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Mercurius Praecipitatus Ruber - General symptoms


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HPUS indication of Mercurius Praecipitatus Ruber: Skin irritation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mercurius Praecipitatus Ruber in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Suffocative attacks at night on lying down WHILE ON THE POINT OF FALLING ASLEEP, obliged to jump up suddenly which relieves; gonorrhoea; URETHRA FELT AS A HARD STRING; chancroid; phagedenic ulcer and bubo; pemphigus, mucous patches, eczema with rhagades and fissures, barber's itch; blepharitis, internally and externally; leaden heaviness in occiput, with otorrhoea

Burning Fissures

Patchy tongue

Coat like old cheese on mouth and throat

Mucous patches

Suffocation on lying or falling to sleep


Red Precipitate. Red Oxide of Merc Viv Mercury. HgO. Trituration.


Anus, burning in. Chancroid. Gonorrhoea. Mucous patches. Pemphigus neonatorum.


Mucous membranes



Right side


Mercurius Praecipitatus Ruber intensely irritating mercurial was investigated by Hahnemann. All the usual mercurial symptoms were intensified. Hansen has used it in practice, and gives these as indications Gonorrhoea when the urethra is felt as a hard string. Phagedaenic ulcer and bubo. Indurated ulcer, deep, with red, hard edges, and especially when spreading. Syphilitic iritis when the pains have ceased. Pemphigus neonatorum and intertrigo syphilitica. Mucous patches on scrotum and by anus, with or without fissures. Eczema, acute or chronic, much sero-purulent or purulent exudation, also externally (in ointment 1 to 40 of prepared lard). Tinea tonsurans, circinata and sycosis. Folliculitis barbae (internally and externally).

These are Hansen's own observations. In the symptoms of the proving a sensation "as of a hot iron in anus moving up and down" looks like a possible keynote. SYMPTOMS.

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