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Mercurius Solubilis - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms

Merc Sol, Mercurius solubilis, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni, Merc-sol.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Solubilis: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mercurius Solubilis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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He talked senselessly; for example, "See, you have killed a fly on your hand, and just now you forbade me to do it" (which was not so),

He believes that he is losing his reason, thinks that he is dying, with illusions of fantasy; for example, sees water running where there is none (in the morning),

He believed that he was enduring infernal torments, without being able to explain himself,

Longing for home,

Was extremely averse to everything, even to music,

Almost involuntary weeping, followed by relief,

While indulging his foolish fancy, he was, however, inclined to weep, and when this paroxysm passed over he was very much exhausted,

Great seriousness, with much indifference, all day; he was very much offended if other laughed over a trifle, and yet was extremely indifferent to everything that took place about him,

Restless, despondent mood; anxiety without particular thoughts,

Much wretchedness and dejection of spirits, with diarrhoea,

He wished to die, was averse to everything; indifferent even to the dearest objects,


Anxiety, with seems as though it would drive him far away, as though he had committed a crime, or as though a misfortune were impending,

Anxiety and apprehension in the blood; did not know what to do; it seemed as though he had committed a crime; without heat; also with a feeling as though he had not control over his senses, all day,

She was constantly anxious and apprehensive; then a sudden affection of the pit of the stomach; her hands began to perspire and her face became hot,

During menstruation, anxiety so that she does not know what to do,

Much anxiety, and orgasm of blood, at night, with sticking in the bloodvessels,

As soon as she eats, she is attacked with great anxiety, with perspiration on the heat and forehead, which seem to her icy cold; she is obliged to go into the open air before the perspiration ceased, with want of breath, and sticking in the right side just below the ribs,

Anxiety, as if he had committed a crime,

A feeling as though he had done wrong, with loss of ideas,

Very fearful, even to starting up, in the evening,

He had no courage to live,

Was much discontented with himself and his condition, without cause,

Irritability and ill-humor,

Irritable, vexatious, active mood,

Ill-humor, associated with anxiety, all day; he constantly thought something disagreeable would happen,

Fretful and peevish all day; he imagined that all his efforts would at last miscarry,

Fretful all day; very much out of sorts and discontented with himself; he has not desire to talk or joke,

Very peevish and intolerant, easily vexed, very suspicious,

Morose all day; extremely taciturn and serious,

Morose and mistrustful all day; he treated his associates almost insultingly, and looked upon everybody as his worst enemy,

Fighting, quarrelsome mood,

Quarrels with everything; would above all have everything right; quarrelsome,

While taking a walk, he has a strong inclination to pinch the noses of the strangers he meets,

Rather indifferent mood,

Extremely indifferent,

Cared for nothing, and was indifferent to everything,

He was indifferent to everything in the world; had no desire to eat, and yet, when he ate, relished his food and took as took as much as usual,


Hurried and rapid talking,

No desire for earnest work,

Talking was irksome; could not read; the head was confused; could work at nothing, and fell asleep while sitting,

Dull and sleepy during the day,

It affects acuteness of thought, makes him dizzy; he does not hear what is spoken, does not comprehend what he is reading, and easily makes mistakes in talking,

Thought is very weak; it is extremely difficult to collect his thoughts, and he makes wrong answers to questions (that he himself notices),

He is unable to calculate; cannot put his mind on anything,

Thoughts entirely vanish,

At times, thought disappears for several minutes,

Distraction of mind; while he was at work at anything, something else constantly came into his mind; thoughts constantly thronged upon each other, from time to time (for several days),

Loss of consciousness and speech; she seems to sleep, but is pulseless, with the usual warmth of the body and with the perfect look of a corpse; after an hour consciousness and some sound of the voice returned; she tried to speak but could not; only after twelve hours did speech return,

He does not know where he is,

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