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Muriaticum Acidum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Muriatic Acid, Muriat. Acid, Acidum muriaticum, Acid Mur, Mur-ac.

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HPUS indication of Muriaticum Acidum: Hemorrhoids

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Muriaticum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Painful sensation of retraction in the stomach, in a small spot, after dinner,

Complete loss of appetite for all food, with a natural taste, and without nausea,

Aversion to food; he wishes to eat nothing; with much yawning,

Violent hiccough, before and after dinner (third day),

Feeling of fulness in the abdomen, with distension, after a moderate meal,

Dull stitches in the right inguinal region, during dinner,


Distension of the abdomen, followed by profuse emission of flatus,

Profuse emission of offensive flatus (first day),

Disagreeable anxious sensation in the whole abdomen, relieved by emission of flatus, and entirely relieved by a stool,

Griping, here and there, in the abdomen, without sensation of flatulence (fourth day),

Griping in the abdomen several times a day, followed by unusually profuse emissions of very offensive flatus,

Colicky griping in the abdomen, on motion, and emission of flatus,


Pain at pit of stomach, increased by vomiting and pressure (second day),


Violent pain in hypochondria (second day),

Burning bruised pain in the right hypochondrium (fourth day),

Tension and sore pain in the right hypochondriac region, extending now upward, now downward, while sitting,

Burning tension in a small spot in the right hypochondrium,

Pressive pinching beneath the left short ribs, not affected by respiration,

Stitches in the left side beneath the ribs,

A stitch in the right hypochondriac region, followed by burning, relieved by pressure, but soon again appearing not far from the same place, in the evening (third day),

A violent stitch in the left hypochondriac region on stooping, so that she started up in fright,

Umbilical and Sides.

Griping beneath the umbilicus, followed by a hard stool (twelfth day),

Violent griping in the umbilical region, with a sensation of emptiness; it extends into the pit of the stomach, and there causes oppression,

Griping extending from the umbilical region to both sides, very violent, with rumbling,

Fine griping in the abdominal muscles, in and below the umbilical region,

Violent jerklike griping externally in a small spot in the left side of the abdomen, more violent on every inspiration,

Constant sticking pain as from needles, about the umbilicus,

General Abdomen.

Abdomen distended, tense, tormenting her all day,

Great distension of the abdomen, in the evening, disappearing after lying down,

Abdomen large as far as the stomach; it is very distressing to her,

Constant fermentation in the abdomen, sometimes firmly seated low down in the abdomen, with whistling noises,

Rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling and dull pain in the abdomen, during and after eating,

Rumbling in the abdomen, as from emptiness, while sitting,

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen,

Feeling of emptiness in the abdomen, with rumbling (after one hour),

Painful empty sensation in the abdomen, in the morning, after the usual stool (fifth day),

Pains in abdomen (after six weeks),

Severe pains in bowels (first night),

Contractive sensation in the intestines, with dull pain,

Cutting griping in the abdomen, while standing and walking, disappearing while sitting,

Violent cutting griping, extending from the rectum to the upper abdomen, followed by desire for stool, that was somewhat softer than usual,

Pressive pain in the distended abdomen, and shooting into the body on every step,

Cutting pain through the middle of the abdomen, beneath the umbilicus,

Violent cutting in the abdomen, while sitting, standing, and walking,

Colic, in the morning in bed,

Iliac Regions.

Sticking pains, as from needles, in the abdominal ring,

Burning stitch in the left groin (after eleven hours),

Burning stitch in the right groin, in the evening,


Inflammation of the alimentary canal (second day),

Epigastric region hard, tense, and very sensitive,

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach, at intervals,

Feeling of emptiness in the epigastric region, especially in the oesophagus, not relieved by eating, with rumbling in the bowels,

Epigastric region painful (after twelve hours),

Great pain in her stomach,

Intense pain and tenderness over the epigastrium,

Agreeable warmth in the stomach,

Heat and burning in the stomach, lasting a long time,

Burning and throbbing in a small spot near the left side of the pit of the stomach,

Fulness of the stomach, though he had eaten nothing,

Constrictive sensation in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach, as if it were too full, with ineffectual attempts at eructations,

Frequent violent pressure in the stomach,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea, with many eructations, on waking, for two nights,

Qualmishness and nausea in the epigastric region,

Qualmishness and distension of the abdomen, in the morning, in bed after waking, relieved by emission of flatus after rising,

She frequently retched, without bringing up anything,

Almost constant retching (second day),

Great inclination to vomit,

Vomiting (immediately), ; (first night, second day),

Nausea and vomiting,

Vomited immediately,

Violent vomiting for nearly an hour (immediately),

Vomiting of food,

Copious vomiting of stiff, glairy mucus (after five hours),

Vomiting of bloody frothy liquid,

Vomited Freely, the matters vomited had an alkaline reaction; after some milk had been given, she vomited some brown matter, streaked with blood, and containing small shreds of mucous membrane,

Vomiting of a dark substance, resembling coffee-grounds, every time after eating or drinking (after six weeks),

Repeated and very copious vomiting of a substance which bubbled up on the ground (immediately),

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