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Natrum Carbonicum - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Sodium, Nat-carb, Natrium carbonicum, Nat Carb, natcarb, Nat-c.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Carbonicum: Head congestion

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Chilliness, in the evening (twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth days),

Chilliness after eating, with internal heat, so that warmth is disagreeable to her; she, however, becomes chilly if she goes into the cold air,

Chilliness all day, and no stool (fifteenth day),

Chilliness with thirst, through the day (ninth and tenth days),

Chilliness without thirst, with burning in the abdomen, for a quarter of an hour, at 10 P.M., after lying down; this was followed by heat, when she fell asleep, about 3 A.M.; she woke in profuse sweat with thirst, which lasted till morning, and with which she could not endure to be uncovered (first day),

Chilliness and shivering over the whole body, at 11 A.M., for a quarter of an hour (thirteenth day),

Chilliness before the stool (after four days),

During the menses, chilliness, with shivering, without subsequent heat, from 5 P.M. till after lying down, in the evening, even lasting a quarter of an hour in bed,

Constant chilliness, for several days,

Constant chilliness, in the morning after rising; he could not get warm (after twenty days),

Shaking chill over the whole body all day, with cold hands and warm cheeks; but in the evening, icy-cold hands, glowing red cheeks, and hot forehead, without thirst,

Shivering, in the morning after waking, that disappeared after rising (second day),

Shivering, in the morning after rising, and subsequently also in the afternoon (seventh day),

Shivering, all the forenoon and afternoon (first day),

Shivering, at 5 P.M.; after lying down, some heat, with moderate thirst (seventh day),

Shivering, in the evening before lying down in bed, heat soon followed, during which she could not endure to be uncovered (third day),

Febrile shivering over the whole body, from morning till evening, with hot hands, cold cheeks, and lukewarm forehead, without thirst,

He could not get warm, in the morning and evening,

Frequent sudden shaking chill, without subsequent heat, in the forenoon (seventh day),

Feeling of coldness in the lower extremities, even during the day,

Cold hands and feet (after five days),

Cold hands and feet, with hot head,

Very cold feet (after seventeen days),

Shivering on the back, without subsequent heat, in the evening on lying down (first day),


Heat and perspiration over the whole body, without thirst, with general exhaustion in all positions,

Very transient heat, with weakness, in frequent attacks,

Frequent flushing of heat, great ill-humor, sadness, anxiety; after which he was very much exhausted and weak, for half an hour,

Orgasm over the whole body, at night, which made him so fearful of impending apoplexy that he was obliged to rise from bed several times,

Sensation of internal warmth in the head and eyes, without external heat of the face, though with thirst, also at night,

Heat of the whole head, with redness of the face, and a feeling of heaviness, worse after dinner, less in the evening, and disappearing in bed (third day),

Heat in the right side of the forehead, extending to the occipital protuberances, with great sensitiveness in the anterior places to touch, lasting an hour, at 9 A.M. (first day),

Heat and burning of the face, with redness of the cheeks, in the house, open air, and in the cold, from 5 P.M. till after lying down (fourth day),

Sudden heat frequently mounts into the head, with redness of the face, but for only a short time (seventh day),

Great heat of the head and face, with a sensation as if all the blood mounted into the head, on rising from sitting (ninth day),

Creeping of heat from the nape of the neck down over the back, together with drawing pain (twenty-second day),

Dry heat of the head, all the forenoon and afternoon (sixth day),

Burning, with redness of the face, especially of the right cheek, at 11 A.M. (seventeenth day),

Burning in he palms,

Burning in the feet, especially the soles, while walking,

Burning in the soles,

Violent burning in the soles, in the evening, disappearing in bed (nineteenth day),

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