calculus in ureter.

after urinating, a feeling as if something more remained in urethra.

as if a sac was distended in left ovary and if pressed would burst.

pain in left groin as if leg pushed something.

left ovary as if enlarged.

as if she must press ovary.

cutting as if with knives in pelvis region pain as if menses were coming on.

choking as if epiglottis was closed.

as if lining of larynx and pharynx was torn off.

larynx as if ulcerated.

as of a lump in larynx.

as if thorax was too full.

as if larynx would be torn to pieces.

as if bronchial tubes were enlarged.

as if lining membrane was a loose fold of tissue.

chest as if painfully contracted.

lung as if beaten or bruised.

as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung.

as if there was a cavity extending from side to side in chest, filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions.

pain in right shoulder as though it came from left straight through.

left lung as if collapsed or paralyzed.

as if lung was drawn up in hand and let loose.

left lung as if drawn toward right side as if something had grown to sore spot in front of chest and was drawing back.

heart as if large. as of a cavity where heart ought to be.

pain as if radiating in different parts of left side of chest.

as if heart was swollen.

as of an abscess on left chest.

between pectoralis major an minor.

as of an enlarged gland in right side of neck, under upper part of sternocleido-mastoid.

pains in shoulders as if bones would be crushed.

as of water dropping out of a bottle in lumbar region.

pricking in left little finger as if asleep.

left hand as if swollen.

as if a boil was coming on back of hand.

left leg as if paralyzed.

creeping chills in region of right kidney, as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.

as if she would faint.

as of creeping things throughout body.

as if she would have nightmare.

as if contents of lower part of chest and abdomen seemed to press upon each other.

as of a foreign substance in right eye, then in left.

as if blood was boiling hot in veins.

as if she had taken a severe cold.

sore all over as if bruised.

as if all bones were out of joint.

Pain in forehead. in temples.

over eyes. in centre of brain.

in left parietal bone.

circling through head and around crown.

in back of head. in right eye.

in eyes. up Eustachian tube and out of both ears.

in renal region. at end of penis.

in left ovary. in lower abdomen.

in upper part of right lung.

in right shoulder. in left upper chest through to shoulders.

from upper lung to sore spot below left scapula.

in heart and lungs. in heart from sore spot below left scapula to heart.

in left arm. through chest and mammae.

in nape and between scapulae, running on to either side, shoulder and down to lumbar region.

in back between scapulae.

under right scapula. straight through from left to right shoulder.

in region of left kidney.

in lumbar portion of spine.

in back of hip, running around abdomen and down limbs.

in sacrum and coccyx. commencing under left scapula, running down arm to little finger.

in left arm. when bending middle finger of left hand.

in both legs, from hips down to knees.

in left knee. of right great toe.

from waist downwards.

Itching. of scalp. in nose.

of eyebrows. over left eye.

of ears. in occiput. in cerebellum and medulla.

in base of brain. in eyeballs.

in left ear. in cartilage of ear.

across kidneys. in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.

in back part of left lung.

in left lung under scapula.

in bones of arm. in hip joints and knees.

in lower limbs. of vagina and labia.

of eruption on left shoulder.

in side of elbow joints.

of hands. at roots of and between fingers.

in soles. between toes.

of eruption around waist.

all over body. of eruption on limbs.

from knees up, on forearms and around waist.


For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes even organic lesions ending in paralysis which can be traced to a sycotic origin.

Bears the same relation in deep-seated sycotic chronic affections of spinal and sympathetic nervous system that Psorinum Psorinum does to deep-seated affections of skin and mucous membranes.

Children, pale, rachitic; dwarfed and stunted in growth (Bar. c.); mentally, dull and weak.

Great heat and soreness, with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.

Spinal curvatures or more or less pronounced traces of rachitis.

Consumptive languor; fatigue; great general depression of vitality.

Trembling all over (subjective), intense nervousness and profound exhaustion.

State of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time (Cerbo v.); craves fresh air; skin cold, yet throws off the covers (Camphora Camph., Secale Cornutum Sec.); cold, and bathed with cold perspiration (Ver.).

Insatiate craving for liquor, which before she hated (A. S. A. R.), for salt (Caladium Seguinum Cal., Nat Mur Nat.); for sweets (Sulphur Sulph., Tuberculinum Tub.); for beer, ice, acids, oranges, green fruits, coffee grounds.

Nocturnal enuresis; passes enormous quantity of ammoniacal, high-colored urine in bed every night; worse by overwork or overplay, extremes of heat or cold; when with a history of sycosis the best selected remedy has failed to cure.

Intensely restless and fidgety legs and feet.

Burning of hands and feet, wants them not only uncovered, but fanned (Lachesis Lach., Sulphur Sulph.)p