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Naja Tripudia - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Venom Of The Cobra, Naja Tripudians, Naja Tripudens, Snake, Serpent, Naja.

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HPUS indication of Naja Tripudia: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Naja Tripudia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great depression of spirits this morning.

everything for two or three hours appeared to go wrong with me, and to be without remedy.

being called out of town in the afternoon somewhat suddenly, these feelings went off in a great measure, though they did not entirely subside (sixth day).

considerable lowness of spirits.

great inaptitude for exertion, with sense of aching over the whole head.

this continued more or less all day (seventh day).

feel to-day very low-spirited.

cannot do anything. got better towards evening (eighth day),.

Intense depression of spirits usually accompanied the headache.

this melancholy was of a peculiar kind.

I felt that everything that was done was done in a wrong way, and could not be rectified.

if I felt that I had some duty to perform, I had at the same time a strong impulse not to do it, and was extremely restless in consequence.

I seemed to have an increased perception of what I ought to do, but, at the same time, an unaccountable inclination not to do it, to which I was irresistibly compelled to yield.

"I couldn't help it, didn't know why, but couldn't do it." The moral symptoms were not present at all during October.

they were very distressing while taking the November packet, and although present, were much less severe in December,.

Felt melancholy. began to form images of possible wrongs and misfortunes, over which the mind broods.

very wretched at times.

in the evening (first day).

yesterday and to-day is very wretched.

a slight cause sets him in a perfect agony of mental suffering on another's behalf.

mind brooding over imaginary troubles.

in the evening he feels more himself, and loses much of his depression (eighth day).

makes himself imaginary troubles and wrongs, and frets over them for two hours (tenth day).

sad thoughts. with the pressure and gagging in throat (eleventh day).

spirits good. disposed for work.

mind active (reaction), (seventeenth day),.

Walked in open air. all dulness passed off, and was succeeded by an unusual state of excitement and energy, mental and physical, lasting the night, with a lively, waking state, giving the sensation in morning of having been awake all night. Query, reaction (first night).

the state of excitement continued till evening, slowly subsiding (second day),.

Naja Tripudia evening, being in a very crowded hall at a public lecture, a slight frontal headache came on, with nausea and sour taste in the mouth.

nostrils also more clogged up this evening.

slight cough with wheezing.

these symptoms, however, are more attributable, I imagine, to the heated atmosphere of the lecture hall than to the cobra poison (fifth day),.

Found on going to bed peculiar headache.

dull constricted feeling across forehead, with heaviness of eyes (second night).

again the same slight headache, with dryness of mouth and cold feet.

no pain or inability to think or study, but slight, dull, and constricted sensation about forehead, from one temple to the other (after one hour and a half).

slight dulness again across forehead, with dry mouth (after eleven hours and a half, third day),.

Very severe aching pain across the forehead, but more particularly over each temple, and an excessive weight over the upper eyelids.

there is a feeling of tightness across the vertex.

this pain is very severe, but felt a little relieved on going out, in the morning.

head very painful. the head continued painful in the same manner and same localities as early in the morning, but more modified in degree as the day advanced.

the eyes are certainly the most painful, the pain is very much aggravated by motion or exertion of any kind, the scalp feels sore to touch.

the headache was very much relieved by smoking a small pipeful of very mild tobacco (third day).

to-day the pain in head has been less, it continued in the same localities, and tolerably severe until 2 o'clock, when I took half a wineglass of pale brandy, which entirely dissipated it.

on taking a powder the headache immediately returned, though very slightly (fourth day).

headache, similar in every respect to that mentioned on the third day, came on this morning on taking the powder, and remained for two or three hours, when it passed off (fifth day).

very slight headache, chiefly over the right eyelid and in the right temple (sixth day).

slight headache, frontal, pain aching for an hour or two this morning, but got quite well towards night (seventh day),.

Awoke this morning with a slight aching in both temples, and heaviness in the eyes.

this lasted for some two or three hours and went off (second day).

slight temporal aching, several times, in the evening (second day).

felt a similar pain in the head, on waking this morning.

this pain has continued in a very slight degree all day (third day),.

The most persistent and best marked symptom was severe headache, usually accompanied by intense depression of spirits.

the headache was very severe, at times almost unendurable, and the melancholy equally distressing.

the headache was most marked, and usually began in the right temporal region (also occupying the left, though in a less degree), and involved the eye of the same side.

the pain was a deep-seated severe aching, occasionally shooting.

it gradually extended to a sense of dull aching over the forehead and vertex, but always remaining most severe in each temple.

the motion aggravated it intensely.

it was relieved by going into the open air, though but slightly.

smoking procured more marked relief, and alcoholic liquors immediately dissipated it.

this pain in the head was present whenever the powders were taken, though most severe on the third and fourth days of the November proving,.

Previous symptoms appeared coupled with a severe cold or Influenzinum influenza, the same being now very prevalent.

have desisted from the proving on that account.

severe cold in head, fluent coryza in nose and eyes, violent bursting headache, pains in limbs, from the prominent symptoms (ninth day).

very bad of same symptoms as yesterday (tenth day),.

Some time in the forenoon I perceived a considerable stuffing of the nostrils to come on, gradually at first, but more rapidly soon afterwards.

very much increased in the afternoon and evening, and greatly aggravated by my going out in the evening and walking some distance through the very dense fog.

on returning home, a free discharge of thin watery mucus came on, and has continued since.

it has afforded considerable relief, being more able to breathe through the nose (fourth day).

the stuffing of the nostrils though present, was so in a much less degree than yesterday, all the morning.

nostrils were clogged up this evening (fifth day),.

Pains in stumps of decayed teeth, towards evening.

at night gums became painful and swelled (twelfth day).

teeth loose and gums becoming more swelled and painful, in morning on waking.

two hours after rising, gums became hotter, teeth on right side got very loose.

gums hot, swelled, and painful to touch (thirteenth day).

, swelling of gums extending to other side of face (fourteenth day).

pains in teeth not much influenced by heat and cold (fifteenth day).

mouth still sensitive, and gums swollen (sixteenth day).

gnawing aching in sound teeth of left side (seventeenth day).

drawing aching in teeth of left side, worse when stomach is empty (eighteenth day),.

Scraping sensation in throat, with the hoarseness, towards night.

more effort required to swallow than usual (third day).

towards night, scraping in the throat, and an accumulation of tenacious secretion at top of throat, inducing frequent inclination to swallow (fourth day).

only a slight formation of mucus, easily detached by hawking, and then always swallowed (seventh day),.

After a considerable fast, dull pricking in the left pharynx (after one hour, third day).

slight pricking in the left side of the pharynx (three hours after first powder).

soreness in left side of the throat much worse (eleven hours after second powder, fifth day).

left side of the throat is red, with considerable pain on swallowing, in the morning.

throat very painful (after twelve hours, sixth day),.

Occasionally, throughout the day, stitchy, evanescent pains from before backwards in both hypochondria.

anguishing pain in left hypochondrium and left lumbar region, for an hour or two after taking dinner, and flatulence.

aching pains around loins occasionally (second day).

after going to bed was very much annoyed for a long time (an hour or more) with aching pain in loins, constant, and with anguishing pain in abdomen, with flatulence (second night),.

Felt "sickish," from a "feeling in the throat," opposite the top of sternum (soon).

continued sick, and felt a disagreeable sensation about stomach, and headache above the eyes, till past midday, and belching up of water in the throat, and flatulence.

in the afternoon began to feel pain in the throat again, "like as if she had the cold" (first day),.