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Naja Tripudia - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Venom Of The Cobra, Naja Tripudians, Naja Tripudens, Snake, Serpent, Naja.

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HPUS indication of Naja Tripudia: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Naja Tripudia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion in the head (in less than an hour, and next morning),

Slight confused feeling in head (very soon),

General Head.

Considerable congestion to the head at midday (sixth day); increased, with fluid discharge from the nose (seventh day),

Head dull (after second dose, third day),

Dulness in the head (after four hours, fourth day),

Dulness about head (sixth day),

Heaviness of head (after one hour),

A feeling of hollowness over the entire head, which continued for several days, and caused me to leave off further provings (seventh day),

Sense of aching over the whole head (seventh day),


Instead of headache, felt rather a dull heaviness (second day),

Headache (eleventh, fifteenth, and sixteenth days), ; in morning (seventh day), ; in evening (first day),

Passed a very uncomfortable night; slept much, but conscious of a headache (seventh night),

Slight headache (after second powder), ; (after nine hours and a half, third day), etc.

Very slight headache, more or less all day, chiefly frontal and vertical (fourth day),

Very slight headache, all day, which was pretty severe and throbbing for a short time, about 3 P.M.; frontal headache (second day),

"Very bad headache, especially acute over the left eye, just like a scald, for at least an hour," soon after breakfast (fourth day),

Very bad headache, and stomachache all over (abdomen), at 9 P.M., but probably owing to a jargonel pear, eaten in the former part of evening, not usually so affected by so little fruit (third day),

Thoughts of giving over taking powders, on account of the violence of the headaches caused by them (fourth day); very bad headache, on waking in the morning (fifth day),

Dull headache (first day), ; (first night),

Dull headache, worse over right eye (seventh day),

A most oppressive headache, at 8.30 A.M. (eighth day),

While driving in the gig, I felt a sudden pang of pain through the left side of the head; it appeared to begin about the back of the head; it lasted only a minute or two, and was not followed by anything, nor had it any definite character (fourth day),

Slight pain in forehead, soon (first night),

Slight pain in left frontal protuberance (after a few minutes, first day),

Rather severe and steady pain in left frontal region (soon), (seventh day),

During the fourth and fifth days, but much more upon the fifth, had considerable pain in the forehead, which woke me in the night, and I woke on the morning of the sixth with this pain; the pain was attended by fluttering of the heart, and was of a dull character, with occasional stitches in the frontal protuberance,

Frontal headache (fourth day),

Frontal headache (second night); headache continued nearly all day (third day); dull frontal headache, with a feeling of weariness (fourth day); frontal headache all day, with yawning and lassitude, (sixth day),

Headache above eyes (twelfth day), ; till past midday (first day),

Slight frontal headache (sixth day),

Slight frontal headache, with the dragging and weariness in the limbs (after the first dose); went off (after the second dose),

Slight headache (frontal), which, however, is on the increase (after second powder, fourth day),

Slight frontal headache was a constant symptom,

Slight headache above the eyes (thirteenth day).

Slight headache, confined to the lower part of the brow (fourth day),

Slight fulness and pain in upper part of forehead (after half an hour, third day); in the morning (fifth day),

Slight headache across forehead, and tight feeling, with dryness of throat (tenth day),

Constricted feeling across forehead, with slight anterior headache; never accustomed to this in the afternoon (after two hours, fifth day),

Headache across eyes; peculiar oppression in forepart of head, constricted feeling, went off after breakfast (second day); constricted sensation across eyes, going off after breakfast (third day),

Occasional aching pains in forehead throughout the day (second day),

Severe headache, aching and frontal (two hours and a half after second dose, fourth day),

Dull headache over eyes, worse over right, with the coryza (first night),

Severe dull aching frontal headaches, with dull shootings (stoundings, I can't get a satisfactory term to describe them), (fourth day),

Headache, occupying the frontal region, immediately came on; it was a kind of heavy oppressive aching (fifth day),

Very severe shooting frontal headache, worse on moving the head, from 4 to 6.30 P.M., probably, however, owing to a glass of wine before dinner, and hasty eating of the latter, at an earlier hour than usual (fifth day),

Frontal headache, dull, shooting (after second powder, sixth day),

Darting pains running across the forehead (second day),

Went to bed with severe, dull, stitchy pain in forehead, preventing sleep (third night),

Since breakfast, sharp shooting pains from one temple to the other, relieved in open air (twelfth day),

Slight throbbing headache above the eyes (after first powder); not so severe (after second powder, first day),

Severe throbbing frontal headache, in the afternoon (first day),


Hair falls off very much, especially from the crown (seventh and eighth days),

Scalp painfully sensitive (third day),

Outer head

A great deal of scurf on the head,


Aching at the vertex, with coldness of the feet (eighth day),



Excessive fulness, towards evening, over the forehead and root of nose (sixth day),

Sensation as if the brain of the forehead was loose (third day),


Slight aching in the temples and across the forehead (fourth and seventh days),

A dull aching commenced about noon over the right temple, and gradually extended to the forehead; it gradually wore away during the afternoon (third day),

A few stitches in the left temporal region (soon),

Throbbing of temples, and disagreeable fulness of head when lying (fourth day),


Dull shoots up occiput (third day),

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