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Muriaticum Acidum - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Muriatic Acid, Muriat. Acid, Acidum muriaticum, Acid Mur, Mur-ac.

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HPUS indication of Muriaticum Acidum: Hemorrhoids

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Muriaticum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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During and after eating, rumbling and dull pain in the abdomen.

Frequent eructation, with putrid taste (6th, 7th d.).

Regurgitation of a sour liquid from the stomach.

Nauseous and qualmish feeling in the gastric region.

Stomachache, with contractive sensation.

Repeated violent pressure on the stomach.

Pressure on the stomach, as if it were too full, with ineffectual effort to eructate.

Sensation of repletion of the stomach, though he has not eaten anything.

Sensation of emptiness in the gastric region, and especially in the oesophagus, not removed by eating, with rumbling in the intestines.

Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, in fits.

Heat and burning in the stomach, for a long time (soon).

Burning and throbbing on a small spot, on the left side, near the scrobiculus cordis.

In the right hypochondria, a burning tension, on a small spot.

Tensive and sore pain in the right hypochondriacal region, now moving upward, now downward, while sitting.

Burning and bruised pain in the right hypochondria (4th d.).

Stitch in the right hypochondriacal region, then burning, which disappears by pressing upon it, but soon re-appears in a place near by, in the evening (3d d.).

In the left hypochondriacal region, a violent stitch, when stooping, so that she was startled.

Shooting under the left ribs, in the side.

Drawing pinching below the left short ribs, not changed by respiration.

Pain in the abdomen, in the morning, in bed.

Inflated distended abdomen, which tormented her punch all day.

Violent inflation of the abdomen, in the evening; disappearing after lying down.

Sensation of repletion in the abdomen, after moderate eating, with inflation of the abdomen.

Abdomen inflated up to the stomach, which is very troublesome to her.

Pressive pain in the distended abdomen, and at every step, the pain darts into the abdomen.

Contractive sensation in the intestines, with dull pain.

Pinching, extending from the umbilical region toward both sides; the pain is very violent, with grumbling.

Pinching below the navel, and then a hard stool (12th d.).

Violent pinching in the umbilical region, with sensation of emptiness, reaching into the pit of the stomach and oppressing it.

Violent pinching, by jerks, externally, on a small spot of the left side of the abdomen, worse at every expiration.

Violently cutting pinching, from the rectum up to the epigastrium, then urging to stool which was somewhat softer than usual.

Cutting pinching in the abdomen, while standing and walking, it ceases on sitting down.

Cutting pain below the navel, right through the middle of the abdomen.

Violent cutting in the hypogastrium, when sitting, walking and standing.

Constant shooting pain about the navel, as from needles.

Sensation of emptiness in abdomen, with growling (aft. 1 h.).

Painful sensation of emptiness in the abdomen, in the morning, after the usual stool (5th d.).

Rumbling in the abdomen, as from emptiness, when sitting.

Rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

Constant fermentation in the abdomen, which sometimes settles down quite at the bottom of the abdomen, with a wheezing sound.

Frequent emission of fetid winds (the first days).

In the abdominal muscles and below the umbilical region, a fine pinching.

Prickling pain, as from needles, in the lower part of the abdominal integuments.

In the abdominal ring, pricking pain, as from needles.

Burning stitch in the left groin (aft. 11 h.).

Burning stitch in the right flank, in the evening.


The food (at dinner) won't go down right, and presses her.

Severe hiccup, before and after dinner (3d d.).

Painful sensation of drawing inward of the stomach, on a small spot, after dinner.

Dull stinging in the right inguinal region, during dinner.



Continual eructation.

Very bitter and frequent eructation (4th d.).


Pinching tension below the short ribs, forcing him, several times to take a short breath, and ceasing after a discharge of flatus.

Disagreeable, anxious sensation in the whole abdomen, relieved by discharge of flatus, and quite removed by a stool.

Inflation of the abdomen, and then violent discharge of flatus.

Pinching, like colic, in the abdomen, on movement and emission of flatus.

Pinching in the abdomen, now here, now there, without feeling any flatus (4th d.).

Pinching in the abdomen, several times a day, and then an inordinate discharge of excessively fetid flatus.


Violent inclination to vomit.

Vomiting of the ingesta.

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