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Mezereum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The burning in the palate and throat was somewhat relieved after eating, except the persistent sensation as though the parts had been burnt with hot soup, which continued all the afternoon and even next morning.

during the next day there was a sensation of rawness, roughness, and dryness, which continued very troublesome for several days, and was especially annoying, in the morning after waking,.

Prickling on the posterior portion of the palate and at the base of the tongue.

this with a feeling of warmth gradually increased, with dryness of the tongue, that after a time amounted to a real heat and burning.

this sensation involved only the posterior portion of the palate and tongue.

the anterior portion remained normal.

at first the sensation was thought to be the effect of the Alcohol, but the burning became so violent that it seemed as though he must have chewed several pepper-seeds.

during the next hour he frequently endeavored to relieve this heat and burning by small quantities of water.

as long as the water was held in the mouth there was a slight remission of the burning, but after the water was swallowed the burning returned as violent as ever.

after another half hour, he took a cup of white coffee with relish.

after this, the symptoms became worse and more extended, and then the heat and burning involved the tip of the tongue, inside of the lips, cheeks, and gums.

at the same time there was increased transpiration of the skin, especially of the face, without previous heat,.

Great suggillation on the back of the right hand, above the index finger, without cause from pressure or blow.

it is an irregular spot, about an inch in diameter, bright-colored, without any pain.

together with violent itching on this hard by not on the suggillated place, especially on the wrist, so that he was obliged to rub it until it was sore (second morning),.

Eruption on the wrists, which appeared after violent itching, healed after about three weeks.

while scratching there were no distinct pimples.

after scratching there formed several small superficial dark-brown scabs, a line in diameter.

these at last became quite white and scaly, and seemed conical.

the ulcers when healed had a brownish color, as large as the scab, surrounded by a brownish areola,.

Oft-recurring severe itching, compelling to scratch, now here, now there, on almost all parts of the body, and very soon after taking the drug.

especially on the scalp above the forehead, in one or the other eyebrow, also under the eye.

and especially a persistent, oft-recurring itching on the external ear, and in the left concha. The itching often extended over the whole body.

I felt it simultaneously on back, abdomen, and scalp, impelling to scratch, and relieved by scratching. I could perceive no difference in the time of day. At times it was a burning itching, or a tickling, as from insects, on the chin, the shoulder, the clavicle, the right thorax, along the lower ribs, and the back.

also, the thumb and right middle finger. The later the itching began, the greater the inclination to scratch,.

A biting burning gradually extending from the pharynx over the whole mouth and outer margins of the lips.

in the evening there was pain in the pharynx on swallowing, as if swollen or sore, or like a scraping.

afterwards, severe sticking in the pharynx on empty swallowing.

this condition became very violent and general.

swallowing was very painful, especially to the uvula and arches of the palate (first day),.

A peculiar rubbing sound in the praecordial region in the same spot where the pain had been noticed in the previous proving.

the sound was distinctly heard by himself, less noticed while moving about especially in the evening after lying down, and indeed while lying on the left side, and on taking a deep breath.

associated with a sensation as though the chest were too tight, and sufficient air could not be inspired.

this rubbing sound lasted two or three weeks, with an indescribable sensation of heaviness and of an impediment in the region of the heart,.

Griping colic, spasmodically increasing and decreasing at short intervals.

a pressive-sticking pain low down in the lower abdomen, starting from the middle of the abdomen, at times extending into the left side, with hard tension of the abdomen, transiently relieved by the emission of flatus, with weakness of the body, especially of the lower extremities, with frequent paroxysms of aggravation, when it is intolerable,.

Stool rather hard, in the morning, at short intervals, and only after sitting a long time.

immediately after eating, other pasty evacuations at short intervals, and in the evening, repeated desire as in diarrhoea, and urging, that, however, repeatedly disappeared after the emission of flatus, but at last resulted in a small stool, that was first natural and then pasty, during the evacuation of which the urging was very much increased, after which it immediately ceased,.


All the flesh seemed to soften and waste during the proving,

Emaciation and loss of strength, with tensive pains across the thorax, and dry cough day and night,

Activity and desire to work (second day),

Tremulous condition, as after too much wine (first day),

Irregular actions of the tendons,

Stretching (first day),


Indolent, phlegmatic and weary in the extremities; walking is not agreeable to him,

Indolent, not inclined to do any work; like to be completely inactive; is indifferent to everything; is obliged to force himself to take up his business (second day),

Great indolence and weakness after a deep sleep,

Unusual indolence; every word is an effort (second day),

Very lazy; no desire to work; with constant yawning,

Gradually become listless, languid, and drowsy, and exhibited other signs of approaching narcotism; after six hours she was lying on her back, her countenance sunk and ghastly,

Weariness (seventeenth day),

Great weariness (second day),

Great weariness, was obliged to sleep for an hour (fourth day),

Great weariness, with heaviness and dullness of head (ninth day),

Very weary, sick, and irritable (second day),

Very weary and unusually sick (soon),

So weary in the afternoon that she was obliged to lie down and sleep four hours; with agreeable dreams (with constant faceache, which frequently aroused, but never quite awoke her), (fourth day),

Extremely weary in the morning on rising, but not afterwards during the day (fifth day),

Extreme weariness and anxiety (seventh day),

Overpowering weariness, without being able to sleep, in the evening (second day),

Unusual sinking of strength,

Weakness, relieved after a short nap (after second day),

Great weakness, as in faintness (after a few minutes),

Great weakness, with inclination to sleep (third day),

Great weakness while walking,

Weakness, exhaustion,

General exhaustion, with great inclination to sleep, at least to lie outstretched (second day),

Debilitated, low-spirited, and listless, to such an extent that she almost seemed imbecile,

Very much worn out and pale all day, as though he had not slept enough,


Unusual restlessness (seventh day),

Great restlessness and peevishness, with redness and heat of the face and forehead,

Sensitiveness to cold air,

Sensitiveness to cold water while washing, in the morning; and also in the teeth, while drinking (second morning),

On washing, in the morning, the water seemed too cold (as after taking cold) he was also very averse to cold air, especially sensitive on the head, even noticed once while sitting in the house, as if cold air were blowing on his head (second day),

Great desire for walking in the open air (soon), and soon after dread of the open air,

While walking, he is inclined to go with the upper part of the body bent forward, to hurry and to sing, though everything is performed with difficulty and constraint, .

Inclination to stretch,

Unusual desire for rest, in the afternoon (second day),

Inclined to be indolent (second day),

Falls asleep late, and after a short nap wakes shortly before midnight, with a sensation as of diminished sensibility of all the extremities, even of the penis and abdomen,

Feeling of great lightness of the body,

Uncomfortable feeling in the whole body, with yawning and stretching, pain in the abdomen and eructations,

General uncomfortable feeling; better towards noon (seventh day),

General sick feeling, ; (second day),

General indescribable sick feeling; on going into a close room this amounted almost to nausea, which disappeared on going into the open air (first day),

Very sick and weary (second day),

Pains in the tibiae and other parts of the body, even while walking,

The parts affected feel, on being touched, as if swollen, which is not the case,

Violent boring in the ankles, especially in the left, and the left side of the forehead,

Transient drawing or jerking here and there, after which a constant aching remains,

Drawing pain through the whole left side of the body, with a sensation of falling asleep, especially acute in the hand and foot,

Wandering-drawing pains in the lumbar region and occiput, also in the shoulders, in the flesh of the thighs, and in various parts of the head,

General oppression, without seated pain (third day),

Stitches in various parts of the body, especially in the left chest, in the evening (third day),

Momentary stitches over the whole body (fourth day),

Slight stitches in various parts of the body side, shoulder, arm, fingers; soon disappearing (first day),

Hot jerking stitches in various parts of the body,

Tearing pains in different parts of the body, while sitting,

Crawling and some stitches in various parts of the body (second day),

Incessant shifting of the pains, which, however, are much inclined to return to the original spot,

In general, the wine half of the body seems more affected than the right,

(The effects of wine seem to be increased by Mezereum),

Symptoms not affected by rest or motion,

Wine and coffee do not seem to affect the action of the drug,