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Naja Tripudia - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Venom Of The Cobra, Naja Tripudians, Naja Tripudens, Snake, Serpent, Naja.

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HPUS indication of Naja Tripudia: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Naja Tripudia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Temper good; very excitable and playful, oftener than common (fifth day),

Is affected easily by a very little wine or alcoholic drink during the week (after three days),

His mind wandered, but at last he got better, and was able to go out again; a short time after, having an axe in his hand, going, as he said, to cut wood, he suddenly split his own head in two; he had become insane,

Very slight emotion, pleasing or otherwise, brings a strong inclination to tears (seventh day),

She cried, and seemed to suffer much pain,

Dulness of spirits (after nine hours and a half, third day),

Rather dull in spirits, without sufficient cause (second day); great depression of spirits (third day); very low in spirits (fourth day),

Sense of depression (soon, first day),

Considerable depression of spirits, and a feeling of inability to exertion of any kind, and a conviction that all is going wrong; head very painful, and spirits very much depressed (third day),

Great depression of mind, with the distress about the generative organs (fourth day),

Sadness or serious disposition (third, fourth, and fifth days); sadness and irresolution (sixth day),

Increased evenness and cheerfulness of temper,

Irritable, restless (fourth day),

Temper quicker than usual (first day),

Inclined to be displeased with everything (sixteenth day),


Feel more fit for work to-day than I have at all (sixth day),

Feeling so dull in the evening that I did not repeat the powder (first day),

Feeling stupid and confused,

Forgetfulness (sixth day),

Very forgetful (fifteenth day),

Forgot everything for several minutes,

Memory confused (eighth day),

Absence of mind (after second dose, third day),

Consciousness all but, possibly quite, abolished (after thirty-five minutes),


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