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Mercurius Vivus - Mouth symptoms - Hering

Quicksilver, Mercurius, Mercury, Merc Viv, Merc. viv, Merc.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Vivus: Sore throat

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Merc Viv in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Much slime collects in the mouth.

Gums and teeth

Inflamed, with burning, aphthous ulcers; copious, fetid, ropy salivation; scorbutic gums; large blisters in the mouth.

Teeth feel loose, fall out.

Toothache from caries; or when the dentine is inflamed; returns in damp weather or evening air; pains tearing, lacerating, shooting into face and ears; worse from warmth of bed, from cold or warm things; better from rubbing the cheek.

Gums painful touch, swollen, receding from the teeth; edges whitish; bleeding; fetid odor from the mouth; ulcers with dark red edges.

Pulsating toothache worse at night; gum-boil.

Tongue dry, hard, coated black; red and dry; red with dark spots and burning; moist, with intense thirst; moist and covered with mucus; thickly coated, dirty yellow, with foul breath; swollen, flabby, takes imprint of teeth; inflamed, indurated or suppurating, with sticking pains.

Ranula, with ptyalism and sore gums.


Ulceration of the salivary glands.


Ptyalism; saliva fetid or tastes coppery.

Taste bitter; sweetish; saltish; putrid or slimy.

Loss of taste.

Tongue etc

Speech quick, stuttering.

Complete loss of speech.

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