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Muriaticum Acidum - General symptoms

Muriatic Acid, Muriat. Acid, Acidum muriaticum, Acid Mur, Mur-ac.

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HPUS indication of Muriaticum Acidum: Hemorrhoids

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Muriaticum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Muriaticum Acidum acid has an elective affinity for the blood, producing a septic condition similar to that found in low fevers with high temperature and great prostration. Patient becomes so weak she slides down the bed. Decomposition of fluids. Involuntary stools while passing urine. Hemorrhages. Mouth and anus chiefly affected.


Sore, RESTLESS AND ERETHISTIC, but soon grows weak and very debilitated; wants to lie down; slides down in bed, eyes fall shut; lower jaw drops, etc

Muscle exhaustion

Bluish parts; tongue, piles, ulcers, etc

Tearing in limbs


Dry, bleeding, cracked or deeply ulcerated parts Thin, acrid, foul discharges Decomposition

Violent haemorrhage

Bloody mucous membranes


Sad and taciturn


Muttering Persistent, loud moaning

Vertigo if lies on r

Brain feels bruised

Periodical pain over l

Occipital pains; leaden heaviness

Cutting from mastoid to nape, worse touch



Dark or glowing red face; with cold hands, but no thirst

Lips, sore, cracked and scabby

Dry, mouth and throat

Tongue heavy, stiff, shrunken or burnt looking (Arsenicum Album Ars)


Teeth, worse acids or sweets


Averse to meat


Profuse, involuntary stool or prolapsing bowel, on urinating, or passing flatus Very sore piles, better heat

Atony of bladder; must press until rectum comes down

Can't urinate without also stooling

Red, swelled, burning fingers and toes

Weak thighs

Scurfy eruption on dorsae of hands

Ulcers throb on walking

Pulsations in single parts

Sparse scarlatina, mixed with petechiae

Large, full and soft pulse

Pulse drops every third beat

Cold in bed, in early morning

Intense, burning heat, with aversion to covers

Hydrochloric acid. HCl. First dilutions with distilled water.

Anus, prolapse of. Chilblains. Chorea. Deafness (cerebral). Diphtheria. Enteric fever. Ephelis. Feet, soles, pains in. Gastric disorders. Haemorrhoids. Hemiopia. Impotence. Measles. Mercurial ulceration. Mouth, aphthae.

psoriasis of tongue. ulcers. Scarlatina. Scurvy. Tendo Achillis, affections of. Tongue, affections of.

psoriasis of. Typhus. Varices. Whooping-cough.

The popular name of Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac., "Spirit of Salt," describes at once its nature and origin. It is a colourless gas, with a pungent, suffocating odour, and acid taste, and it is manufactured from Salt (Nat Mur Nat. m.) by the action of Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid. It is freely soluble in water, and the saturated solution contains 43 per cent. of the gas. Teste, who did much to define the powers of Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac., groups with it Agnus Castus Agn. cast. and Hyoscyamus Niger Hyos., and he considers its action corresponds perfectly to a typical case of typhus. Among the common features of the group he gives.

Stupefying headache. Obscuration of sight and optical illusions. Whizzing noises in the ears and hardness of hearing. Nose-bleed and loss of smell. Rough, cracked lips, and foul breath. Scurvy of mouth. Paralysis of tongue. Loss of taste. Distended, sensitive abdomen, pricking, bruised pain in abdominal walls. Serous, fetid diarrhoea, not very painful. Involuntary stool. Throat pains. Paralysis of bladder. Excited sexual desire. Impotence. Hoarseness, spasmodic cough. Stitches about heart. Fever with stinging heat, frequent, small, intermittent pulse, earthy or livid skin. Like Nitric Acid Nit. ac., Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac. is a powerful antidote to Merc Viv Merc., and it meets conditions caused by Merc Viv Mercury, and also similar conditions otherwise arising. Like other disinfectants, it causes as well as remedies rapid decomposition of tissue, and dynamically cures low putrid conditions met with in disease. The distinctive features of Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac. are Muscular prostration from blood-poisoning going on to paralysis, finally of brain or heart. Burning is a great feature in its symptomatology, as its escharotic powers might suggest.

ulcers (especially their margins), eruptions, piles, varices, stomach, and abdomen. It sours the excretions and makes them acrid. Offensive secretions, offensive breath and body-smell.

there is straining and dribbling, and the straining causes the rectum to prolapse.

it may also cause involuntary stool. This may be due to local conditions, or it may be a consequence of a low state of health. Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac. not only corresponds to low febrile states it also meets many of their sequelae. Deafness, otitis, and glandular swellings about the ears often require Muriaticum Acidum Mur. ac. Among the peculiar sensations of the remedy are Hair, as if drawn upwards.

as if standing on end. Brain as if loose.

beaten or tom to pieces.

brain clasped by a hand, and bruised and tom. Occiput as if filled with lead. Mouth as if glued up with insipid mucus. As if some obstruction must be pulled out of throat. Burning as if under skin of coccyx. As if place was jammed in in tendo-Achillis. Deadness and numbness in forehead, in fingers. The tongue is shrunken.

eczema solare and freckles. Black pocks. Blind boils frothy when touched. The symptoms are agg. By touch. The itching of anus and scrotum is not amel. by scratching. Warmth amel.

cold washing, cold drinks agg. Cold wind and open air amel. headache. amel. Uncovering (during fever). agg. Evening and night. Rest agg. most symptoms. Lying on r. side agg. vertigo. Motion agg. vertigo.

amel. tearing pains. agg. After sleep. agg. After eating (diarrhoea). amel. After drinking.


All the fellow-observers mentioned by Hahnemann, save Rummel and Nenning, cooperated with him in producing the pathogenesis of Muriatic acid contained in Vol. V. of the . The additions here are mainly Nenning's symptoms.

The colorless muriatic acid of the shops, obtained from salt by means of Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid, contains a considerable quantity of this latter acid. To free it from this admixture, and to produce it quite pure for the use of the homoeopathic physician, the Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid must be precipitated by adding a sufficiency of muriate of Baryta Carb baryta. The muriatic acid is then decanted from the sediment (sulphate of Baryta Carb baryta) and re-distilled.

The yellow muriatic acid, distilled over by means of the sulphate of iron, contains no Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid, but it contains iron and cannot, therefore, he used for our cures, which demand pure medicinal substances.

Muriaticum Acidum acid has so far proved useful in the diseases where the symptoms were appropriate and the following ailments were also present Half-sightedness from above downward.

insensibility in the meatus auditorius internus.

throbbing in the ear. deafness.

eruption of pimples in the face.

freckles. sore throat.

eructation. and fullness.

cramps in the abdomen.

stool of too thin formation.

stoppage of the nose. pressive drawing in the upper arms and knees.

coldness of the feet. sensitiveness to damp weather.

The abbreviations of the names of my fellow-observers are ., ; ., ; ., ; ., ; . the anonymous contributor in ; ., ; ., ; .,


"From drachm doses," Hahnemann says in the , of so-called oxygenated muriatic acid (). See S. 131, 422.

The reference given in the is "H. J., XVIII., III., 45, 46." No Letocha, however, and nothing about M. acid are to be found in this place.

In the workmen employed in salt manufactories, from the vapors of muriatic acid arising from the boiling ley (Hahnemann, .).

"From taking twenty drops of oxygenated muriatic acid, diluted with water" (Hahnemann, .). The citation comes from a translation, but the original, in the , Vol. LXXX., part 2, p. 425, has been compared.

Muriaticum Acidum is from Crawford's observation.

* * * * *

"From distant vapors of M. acid, in several persons." (Hahnemann, .)

See note to S. 392.

"From inhaling oxygenated Muriatic acid." (Hahnemann, .)

"From inhaling oxygenated Muriatic acid." (Hahnemann, .)

From fumigations of M. acid in typhus patients.

No reference given.

From the vapors of muriatic acid, which rise from the muriate of magnesia, which decomposes when the brine is being boiled down, and which vapors are inhaledd by the workmen.

From experience on animals. -The author is speaking of the effects of local application.

Hydrochloric acid. Hahnemann. HCl.

* * *

When treating a low form of continued fever with extreme prostration Arsenicum Album Arsenicum, Muriatic acid and Phos. acid force themselves upon the mind.

With Arsenicum Album Arsenicum there has been the anxious restlessness; with Phos. acid there has been the mental prostration, and then the muscular weakness; with Muriatic acid the muscular weakness comes first, and there has been history of restlessness and the mind has been stronger than could be expected.

With this great muscular exhaustion with jaw hanging down and the patient sliding down in bed and soon the involuntary stool and urine, Muriaticum Acidum is forced upon the mind. Paralytic weakness is what it must be called.

Soon the tongue is paralyzed, as well as the sphincters of the bladder and rectum. It seems to be eminently fitted for the lowest forms of zymotic fever when the above symptoms are present, He finally becomes unconscious.

There has been some restlessness, but nothing like Arsenicum Album Arsenicum and Rhus Tox Rhus tox. He refuses to talk because it frets him to do so. Phos. acid is slowanswering questions because of exhaustion of mind which makes him unable to think.

The vertigo comes on moving eyes, and on lying on the right side This vertigo is sometimes associated with liver disease. A stout, full blooded jaundiced man about forty had suffered much from pain in the liver, with great soreness, was comfortable only when lying on left side.

when he turned on his back or right side an anxious vertigo would come at once and he would break out in copious sweat, and be forced back to the left side. Muriatic acid made a complete cure of this liver trouble, which had been pronounced serious.

The headache is aggravated moving the eyes and rising up in bed. ameliorated by walking about slowly. Occipital headache with dim vision, aggravated by effort to see. Heaviness in occiput. Numbness in forehead. Soreness in occiput. Feeling as if hair were standing on end. Heat in top of head,

Perpendicular half sight. The eye symptoms ameliorated in the dark. Stitching pain. Burning, extending left to right eye, ameliorated washing. Itching in the eyes.

Hardness of hearing; loud crackling sounds during the night. The sound of voices unbearable. Buzzing in the ears.

The nose is stopped. Nosebleed in whooping cough, in zymotic fevers, in diphtheria and scarlet fever. Dark putrid blood from nose.

Sordes on the teeth. Gums swollen and bleeding. Teeth become loose. Tongue dry, heavy stiff and paralyzed. Mouth dry. Ulceration of mouth and tongue. Red tongue. Blueness of the tongue. Mucous membrane of lips denuded.

Sore mouth of nursing infants. Mouth studded with ulcers. Deep ulcers with black base. Violent inflammation of the throat. Dryness of the throat. Dark red throat with ulcers. Grayish white exudations. White exudations resembling diphtheria. Gangrenous sore throat. Hawks out foetid MUCUS Diphtheria with extreme prostration.

Great thirst. Thirst during chill and thirstless during the fever. Aversion to meat. Craves stimulants. Eructation bitter and putrid. Spasmodic action of oesophagus. Vomiting sour. Involuntary swallowing. Emptiness in stomach, not ameliorated by eating. Empty sensation in stomach and abdomen without desire for food. Emptiness in stomach from 10 A.M. till evening. Emptiness in abdomen in the morning after the usual normal stool.

Indigestion; faintness constipation; confusion; sleepiness after eating. Pressing in the liver. Soreness, and enlarged liver. Fullness and rumbling in abdomen.

Watery stools, involuntary while urinating. Stools pass unnoticed. Dark brown stools, with blood Much flatus with stools. Urging aggravated by motion. Dysentery, putrid blood and slime. Haemorrhage from intestines of dark liquid blood. Prolapsus ani while urinating. Urging to stool while urinating, Marked relaxation and itching of anus.

Large, dark, purple hemorrhoids, extremely sensitive to touch. Inflammation of the pile tumors, hot and pulsating; must lie with limbs wide apart. Bleeding piles Burning and cutting during stool.

Burning after stool, ameliorated by warm applications, aggravated from bathing with cool water. Excoriation of anus. Fissures.

The urine flows in a feeble stream. Must wait a long time for urine to start; must press so that anus protrudes. This is in keeping with the general paralytic muscular weakness in the body. Involuntary flow of urine and stool in low fevers. Burning and cutting in the urethra while urinating, tenesmus follows.

Impotency; desire weak. Bloody, watery discharge from the urethra. Scrotum bluish. Itching of the scrotum not ameliorated by scratching. Margin of prepuce sore.

Pressing in genitals as if menses would appear. Menses too early and profuse. Ulcers on genitalia with putrid discharges. Cannot bear least touch, not even of sheet on genitals.

Leucorrhoea with backache. Puerperal fever with extreme prostration, dropped jaw, sliding down in bed, suppressed lochia. Stool and urine putrid and involuntary.

Short breath with rattling after drinking. Breathing seems to come from stomach. Oppression of chest.

Pulse slow and weak, intermits every third beat.

Pressing pain in back. Pressing, drawing, tired feeling in small of back. Burning in spine.

Heaviness of arms. Numbness and coldness of fingers at night. Lower limbs dusky. Putrid ulcers on legs, with burning margins. Swelling of right tendo Achillis Feet cold and blue. Burning of palms and soles. Swelling and burning of tips of toes.

Tearing in limbs, ameliorated by motion. Pain in the limbs, during intermittent fever.

Evening fever with chill with or without sweat.

Haemorrhoids Swollen and blue, and so sensitive to touch that they cannot bear the contact of the sheet.

Great debility; as soon as he sits down his eyes close; lower jaw hangs down; slides down in bed.

Malignant affections of mouth; Ulcers, deep, dark, base bluish, offensive, foul breath.

Diarrhoea Stool involuntary while urinating. Cannot urinate without having bowels move at the same time.

Its indications are given in "Hering's Guiding Symptoms" as well as anywhere. There is decomposition of fluids; the stools are involuntary while passing urine.

Muriatic acid is very useful in haemorrhoids, swollen and blue, and so sensitive to touch that they cannot bear the contact of the sheet.

Rectum prolapses easily (Ignatia Ignatia, Ruta Graveolens Ruta), cannot urinate without it coming down. Also when wind is passed or bowels move.

Bladder weak, urine passes slowly, or must press until rectum protrudes.

Cannot bear the least touch, not even sheet on genitals (Murex Murex).


First to third potency.