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Mercurius Vivus - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Quicksilver, Mercurius, Mercury, Merc Viv, Merc. viv, Merc.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Vivus: Sore throat

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Merc Viv in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sensation of dryness in chest.

Sharp pains, and sensation as if muscles of chest were bruised.

Aching in chest, sometimes penetrating to back, with inability to take a full inspiration.

Burning in chest, sometimes extending to throat.

Soreness and burning in chest.

Stitches in r. chest through from scapula; inflammation of lungs.

Sensation as of a contraction and of swelling, and pain as from excoriation and ulceration, in chest.

Suppuration of lungs after haemorrhages, or after pneumonia.

Emphysema of lungs.


Palpitation of heart; on slightest exertion.



Pulse, irregular, or quick, strong, and intermittent, or weak, slow and trembling (generally full and fast, with violent beating in arteries).


Difficult respiration, as from want of breath, or short and loud respiration.

Breath having a bad smell.

Shortness of breath when going upstairs and when walking quickly.

Anxious oppression of chest, and difficulty of respiration, with want to take a deep inspiration, chiefly after a meal, or with attacks of suffocation at night, or in evening in bed, when lying down (on l. side).

Want of breath, with squeezing and tension in chest, and sensation, on least movement, or attempt to speak, as if life were coming to an end.

Lancinations (as if caused by knives) in chest and sides, or as far as the back, principally when breathing, sneezing, and coughing.

Catarrh, with febrile shivering, hypochondriacal humour, dislike to all food, and constipation.

Catarrh with cough, hoarseness, fluent coryza and sore throat.

Continual hoarseness and loss of voice.

Nasal voice.

Burning and tickling in the larynx with hoarseness.

Dry cough, sometimes fatiguing and shaking, principally in bed, in evening, or at night, also during sleep, and on waking in morning, excited by a tickling, or a sensation of dryness in chest, and agg. by speaking.

Cough, as if caused by irritation in stomach.

Convulsive cough, with retching.

Spasmodic cough (whooping-cough); two paroxysms follow one another rapidly, from tickling in larynx and upper part of chest, at night, without cough during day, with expectoration of acrid yellowish mucus, which is sometimes mixed with coagulated blood, tasting putrid or salty.

Cough agg. in night air, at night and when lying on l. side.

Dyspnoea (sensation of spasmodic contraction when coughing or sneezing).

Pains in head and chest when coughing, as if these parts were about to burst; or shootings in occiput; or pain as from excoriation in chest, and pain in loins.

Inclination to vomit and fits of choking, when coughing.

Cough with expectoration of pure blood.

Bloody sputa in tuberculosis.

Hoarse cough, with sensation of dryness and shootings in throat.

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