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Muriaticum Acidum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Muriatic Acid, Muriat. Acid, Acidum muriaticum, Acid Mur, Mur-ac.

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HPUS indication of Muriaticum Acidum: Hemorrhoids

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Muriaticum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

The arms are very heavy, and, when raising them, seem full of lead.

In the upper arm, cramp, when making some exertion with it.

Throbbing, intermitting, violent twitches of single muscular parts of the right upper arm.

Drawing in the left upper arm.

Drawing tearing in the right upper arm, while writing, when sitting down; it ceases on moving and stretching the upper arm.

Painful tearing from the middle of the upper arm and the forearm toward each other.

Tearing in both the upper arms and calves (2d d.).

Paralytic pain in the middle of the right upper arm, down to the elbow.

Burning sensation on the posterior muscles of the left upper arm, close to the elbow-joint.

In the elbow-joint, frequently a drawing tension.

Dull tearing, just above the joints of the elbow and the wrist, more when at rest.

Shooting tearing pain on the point of the right elbow-joint.

Cutting in the bend of the elbow, worse when flexing the arm, diminished by extending it.

In the fore-arm, cramp-like sensation of heaviness, close to the wrist-joint.

Cramp-like pain in the fore-arm, on flexing the arm.

Drawing tearing in the posterior muscles of the left fore-arm, extending into the fingers.

Cutting tearing in the posterior muscles of the right fore-arm, recurring in jerks.

Cutting on the right forearm, before the elbow-joint (at once).

Bruised pain, or as after a blow, on the inner side of the right fore-arm, worst when at rest.

Knots like peas and also larger on the fore-arms and elbows, with violent itching and burning.

Burning pain, externally on the right fore-arm.

In the left palm, cramp, which ceased when moving the hand.

Drawing pain in the left hand.

Arthritic tearing on the outer side of the hand, behind the knuckle of the little finger.

Voluptuous itching and shooting tickling in the palms, which compels scratching.

Eruption on the hands, which itches intensely when getting warm in bed.

Eruption of pimples on the back of the hands and of the fingers, and which within at night and a day coalesces into a scurf.

The fingers of the right hand tingle, as if they had gone to sleep.

Numbness, coldness and dying off of the two middle fingers, by night.

Numbness of the last two fingers of the left hand, at night.

Pain like cramp on the all of the right thumb, when writing; it ceased when moving it.

Drawing tearing from the middle joint of the left ring-finger to the metacarpal bone, disappearing on bending the finger, but recurring more violently on extending it when at rest.

Cutting tearing in the ball of the left little finger.

Pricking pain, as from needles, in the tip of the left index, only when touched.

Swelling and redness of the finger-tips, with burning pain.

In the gluteal muscles on the right side, a constant itching stitch, which but itches the more when it is rubbed.

Cutting pinching on the right hip, only when sitting.

The muscles of the thighs are painful.

Twitching of single muscular parts, now on the right, now on the left thigh.

Muscular, painful cramp in the muscles of the left thigh, when lying abed.

Cramp-like drawing pain, moving downward in the left thigh, only when sitting.

Cramp-like, contractive tearing in the anterior muscles of the left thigh.

Shooting pressure in the muscles of the left thigh, only when sitting.

Tearing in the left thigh and in the tibiae, when sitting.

Shooting tearing in the right femur, when walking.

Drawing, pressive shooting pain in the muscles of the left thigh, close to the groin, when sitting.

Violently burning shooting on the outer side of the right thigh, when walking and sitting.

Weakness of the thighs, and consequent unsteady gait.

Much itching on the thighs.

Round, rough, itching herpetic spots on the inner side of the thighs.

The knee on the left side is stiff, when rising from the seat.

Tensive pain in the left knee.

Quivering beside the right patella.

Tearing in the hough and the calf, more at night and more when sitting, than when walking.

Tearing in the knee-joints; in the right knee this is so violent, as if it was being torn out, when sitting.

Tearing in the hough, up into the hip when rising from the seat; with occasional stitches in the left knee-joint; aggravated when bending the knee and when walking, relieved on stretching it and when sitting.

Shooting tearing in the right knee, when he crosses the left leg over the right.

Burning shooting pain on the outer side of the right knee.

Bruised pain on the right knee, only when walking and going up-stairs.

Burning itching on the knees, ankles and toes, when going to sleep.

Swelling of the knees.

On the leg, a painful tension, near the hough, in the left calf, when sitting.

Drawing and tension in the tendo Achillis, when walking, so that the foot is, as it were, lamed and the walking impeded.

Pressive pain in the left calf, both at rest and in motion.

Shooting cutting in the right calf, when sitting.

Frequent tearing in both the tibiae, up into the knees, better when sitting.

Tearing down along the lower part of the right tibia, when sitting.

Slow, coarse stitches in the tendo Achillis, some from without inward, others passing straight through, also disturbing the sleep at night, coming in fits, and impeding walking.

Much itching on the calves.

The left foot pains, as if a cloth was tightly wound around it.

Cutting cramp-like pain in the hollow of the sole of the right foot.

Tearing in the sole of the right foot, on the heel, when spinning; also (after several days) when sitting down.

Drawing stitches, on the dorsum of the right foot, when standing, they disappeared while walking, but appeared again on sitting down.

Long-continued drawing stitch on the dorsum of the left foot, worse when at rest.

Pressive shooting pain on the inner border of the sole of the right foot, when sitting; it ceases when walking and standing.

Continued itching stitch in the dorsum of the left foot, worse when at rest.

Pain in the sole of the left foot, when ascending a mountain, as if he had made a misstep with that foot; drawing from the sole up into the thigh.

Sore pain below the left external malleolus, when at rest, lasting all night, aggravated by touching and by lying upon it.

Burning of the soles of the feet, when sitting down, aggravated by setting the foot on the ground.

Tickling in the ball of the left heel, ceasing on rubbing it.

Digging quivering in the ball of the right foot, when at rest.

Itching in the sole of the left foot, when walking and when at rest.

Violent tearing pain in the right big toe, when spinning.

Itching stitch in the ball of the right big toe, when at rest.

Swelling and redness of the tips of the toes, with burning pain.

Sore pain and sensation of swelling in the left little toe.

A most violent throbbing pain in the three middle toes of the left foot, when at rest.

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