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Mercurius Vivus - Fever And Chill symptoms - Clarke

Quicksilver, Mercurius, Mercury, Merc Viv, Merc. viv, Merc.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Vivus: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Merc Viv in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Chilliness early in morning, when rising, but more so in evening after lying down, as if cold water had been thrown over him, and not amel. by heat of stove.

Chilliness at night with frequent micturition.

Chilliness between the diarrhoeic stools.

Internal chilliness with heat of face.

Heat while in bed; as soon as one rises chilliness.

Heat after midnight with violent thirst for cold drinks.

Heat with anxiety and constriction of chest alternating with chilliness.

Perspiration towards morning, with thirst and palpitation of heart; from least exertion even when eating.

Perspiration in evening before going to sleep.

Very debilitating night-sweats.

Perspiration gives no relief, and accompanies all ailments.

Intermittent fever.

Chilliness in evening in bed, afterwards heat with violent thirst.

Chilliness and heat without thirst, towards morning thirst; during perspiration, palpitation of heart and nausea, the perspiration smells sour or fetid.

Coldness, shivering, and shuddering over whole body, principally after having slept, either by day and night, or only at night, or in evening, and in morning in bed, and sometimes with bluish colour of skin, icy coldness in hands and feet, muscular palpitations, convulsive movements of head, arms, and legs, contusive pain in limbs, and inclination to lie down, trembling in limbs, sharp pains in head, want to urinate, somnolence, &c.

Ebullitions with trembling from slight exertion.

Heat in face and head, with redness and burning of cheeks, and coldness, or shivering, or shuddering over whole body; or heat, mingled with shiverings or sweats.

During the heat, insatiable thirst, great desire for milk, and agg. of pains when uncovered.

Febrile attacks at night, or in evening; fever, with inflammatory symptoms, or with putridity; slow and hectic fever.

Copious, excessive, and colliquative sweats, both day and night, in morning, in evening after lying down, and when eating, and sometimes fetid, clammy, sour, or oily, giving linen a yellow colour, and burning the skin.

Sweat, with nausea and inclination to vomit, great fatigue, thirst, anxiety, obstructed respiration, stitches in side, &c.

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