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Morphinum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

An Alkaloid of Opium, Morphinum Aceticum, Morphia, Morphine, Morphinum Muriaticum, Opium Morph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Morphinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Pale and dispirited.

on awaking, headache. dryness in anterior portion of tongue.

bitter taste. colic, followed by diarrhoeic stool.

5 A.M., urging to stool, with pasty evacuation.

stool 8 A.M., tenacious yellowish-brown stool.

dry cough and scraping in larynx.

on awaking, pain in limbs and loins.

gnawing pain in bones.

bathed in perspiration.

on rising, indolent. could not rouse himself.

during sleep, sweat all over.

8 A.M., sleepiness..

(Evening), Pressive headache in left side of vertex and forehead.

headache in occiput. burning sensation in eyes.

while sitting still, roaring in ears.

three thin stools, with burning in anus.

thin stool. 6 P.M., hard brown stool, with great exertion.

hard evacuation, with difficulty.

copious yellow urine. drawing and tearing in forearm.

numbness in left little finger.

itching on the legs. unable to fall asleep.

in bed, chilliness. burning heat in face..

There is a certain similarity in Morphine poisoning and cerebral paralysis, especially as regards the motor symptoms.

the essential difference consists in that Morphine poisoning has complete consciousness of the condition and memory, and the ability to concentrate the mind is unimpaired, as least as long as there is not a condition of actual mania,.

While engaged in undressing my mind was very active, but seemingly without control of the will.

thoughts followed each other in quick succession, and the mind jumped rapidly from one subject to another.

the condition seemed to be analogous to that which exists when a dream, seeming to involve days and weeks, will be known to occupy but a few seconds or minutes of time,.

He said many disconnected things, and pointed with his fingers to masked people who seemed to approach him. At one time he broke into loud laughter.

at another he started up in affright on account of fancied swords em, who threatened to stab him.

became angry if any one argued with him or thought him delirious.

however, he blamed himself while in delirium for his folly,.

The moment of ecstasy usually commences in about three-quarters of an hour.

he then becomes an altered being.

the expression of countenance is horribly wild.

he exhibits his delight in a thousand different ways-he gesticulates, he talks. Some of them compose excellent verses, and address the bystanders in excellent language.

at last they return to their homes, each possessing some imaginary bliss which "the dull reality of life" could never give. Those who encounter them divert themselves at their expense, and make them chatter nonsense.

they are, however, too happy to pay attention to anything but their own reveries. Even the loud laugh and the hootings which accompany them home produce no effect.

they are wrapped in an elysium, from which they are only to be awakened by the miserable reaction which must, sooner or later, recall them to existence,.

An agreeable reverie, at the end of three-quarters of an hour, or an hour at most, never fails to animate these automatons, causing them to throw themselves into a thousand different postures, but always extravagant and always merry. This is the moment when the scene becomes most interesting.

all the actors are happy, and each retires home in a total state of irrationality, but likewise in the entire and full enjoyment of happiness not to be procured by reason. Disregarding the ridicule of those they meet, who divert themselves by making them talk absurdly, each imagines and looks and feels himself possessed of whatever he wishes. The reality of enjoyment often gives less satisfaction,.

He describes his sensations "as the faint, exquisite music of a dream," but he had only pleasurable feelings when his eyes were open.

if they were closed they vanished. It appeared to him as if external objects only were acted on by the imagination, and magnified into images of pleasure. In walking he was hardly sensible of his feet touching the ground.

it seemed as if he slid along the street impelled by some invisible agent, and that his blood was composed of some ethereal fluid which rendered his body lighter than air,.

While smoking they are loquacious at first, and the conversation highly animated.

but as the opium takes effect the conversation droops, and they frequently burst out into loud laughter from the most trifling causes, or without any apparent cause at all, unless it be from the train of thought passing through their excited imaginations. The next phase presents a vacancy of countenance, with pallor and shrinking of the features, so that they resemble people convalescing from fever. A dead silence precedes a deep sleep, which continues from half an hour to three or four hours. In this state the pulse becomes much slower, softer, and smaller than before the debauch. Such is the general process almost invariably observed among the Chinese. But with the Malays it is often very different.

instead of the placidity that ushers in the profound sleep, the Malays frequently become outrageously violent and quarrelsome, and lives are occasionally lost in these frightful orgies,.

It makes the opium-eaters (who are usually sad and stupid) cheerful.

they carouse sing amorous songs, laugh much, and make all sorts of gestures.

this pleasant excitement of mind and emotion lasts an hour, after which they become angry and rave, and finally become again sad and weeping, till at last they fall asleep and soon return to their ordinary condition,.

When under the influence of opium, he seems to others to be in his normal condition.

but a little intercourse with him shows his mind to be not only clear and active, but filled with gigantic schemes and theories, the realization of which seems to him quite natural and easy.

his faculties are remarkably keen, and his power of expression wonderfully terse and convincing. As soon as the effect begins to subside (as it does after sleeping), he is depressed and melancholy, which soon reaches an extreme state of suicidal depression, in which the world seems terribly dull, and he feels driven to evil spirits. This condition is brought on by occasional attempts to resist his destructive habit.

but he cannot endure abstinence long. As soon as he takes his accustomed dose of Morphia, he is at once changed from a cringing desperate creature into a spirited and energetic individual,.

Partial insensibility.

he could be roused by shouting into his ear, but could not be made to answer any question.

when not continuously aroused, he fell off immediately into a heavy stertorous sleep.

between two assistants he was from time to time dragged along the corridors, making little effort to support himself, and when allowed to sit down, he was continuously aroused by being flapped on the face with a wet towel, which would cause him to open his eyes momentarily.

but he became more completely narcotized, so that towards morning he seemed to be in imminent danger,.

She was quite unconscious, and had lost the power of swallowing. After remaining in this comatose state for upwards of nine hours, she revived, the face became natural, the pulse steady, the power of swallowing returned, she was able to recognize her daughter, and, in a thick voice, to give an account of the mistake she had made. This state lasted about five minutes, the torpor then returned.

she again sank into profound coma, and died in fourteen hours after the poison had been taken,.

He made no answer to any question, though put to him with a loud voice, close to his ear. On discontinuing the agitation for a moment, he immediately relapsed into a state of stupor and insensibility.

the only expedient that effectually roused him was pulling him by the hair of the head. This was so completely successful on one occasion that he rose from his seat in a paroxysm of anger, and attempted to throw off his jacket and vest, but immediately fell back in a state of insensibility (after three hours and a half),.

In the forenoon of the second day her mind was very much disturbed at intervals and by paroxysms.

during one of these she would leap out of bed, and notwithstanding all opposition made by the nurse, would run downstairs and escape from the doors. These exertions would exhaust her strength, and before she could get far would become faint, fall down, and beg to be carried to her bed.

she would then be composed for a time, till seized with a second paroxysm. These were repeated several times during the day,.

Dulness in the forepart of the head, sometimes interrupted by sticking pain above the eyebrows, that after an hour extended over the whole head.

this confused condition of the head became better towards noon, and in the afternoon only some dulness of the head remained, with at times sticking pain in the head.

this sensation was accompanied by warmth and flushes of heat in the face (after 12 drops),.

Certain sensations in the forehead, a kind of pressure and straining, the latter of which seemed to reach down to the eyes and nose, if the dose had been within 2 grains of solid purified Opium.

if I had taken 2 or 3 grains these sensations would insensibly increase to a slight confusion of thought and giddiness, a heat and sensible pulsation of the arteries in the head.

after 4 to 6 grains the pressure increased quite quickly, and passed on to pain,.

A pressive-tensive pain in the occiput, at the point of the insertion of the trapezius muscle, extending across the whole breadth of the nape of the neck to the upper margin of the acromion process and the inner margins of both scapulae, as far as the tips, in general corresponding to the course of the muscular fibres.

the pain was most noticed in the region of the fourth dorsal vertebra, whence it extended to the last dorsal vertebra.

always aggravated by motion, during rest (on waking from the midday nap it had disappeared), (second day),.

While in school he was frequently obliged to forcibly open and close the eyes, with dryness in the eyes, as from dust and frequent pressure on both eyes. On going home it was noticed that he opened and closed the eyes more frequently than natural, and was asked the reason.

on examining the eyes there was found great redness of the conjunctiva of the lids and of the eyeballs,.

Pupils at light 1/9", sideways 1/6 (before the injection).

1/12" (two hours after 1/6 grain).

1/10 (thirty minutes after 1/4 grain).

1/12" (three-quarters of an hour after 1/4 grain).

1/10 (two hours and a quarter after 1/4 grain).

1/12, sideways 1/9 (ten minutes after 1/2 grain).

1/12, sideways 1/10 (one hour after 1/2 grain).

1/10, sideways 1/8 (three hours after 1/2 grain),.

Pupil 1/6" (before the experiments).

1/7" (one hour and a half after 1/4 grain).

1/7 (three hours after 1/4 grain).

continued to read the newspapers for one hour and a quarter after the injection of 1/4 grain.

1/8. vision for near and distant objects unimpaired.

in reading the newspapers he could detect no change in his vision, and he clearly discerned an inconspicuous lightning conductor, a rod of the thickness of the little finger, by the side of a chimney-pot, at a distance of about seventy yards (one hour and a quarter after 1/4 grain),.

It was very remarkable that, when the torpor and comatose heaviness were as such a height, he appeared to have almost no command of any of his muscles, nor the smallest perception of what was passing around him.

his hearing was nevertheless remarkably acute, and he repeatedly requested that we would no speak louder than usual, saying that it disturbed him exceedingly to hear the loud talking,.

Tickling in the larynx, with violent dry racking cough, lasting ten minutes.

both the dryness and cough relieved by a glass of water.

they however, returned after a quarter of an hour, with so great violence that tears came to the eyes.

again relieved by drinking water, after which he fell asleep for over two hours, and was again awakened by paroxysms of cough, which, however, were less violent and accompanied by some expectoration of mucus, at 3 A.M. (after five hours and a half). Tickling in the larynx, causing dry cough, which lasted more than six minutes, with lachrymation, relieved by drinking water (this cough was the same as that which woke him from sleep at 3.45 A.M.), (after 3.15 P.M., second day). *Tickling in the larynx and dry cough, soon after 2 A.M., that ceased after five or six minutes, without drinking water (second night). Dry cough, with tickling and scraping in the larynx woke me at 3 A.M.

this time it lasted scarcely five minutes (fourth night),.

In every instance the pulse has been quickened, and sometimes rendered sensibly fuller, in two or three minutes, e. g., from 66 to 68, and from 70 to 76.

after a longer or shorter interval, e. g., in from five minutes to an hour, determined by the dose, the beats return to what they were at the beginning, and sometimes afterwards descend a little below this.

the manifest effect, in all these experiments, is increase of frequency, and often of fulness also,.

Pulse 108, firm and regular (before the experiment).

88, soft (after ten minutes).

84 (after twenty, and thirty minutes).

84, weaker (after forty minutes).

72, feeble and small (after fifty minutes).

76, weak and not quite regular (after sixty minutes).

90, regular and rather stronger (after seventy minutes).

96 (after one hundred and twenty minutes).

108 (after one hundred and eighty minutes),.

In five minutes, pulse beat 70.

ten, 66. fifteen, 68. twenty, 70.

twenty-five, 67. thirty, 68.

thirty-five, 70. forty, 70.

fifty, 67. sixty, 68. seventy, 62.

eighty, 60. ninety, 58.

one hundred, 54. one hundred and ten, 53.

one hundred and twenty, 56.

one hundred and thirty, 56.

one hundred and forty, 58.

one hundred and fifty-five, 59.

one hundred and seventy, 57.

had supper 9.15, 64,.

12 o'clock, pulse 64, one drop of tincture of Opium in a little water.

12.3 o'clock, pulse 70.

pulse 12.10 o'clock, pulse 68.

12.20 o'clock, pulse 68, at which it continued.

increased the action of the heart at first by 6 beats in a minute, and afterwards by 4 beats for a considerable time.

the action of one dose, with one effect only,.

In five minutes, pulse beat 44.

ten, 44. fifteen, 44. twenty, 44.

twenty-five, 50. thirty, 52.

thirty-five, 54. forty, 48.

forty-five, 48. fifty, 46.

fifty-five, 46. sixty, 46.

seventy, 46. eighty, 44.

ninety, 42. one hundred, 42.

one hundred and ten, 40.

one hundred and twenty, 40.

one hundred and thirty-five, 44.

after twenty-five minutes had elapsed there was a manifest increase as well in the strength and fulness as in the frequency of the pulse.

in an hour this began to diminish, and continued decreasing till near the end of the experiment,.

Its pulse, during the last two inspirations, was about 50 to the minute.

during the spasm and suspension of breathing it would run up to about 100, become very weak, and finally cease at the wrists about six seconds before the breathing was resumed (after three hours).

from 90 to 100 (after six hours).

would cease at the wrists before the breathing was resumed (after ten hours),.

Pulse 72, before taking.

same (after five to twenty minutes).

78 (after twenty-five and thirty minutes).

80 (after thirty-five to forty-five minutes).

84 (after fifty and fifty-five minutes).

decline in force, but was full (after fifty minutes).

72 (after sixty minutes).

68 (after sixty-five minutes).

76 (after seventy minutes).

80 (after seventy-five to eighty-five minutes).

84 (after ninety minutes).

80 (after ninety-five minutes).

76 (after one hundred to one hundred and ten minutes).

72 (after one hundred and fifteen and one hundred and twenty minutes).

slow and full, without much tension (second morning),.

Embarrassed respiration, which soon amounted to an agony, without the least symptom of narcotism.

much the same sensation was produced by each inspiration experienced by the inhalation of pure nitrogen gas, the air seeming to leave the lungs without having performed its functions, there being at the same time a sense of dryness in the fauces and larynx,.

Breathing slow and stertorous (after thirty minutes).

very laborious, each inspiration giving a long struggling sound.

it would draw four inspirations, at the rate of 16 per minute, and then cease to inhale about thirty seconds, when the four inspirations would again be drawn.

on the fourth inspiration a general spasm of the muscles would seize it (after three hours).

after remedies it breathed continuously, but with great difficulty, at the rate of thirty inspirations to the minute, for twenty minutes (after six hours).

after this it would draw only three respirations at the rate of 12 to the minute, when spasms would occur, and the suspensions of breathing become longer. At the tenth hour it drew but two inspirations together about twelve seconds a part, and then suspended for nearly a minute.

it continued to labor for breath in this way until the end of the eleventh hour, when it died,.

Respiration slow (after one hour).

but four to the minute, the intervals between the inspirations irregular, and each time we had to resort to shaking and slapping the patient to provoke the automatic action of the respiratory muscles, and to raising him suddenly to the sitting posture, for the same object (after five hours),.

In five hours had vomited two or three times, in consequence I felt much relieved, though I continued very stupid. The next day a deadly nausea came on me every half hour, and a puking, at first of phlegm, but soon after a copious discharge of bile ensued.

every kind of drink was thrown off my stomach soon after it was taken. At 1 o'clock took a draught of a mixture of a solution of salt of tartar, with lime-juice.

this, however, was puked up immediately.

it increased the nausea and sickness. I vomited at last a dark-greenish liquid, which deposited in the bottom of the vessel a sediment of the same color,.

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach and an unusual sensation of hunger about 11 A.M. (after six hours).

although I ate as much or more dinner than usual, at 1 P.M., this sensation of emptiness continued until after 3 o'clock, during which time there were frequent eructations of air (first day).

sensation of emptiness in the stomach and decided hunger by 10 A.M., in order to assuage which I took two eggs, some bread, and a glass of beer, which, however, did not suffice.

at noon I ate a hearty meal, as yesterday, but the sensation of hunger and emptiness was not relieved.

it only disappeared after two hours of itself (second day),.

Rumbling and gurgling in the transverse colon, followed by urgent desire for stool, which could be restrained only with extreme difficulty.

this was followed by a copious watery evacuation, accompanied by much flatus, that passed suddenly and with much noise, and was followed by burning in the rectum, which lasted several minutes, at midnight (fourth day),.

The kidneys excrete albuminous urine, in severe cases. The evacuation of urine is often difficult, and the amount frequently scanty.

the specific gravity varies within the most extreme limits.

I have found urine of 1004 to 1038.

generally the urine at first has the highest specific gravity.

towards the end of the cure the specific gravity diminishes.

naturally this varies according to the amount of urine passed. The urine of nearly all suffering from Morphine intoxication reduces an alkaline solution of Cuprum Metallicum Cuprum sulphate without precipitating it as an oxide, at the same time the urine usually turns the polarization ray to the left,.

The specific gravity of the urine varied from 1007 to 1012.

the urine reduced alkaline solution of Cuprum Sulphuricum Sulphate of copper, turned the plane of polarization to the left, and showed a remarkable amount of albumen.

microscopical examination, during the first fourteen days of her stay in the hospital, detected waxy cylinders and white blood-corpuscles.

five weeks later, there were only a few traces of albumen,.

Albumen is frequently found in the urine in cases of Morphine intoxication, both during the continued use of Morphine and the period of abstinence. This albumen, which appears during the long-continued use of Morphine, either as a transient symptom that occurs irregularly, often lasting only a few days, or as a constant symptom that only disappears after weeks or months following the total withdrawal of the drug. Albumen is much more frequently found during the period of abstinence than during the continued use of Morphine, as observed in nearly all cases.

it makes its appearance in three to six days after the beginning of the abstinence, and disappears in two to four days. It varies from the slightest turbidity to a flocculent sediment. Before I had observed cases of the latter character, I had considered the slight turbidity as accidental, dependent upon a slight catarrhal condition of the uro-genital organs.

the presence of the deposit leaves no doubt that we have here to deal with pathological changes in the uro-poietic system. In the chemical action of the urine, all the reagents (Nitric acid, Aceticum Acidum Acetic acid, Carbolic Acid Carbolic acid, Potassium ferrocyanide, and Sodium sulphate) promptly indicate albumen. In some cases the action of Nitric acid was noteworthy, and called to mind the case of Bence Jones and his acid albuminate. When the Nitric Acid Nitric acid was used freely, and the urine heated, no albumen was precipitated while hot, but after the urine became cold, and it was again dissolved by heat,.

The urine, after taking Opium, contained more water than usual.

the earthy phosphates, especially the phosphates of lime, were diminished.

the phosphates of magnesia were somewhat diminished, but not so much so as the phosphates of lime soon after ceasing to take Opium the secretion of urine increased.

and even on the next day, after taking the solid constituents, the urea and inorganic salts were decidedly increased,


The bladder became distended, but not having power to expel its contents, a catheter was introduced and gave great relief (second day).

great pain and difficulty in expelling urine, and also pain in the bladder when it becomes distended (third day).

passes a small quantity of urine at a time, with difficulty and pain (fifth day).

micturition still painful, and accompanied by a sensation of bearing down (tenth day).

had received a kick in hypogastric region some time ago, and had difficulty in passing urine at different times since,.

Some spasm on urinating in the morning.

on the two following days there was acute constriction of the urethra as far as the bladder.

after urinating the pain gradually disappeared.

on the third day blood was passed with the urine.

this continued three days, then gradually disappeared.

the spasmodic constriction of the urethra continued, after which it gradually disappeared,.

Strangury soon made its appearance with the usual symptoms, viz., a frequent and urgent desire to micturate, but without being able to gratify it.

burning and cutting pains at the neck of the bladder.

cutting pains also along ureters and urethra, and accompanied with some tenesmus. This condition compelled me to introduce the catheter for four successive days, when, in consequence of the system being under mercurial influence, I desisted from further treatment. But a return of the disease being threatened, I resumed the former treatment, which was again followed by the strangury. I suspended each remedy in succession, but the strangury continued until the Opium was at last suspended. After this the strangury ceased in twenty-four hours, but again recurred on again exhibiting the Opium,.

Impotency. the testimony of all men suffering from Morphine intoxication is uniform in that their sexual power is affected by the drug. Sometimes the sexual excitement, voluptuous sensations, and in part erections are incomplete, less energetic, and of shorter duration, or they do not occur at all. So in this case all grades may be found, from simple sexual weakness to complete impotency. The great majority refrain from sexual intercourse, either from lack of interest or from inability, owing to the fact that erections are incomplete or wanting altogether. Unmarried men become impotent sooner than married men. In many men the first effect of Morphine is excitement of the sexual sphere, afterwards the usual paralysis. Many unmarried men make use of this fact to smother their sexual desires when they become aroused during the interval free from Morphine. The question arises whether there may not be other causes than that of Morphine for the impotency. The condition of depression which is induced in many persons might be supposed to be a psychical impotency, but there are also cases in which there was a condition of eutropia, and also still others upon whose emotional nature Morphine has no influence whatever, that are more or less impotent. Whether the power of erection ceases sooner, or since the emissions are not of a frequent occurrence the function of the seminiferous organs ceases sooner, is uncertain from want of sufficient data. The testimony of men is usually not clear.

many dislike to speak of their impotency.

many healthy men are, indeed, unaware of this condition, or pass it over lightly, or are silent about it. In the register of the Morphine poisonings in Maison de Santoninum Santé, it is found that the wives of none of the men who had injected large doses of Morphine have had a normal pregnancy during the last two years, although they were young women, and, previous to the use of Morphine by their husbands, had had children every year,.

Creeping shivering on the anterior surface of the right thigh, extending down to the knee, lasting a few seconds.

after a quarter of an hour it commenced in the nape of the neck, and extended down the back to the sacrum, lasting only a few moments, without subsequent heat, disturbance of the circulation, or thirst, at 6.30 P.M. (first day),.

While an emetic of Zincum Sulphuricum Sulphate of zinc was operating, there was a great propensity to sleep, but this was of short duration.

she did not sleep till some time in the night ensuing, which was seventeen hours after the Opium was taken.

she ten slept four hours, after this was much relieved and tranquil for several hours,.

She soon became very drowsy.

she could be aroused by shaking and loud speaking, and then knew every one around her, looking at them with a half-intoxicated expression, understanding all that was said to her (after two hours and a half).

could not be aroused by shaking or loud speaking (after six hours and three-quarters).

more easily aroused, but instantly falls asleep again (after application of electro-magnetism), (after eight hours and a quarter).

now rose up to the sitting posture, and got off the couch to walk across the room, supported by two persons, looking about her with an alarmed and bewildered expression, but apparently not recognizing any one.

she was, however, sufficiently awake to drink a cup of strong coffee, taking the cup in her hand (after nine hours and a quarter),.

During the fourth day was very sleepy, so that it troubled me at my work, on which account I did not take the daily dose till 9 P.M., when I took 20 drops of the tincture.

fifteen minutes afterwards my head felt much relieved.

I was especially lively.

I then went to bed, read for about twenty minutes, when I became so sleepy that I was obliged to lay aside the book.

could no longer keep my eyes open.

all efforts to keep off sleep were unavailing.

I gradually became more and more sluggish, till at last I was unable to reach a glass of water standing near me, though I made every effort. My mental powers were also very much blunted.

I gradually fell asleep.

after about two hours I was awakened by loud cries for help in the street.

after this I was unable to sleep.

my memory lost its clearness, and I was unable to follow any connected thought,.

In a deep sleep, from which every effort that her husband could devise could not arouse her. I shook her smartly, pinched, and bawled loudly into her ear, but could not perceive the slightest marks of sensation or consciousness.

after vomiting, caused by Zincum Sulphuricum sulphate of zinc and irritation of internal fauces, she was somewhat aroused, though still very drowsy, and desirous to be left alone.

later, coma greatly increased,.

The night, that was usually quiet, with uninterrupted sleep, was now very restless, with constant tossing and tumbling about.

the sleep was frequently interrupted and was only partial.

was conscious of every noise in the street, even the ticking of the clock and watch distressed him. The most varied dreams disturbed the whole night.

was unable to rise as early as usual, and felt weaker than on the preceding evening before going to bed.

the head was heavy and dull.

after a glass of water became fully awake (third night),.

Strong convulsions, which affected the muscles of the trunk and extremities to such a degree as to make him as stiff as a frozen corpse.

these spasms would continue from ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and then partially relax for two or three minutes, recurring several times (after fourteen hours).

ceased altogether, a warm perspiration breaking out over the body (after fifteen hours and a half),.

After rousing her to give a dose of tincture of Belladonna belladonna, there was an almost convulsive struggle of resistance, attended by violent excitement, and followed by sudden and complete collapse.

entire cessation of respiration.

pulse barely perceptible.

face pale. lips livid.

pupils unchanged and eyes rolled upward and outward, to the extreme limits of their orbits (after four hours and a quarter).

relieved by injection of Atropia Sulphurica atropia,.

The only signs of susceptibility to outward impressions were.

1st, slight contraction of the upper eyelids when water was forcibly dashed upon them.

2d, liquids introduced into the mouth were slowly swallowed, and, as it seemed to me, somewhat more readily when the patient was imperatively told to do so.

3d, when asked to show her tongue, while the mouth was forcibly kept open, there were some slight attempts to move it,.

Supported in an erect posture by two strong men, who were holding her up by the shoulders, with her head hanging lifeless upon her breast, her hair in disorder, her eyes bewildered, and her countenance pale and ghastly.

her limbs were unable to do their duty in supporting her, her body was suspended as it were in the air, with the points of the toes touching the floor.

the muscles were in a complete state of relaxation (after five hours and a half),.

After several hours the child fell into collapse, with cold face and extremities.

pulse rapid, small, weak, smaller in the right arm than in the left.

visible and very violent beating of the carotids.

distension of the jugular veins.

respiration varying, sometimes superficial, sometimes deep and with much noise, as in agony, with distension of the anterior and upper portion of the neck.

abdomen retracted, hard, and tense.

running of mucus from the mouth.

the child became rigid, opened its mouth and eyes.

the face at last became puffy and Viola Odorata violet-colored.

Nothing on earth can equal the apparent quiet enjoyment of the Opium-smoker.

there is a lightness of the head, tingling in every limb.

the eyes seem to be enlarged, and the ears sharpened to hearing.

an elasticity and inclination to mount on high are experienced.

all pains are gone, and pleasure now remains.

all weariness has vanished, and freshness takes its place.

the loathing of food previously experienced is changed to a relish for what is piquant, and a great desire is often felt for some particular food.

the tongue is now loosened and tells its tale, for whatever is secret becomes open, and what was intended for one becomes known to all. Still there is no excitement, but rather a calmness, soft, soothing, and sedative. He dreams not, nor thinks of the morrow.

but, with a smile in his eye, fills his pipe with the last of his allowance. Slowly inhaling it he seems to brighten up, the smile that sparkled in his eye extends to other features, and his appearance is one of complete yet placid enjoyment. Presently the pipe is slowly displaced, or drops by his side.

his head, if raised, is now laid on the pillow.

feature after feature gives up its smile.

the eye becomes glazed.

the upper eyelid drops.

the chin and lower lip fall.

deeper and deeper inspirations follow.

all perception is gone.

objects may strike the eye, but no sights are seen.

sounds may fall on the ear, but none are heard, and so he passes into sleep, disturbed and broken, from which the wretched being awakes to a full conception of his miseries,.

The effects produced on the health by abandoning the habit of Opium-smoking, after it has become deeply rooted, are even worse than the perseverance in it. A gloomy despondency is added to the usual symptoms of the ordinary stage of depression.

a state ensues somewhat like a low state of delirium tremens, attended with extreme prostration of strength, and often with exhausting diarrhoea and vomiting.

there is scarcely one known instance of escape from its toils, when once they have fairly enveloped a man,".

If the dose be not taken at the usual time, there is great prostration, vertigo, torpor discharge of water from the eyes, and in some an involuntary discharge of semen, even when wide awake. If the privation be complete, a still more formidable train of phenomena takes place. Coldness is felt over the whole body, with aching pains in all parts. Diarrhoea occurs.

the most horrid feelings of wretchedness come on.

Most Opium-eaters dislike wine and brandy.

but this is not always the case. The exhilaration is most striking in the state of the mind.

all is order, harmony, vigor, and tranquillity.

there is no shadow of that brutality which most decidedly belongs, more or less, to vinous intoxication. No greater misery can be felt than the Opium-eater experiences when his accustomed stimulus fails him, or the dreadful reaction sets in, which is as striking to observers as it is painful tohimself.

the mind is much enfeebled.

the eyes lack lustre. the sensations are all disordered.

the appetite is lost. the limbs seem incapable of supporting the body's load.

existence is loathsome.

no substitute can be found for the potent juice, for to the greater number of the lovers of Opium wine and brandy are disgusting.

they nauseate instead of diffusing a genial glow. The accustomed dram is the only relief to be found in this sad state, and the deluded victim flies to his debauch whenever the opportunity presents itself, although self-condemnation and the ridicule of his friends await him, and although idiocy and deformity stare him in the face,.

Any meal, taken within half an hour or later, after a dose of Opium, speedily brought on all its effects, and it seemed in a considerable degree higher. If taken within an hour after dinner, the effects appeared later than usual and were less in degree.

I even sometimes could hardly perceive them at all, if the dose had been a moderate one,.

Analyses of the blood, for some time before and after taking, showed the solid constituents of the fibrinous portion increased, the watery portion also increased.

the solid constituents of the blood freed from fibrin diminished, the watery portion of the same increased.

the solid constituents of the serum diminished, the watery portion slightly increased, the albumen somewhat diminished.

the extractives and salts very slightly increased.

the fibrin of the blood diminished.

blood-globules diminished.

blood-clot diminished.

serum largely increased,.

A lassitude and exhaustion, and strong propensity to sleep, were the late and last effects, more or less, sooner or later, in proportion as the earlier effects had been more or less strong, and lasted a shorter or longer time. If, for instance, I had taken from 4 to 6 grains, at 10 or 11 A.M., I sometimes experienced a burning heat creeping throughout my limbs, but which was particularly strong in my palms, followed by exhaustion, at 9, 10, or 12 P.M., or there about.

sometimes I experienced lassitude and propensity to sleep next morning, when I got up at 8 or 9; sometimes at noon, or any other time during the day or night. I cannot exactly determine how long this state of relaxation lasted, but I think I sometimes felt it on the third and fourth days, after having continued most part of the second, or at least made its appearance on that day. If I had taken 10 full grains, the second day I perceived the symptoms of giddiness, trembling, etc., in a much milder degree than on the first.

on the third day I was well, active, and cheerful.

on the fourth I began to be despondent, tired, and exhausted, and continued in that state to the sixth and even seventh day,.

Amenorrhoea. In all the women treated by me for Morphine intoxication, menstruation had been irregular, or suppressed for months or years. These women varied in age from twenty-five to thirty-five, and had used subcutaneous infections of Morphine for a long time. The symptoms noticed at the commencement and during the course of the amenorrhoea, such as headache, vertigo, disinclination to work, loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation, palpitation, hysterical attacks, etc., coincide with those of Morphine intoxication, so that it is often difficult to distinguish whether they are caused by the toxication of Morphine, or are the consequence of the amenorrhoea. I have never observed swelling of the breasts or vicarious haemorrhages in my cases. The amenorrhoea of Morphine is gradually developed from dysmenorrhoea, or it occurs suddenly. Conception has never been noticed in amenorrhoeic women, while some of the women have been repeatedly pregnant previous to the use of Morphine. Therefore, it seems probable that the cessation of menstruation is dependent upon anomalies of the ovaries, in that they seem inactive. According of PflüGeranium Maculatum ger's theory, in the amenorrhoea of Morphine, the growth of the cells of the ovaries ceases from one period to another, and in consequence, the irritability that is transmitted by the ovarian cells and causes, on the one hand, bursting of the Graafian follicles, and on the other, determines the reflex condition of congestion of the sexual organs, is wanting. As a consequence, Morphine affects the ovaries as it does other secretory glands, namely, it renders them unable to perform their functions. It is most probable that menstruation ceases because ovulation ceases, and this also explains the sterility. The supposition that Morphine injection causes the arrest of the function of the organs of generation is justified by the fact that, after the cessation of Morphine, these organs recover their activity. The sexual desire is at first increased by the habitual use of Morphine, but after the graver symptoms of poisoning have been developed it almost entirely disappears, as in men. It is also noteworthy that women who have suffered from Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor albus, are generally free from it during the prolonged use of Morphine.

this reappears only after the withdrawal of the drug, often with labor like pains. Women suffering from Morphine intoxication, in whom menstruation continues normal, may conceive.

but I have noticed that the pregnancy runs a normal course only when the women use small doses.

they abort from large doses,.


Skin insensible,

Pruritus (after five hours),

Intolerable itching of the skin (second day),

Intolerable itching over the whole surface which was warm and dry (second day),

Itching over the whole body; after scratching, appearance of thick, red pimples (hives) that itch greatly, but soon disappear,

Burning and sometimes itching in the skin,

Fine sticking itching here and there in the skin,

Very troublesome itching,

Troublesome itching over the whole body,

Intolerable itchiness over the whole of his skin, so that he kept five or six persons constantly employed in scratching him (after half an hour),

Intolerable itching and burning heat of the face after the poisoning,

Sensation of biting and burning in the skin, especially of the face (after one hour),

Itching of the nose (after ten minutes),

Itching in the nose, and not very rarely all over the body (after 4 to 6 grains),

Itching, especially on the upper part of the body, extending from the chest over the face, particularly on the nose,

Itching on the arms and shoulders,

Violent itching about the anus (third day),

Disagreeable crawling in the hands and feet, which changes to a frightful, incessant rolling,

Violent itching on the legs, in the evening,

Formication on the left leg (fifth day),

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