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Medorrhinum - Head symptoms - H.C. Allen

The Gonorrhoeal Virus, Med.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Medorrhinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Brain seems weary; slightest sound annoys and fatigues her.

Neuralgia first in left temple and parietal bone, then in right, next day in left eye.

Heat and throbbing in temporal region both sides.

Brain exceedingly tender and all mental work irksome.

Intense cerebral suffering, causing continual rubbing of head in pillow, rolling from side to side.

Sensation of tightness and contraction, extending from eyes and meeting in brain; extends down whole length of spine.

Aching and exhausted feeling in cerebellum and medulla, with a subjective tenderness of spine from cerebellum to kidneys.

Burning glow in cerebellum and down spine.

Head feels heavy and is drawn backwards.

Simmering in head, does not know whether it is heard or felt.

Sensation as if occipital protuberances were enlarged.

Eyes and Sight

When eyes were shut, felt as if pulling out of head to one side or other; when open all things seemed to flicker.

A blur over things; numberless black, sometimes brown spots dancing over her book; sees objects double; things look very small; sees imaginary objects.

Feeling as if she stared at everything, as if eyes protrudedfont

Aching in eyeballs, pressure and heat in vertex, a tendency to shut eyesfont

Continuous watering of eyes, great heat and sensation of sand under lidsfont

Ptosis of outer end of both upper lids, particularly left, requiring exertion to open themfont

Swelling of upper lids; soreness and smarting of edgesfont

Decided tendency to irritation of edges of lidsfont

Hardness of upper lid as if it had a cartilage in it.

Eyebrows itch; brows and lashes fall off.

Swelling under eyes.

Sometimes cannot raise lid of right eye after being asleep; cough when tired or nervous.

Miss X., 23, had chronic blepharitis since eleven.

Her suffering was intense.

Light, especially gas-light, was intolerable, and this prevented her from going into society.

She could not read in the evening, and in the morning the lids would be closed, and she suffered much on getting them separated.

There was much discharge.

Before coming under me she had been under strict homeopathic treatment all the time.

Medorrhinum was given in high potency, single doses repeated as the effect of each wore off, and she was entirely cured.


Ears and Hearing

Nearly total deafness of both ears, with very little noise; had to use a trumpet.

Partial or transient deafness; pulsation in earsfont

Child hard of hearing for six daysfont

Singular sensation of deafness from one ear to the other, as if a tube went through head, while yet there was an over acuteness of hearing.

Is sure he hears people in conversation, but on carefully watching, finds that sounds have reference to arterial pulsation, but where he cannot discover.

When whistling, the sound in ears is double, with peculiar vibration as when two persons whistle thirds.

Noises seemingly in mastoid cells, frying and hissing.

After sleeping feels as though parchment was drawn over ear, on which she was lying.

Sensation of a worm about an inch long crawling in right ear, and as if it commenced boring in anterior wall of auditory canal.

Aching in cartilage of ear when lying on it at night.

Soreness to touch of right concha.

Ringhole in left ear more and almost gathered

Nose and Smell

Intense itching in nose, internally near point, had to rub all the time.

Very great burning in both nostrils when breathing through them.

Coldness of end of nose.

Entire loss of smell for several days.

Soreness of outer wing (inside) of left nostril.

Nose constantly running.

Nasal catarrh, with continual running down throat.

Sensation of action in bones; obstruction at root of nose as if mucous membrane was hypertrophied.

Nose goes to sleep.


Nose inflamed, swollen.

Catarrh of posterior nares.

Posterior nares obstructed, better by hawking thick, greyish mucus, followed by bloody mucus.

Soreness and crawling feeling as of a centipede in left nostril in morning.

Nose stopped up, cannot breathe through it in the morning; snuffles in children not relieved by the other remediesp


Tensive pains in head, with a wild sensation as if she would go crazy, with a sensation as if she would do something desperate in spite of herself; afraid to be alone.

Severe pain at the base of the brain, running to the vertex, in two cases suffering from retroflexion.

Frontal headache; with nausea; feeling of a tight band across forehead, worse leaning head forward; as if front half of brain would come through forehead; as if skin was drawn tight; with fluent coryza, with pressure back of eyes, as if they would be forced out; extending over brain to neck.

Wakes with headache over eyes and in temples; worse from sunlight.

Headache in right temple; a good deal of aching over left eye Nocturnal enuresis.

Neuralgic headache in left temple and around middle part of cranium, at times terribly severe, with sensation of great weight and pressure in vertex; has lasted twenty-four hours and is gradually increasing in violence.

Pain in centre of brain; in evening sharp pain through temples pains commence and cease suddenly.

Pain in left parietal bone when the wind blows on it.

Pain circling through head and around crown.

Terrible pains all through head in every direction, with continuous and violent vomiting, followed by aching in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.

Constant headache, worse while coughing; light (through the eyes) seems to hurt it.

Intense headache for three days, with inflammation of eye.

Headache and diarrhea from motion of ears.

Headache with menses.

Dull headache in a broad ring around head.

Dull pain in cerebellum.

Intense burning pain in head, worse in cerebellum.

Tensive pain in left side of head as far back as parietal eminence and to middle of crown.

Tensive pains in head as if she would go crazy; could not read or use mind.

Aching in occiput and medulla; pain sharp on motion; drowsy.

Aching pain in base of brain, with swelling of cords of neck.

Severe pain in back of head as though it had been struck; pain spread over to front, with severe neuralgic pain in left eye; headache lasted all night; eye bloodshot.

Pain in back of head and in right eye.

Neuralgic pain in eyeballs; when pressing eyelids together; worse when rolling themfont

Feeling of pain and irritation, and sensation of sticks in eyes, lids and especially inner canthi, redness and dryness of lids, congestion of sclerotic and sensation of a cool wind blowing in eyes, especially inner canthifont

Pulling pain in left lower lid from outer canthus; could see lid twitch between these pointsfont

Pain passes up Eustachian tube and out of both ears with a tickling sensation.

Itching, aching, or boring pain in left ear.

Quick, darting pains in right ear, from without inward, pains followed each other in close succession.

Heavy fluent coryza, with hard headache all day in frontal region, worse 1030 A. M.


Intense itching of scalpfont

Great quantities of dandruff.

Hair lustreless, dry and crispy.

Dryness and electrical condition of hair; it will not remain brushed.

Great deal of fugitive itching in scalp.

Sharp itching of scalp, whiskers and eyebrows.

Intense itching of scalp; quantities of dandruffp

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