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Mezereum - Mind symptoms (inc. personality)

Spurge Olive, Mezer

Boiron and HomeodelWHP - Washington HomeopathicHylands and Standard Homeopathic
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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Mezereum may help, unprocessed Mezereum may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

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Aversions, dislikes; everything

indolence, aversion to work

after sleep

being touched

Behaviour; habits; boring fingers in ear



inclination to sit

Conscientious about things of little importance



Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; death; everything is dead

about self; body; health, hypochondria; has warts

about self; circumstances; of being poor

desire for open air

Desires, wants; company

company; while alone


to kill; on waking

Symptoms follow intense emotions; anger

Excitement; evening

evening; in bed

Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; anger (see irritability and quarrelsome)

anger (see irritability and quarrelsome); alternating with quick repentance

boredom, dissatisfaction (see loathing of life)

weary of life (see boredom, dissatisfaction, loathing, etc.)

cheerful, happy; after eating


impatience; impetuous; heedless

impatience; while perspiring


indifference, apathy, etc.

to everything

to pleasure


morning; on waking

during chill

during headache

on waking

loathing; disgust

loathing; life (see desires, death)

mirth, hilarity, liveliness, etc.

mood; changeable, variable mood


quarrelsome, argumentative

reproaches; others

rage, fury (see insanity, mania, delirium); violent, intense feeling

excessively religious (see anxiety, despair, fear)

sensitive, oversensitive


unhappy; despair

religious (of salvation etc.)

unhappy; discontent, displeased, dissatisfied, etc.

with everything

with himself

unhappy; dwells on past disagreeable occurrences

unhappy; wants to injure self; suicidal disposition

unhappy; sadness, mental depression

when alone

about things of little importance

weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting)



with the pains

Intellectual faculties; bright, intelligent, clear; abundant ideas, clearness of mind

impaired thinking; absent-minded (see forgetful)

impaired thinking; chaotic

impaired thinking; difficulty concentrating

on attempting to concentrate, it becomes dark before the eyes; has a vacant feeling

impaired thinking; confusion


night; on waking

after sexual intercourse

on attempting to concentrate

as if in a dream

after eating

from interruption

from mental exertion

on waking

impaired thinking; dull, sluggish


after eating

while reading

after sound sleep

while speaking

impaired thinking; imbecility

impaired thinking; vanishing of thoughts

on mental exertion

while speaking

ideas; abundant ideas, clearness of mind

ideas; deficiency of ideas


Insecure, uncertain, scared; anxiety

anxiety; morning

anxiety; noon

anxiety; evening

in bed

anxiety; when alone

anxiety; before eating

anxiety; while eating

anxiety; eating

anxiety; with fear

anxiety; must lie down with anguish

anxiety; about salvation

anxiety; before stool


of being alone (see company)

of exertion

arising from heart

of misfortune

arising from stomach

frightened easily

starting, startled; easily

starting, startled; as if falling

starting, startled; during sleep

at things of little importance

timidity; bashful

Memory; forgetful

weakness of memory

for what has heard

for what has been said

for what was about to say


Perception; senses; dull


absorbed, buried in thought



brooding (see anxiety, sadness)

Quiet, peace (or lack of); feeling of tranquillity

Restlessness, nervousness

when alone

wants to go from one bed to another

during chill

Talking, conversation; critical

dislike of talking, desire to be silent, taciturn

after eating

Thoughts (see preoccupied); persistent (see delusions)


tormenting (see anxiety, remorse)


during vertigo, dizziness

on waking

Wearisome, tired

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