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Muriaticum Acidum - Mouth symptoms - Hahnemann

Muriatic Acid, Muriat. Acid, Acidum muriaticum, Acid Mur, Mur-ac.

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HPUS indication of Muriaticum Acidum: Hemorrhoids

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Muriaticum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in one of the cuspidati of the lower jaw, with a sensation as of pressing asunder, relieved by pressing together.

Slimy sensation in the mouth, in the morning after rising, disappearing after breakfast (2d d.).

Morbid thirst.


About the lips, eruption of pimples, which in the course of a day and night coalesce into a scurf.

Vesicles on the upper lips, close to the commissure of the lips, with ulcerative pain on touching, and tension on moving the lips.

Two yellow, burning blisters as large as peas, on the left side of the lower lip.

A vesicle on the left side of the upper lip.

Pustule in the red of the lower lip.

Burning tension in the upper lip on the right side.

Burning of the lips for a long time (aft. 10 d.).

Rough edges of the lips, and dry, chapping skin.

Thick lower lip, it seems to him heavy and it burns, especially when touched.

Gums and teeth

Toothache, with pain in the jawbones, ears and temples, relieved by warmth and bandaging.

Cold drink draws painfully into the diseased tooth.

Twitching, frequently, in the teeth, with burning on the gums (4th d.).

Tearing in the right upper teeth and in the zygomatic process.

Tearing in a right upper molar, with sore pain on the gum.

Boring in the roots of the teeth of the left lower jaw, as if the teeth were being drawn.

Throbbing toothache, aggravated by cold drinks, in the left lower row, for two mornings in succession.

Slight inflammation of the gums.

Swelling of the gums.

Swelling of the gums, in the morning till noon.


Dryness of the mouth, so that she can scarcely speak, in the morning.

Sensation in the mouth, as if glued together with unsavory mucus.

Posteriorly in the mouth, firmly attached mucus.

Frequent gathering of saliva in the mouth, which seems to come from the throat.

She always has the mouth full of water.


The tongue becomes sore and bluish.

Red burning vesicle on the tip of the tongue.

Painful pock on the tongue, with burning.

Deep ulcer on the tongue, with black fundus and everted borders.

The tongue wastes away.


Bitter taste, in the morning after awaking, with white-coated tongue (8th d.).

Harsh and putrid taste in the mouth, like rotten eggs, with flow of saliva.

Beer tastes sweet like honey, and he loathes it.


The tongue is heavy, and feels too long, so that he can hardly raise it, especially in talking, with great dryness in the mouth and fauces.

In the fauces, rawness and erosion, at night and in the morning, also when not swallowing.

Sharp scraping in the fauces.


On each side of the palate, a painful pimple.

Rawness and soreness of the skin on the palate, on a small spot.

Sore burning on the palate, in the evening and the night (8th d.).

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