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Natrum Carbonicum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Sodium, Nat-carb, Natrium carbonicum, Nat Carb, natcarb, Nat-c.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Carbonicum: Head congestion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




In the first edition Hahnemann published a pathogenesis of Natrum carbonicum, containing 308 symptoms. The salt was then proved by Nenning and SchréTerebinthina ter, and their results -making 625 symptoms in all-appeared in the third volume of the of Hartlaub and Trinks. These two symptom lists, with (presumably) provings of the 30th by Langhammer, Hering and Gross, and some fresh observations on patients by Hahnemann himself, form the present pathogenesis.

Dissolve the natrum of the shops (the basic part of common salt or of Natrum Sulphuricum Glauber's salt) in two parts of its own weight of distilled water, boiling-hot, filter the solution through blotting-paper, and cause it to crystallize in a cellar. These crystals consist of rhombic-octaedra and rhomboidal prisms. One grain of these crystals, dried on blotting-paper (before they fall into powder), is taken for the preparation of the various homoeopathic potencies, being treated in the manner of the other dry medicinal substances.

Natrum Carbonicum medicine will be found indicated where the following ailments are also present

Sadness. dejection. hypochondriac mood.

dread of men and of company.

anxiety. anxious palpitation.

anguish, trembling and sweat during the pains.

tendency to get startled.

despondency. indignation.

malevolence. difficulty in comprehending and combining thoughts, when reading and listening.

mental labor fatigues.

gloominess of the head.

vertigo. headache, when in the sun.

headache, stitches outward from the eye.

tearing, externally on the head at certain hours of the day.

inflammation of the eyelids, with photophobia.

little feathers seem to be floating before the eyes.

inability to read small print.

hardness of hearing. sensitiveness to noise.

heat in the face. yellow spots on the forehead and on the upper lip.

freckles in the face. swelling of the upper lip.

toothache, especially while eating.

bitter taste in the mouth.

taste in the mouth as after dissipating through the night.

thirst. wild hunger from a feeling of emptiness causing nausea.

ailments from cold drinking, stitches in the left hypochondrium.

constant weakness of the digestive organs, with ill humor and discomfort after even slight errors in diet.

nausea. constant qualmish nausea.

after meals. pressive drawing and fine cutting stomachache.

contractive cramps in the stomach.

painfulness of the scrobiculus cordis when touched.

accumulation of the flatus in the abdomen.

inflation of the abdomen.

. distended abdomen. shooting and burrowing in the abdomen.

insufficient stool. urging to urinate.

burning in the urethra after micturition.

bearing down on the genital parts, as if everything was coming out.

bad shape of the os uteri.

pains with the menses.

metrorrhagia. seems to promote conception.

after coitus, discharge of mucus from the vagina.

putrid leucorrhoea.

. coryza, every other day.

constant coryza from a slight draught, only ceasing after perspiration.

constant coryza and cough.

cough. shortness of breath.

. difficult breathing.

salty purulent expectoration, when coughing.

pressive shooting in the chest.

constant chill on the left side.

sore pain in the sacrum.

stiffness in the nape.

pressive pain on the top of the shoulder.

cutting pains in the hands and the feet.

lumpy spots on the legs.

cramp in the thighs. tendency to missteps and to spraining of the ankle.

pressive pain on the dorsum of the feet.

shooting in the soles of the feet on treading.

swelling of the feet. coldness of the feet.

chronic ulcers on the heels, from erosive blisters.

itch on the abdomen .

yellow rings from herpetic spots.

formicating shooting in the muscles of the thighs, below the scrobiculus cordis, etc.

. dislike of the open air.

. dryness of the skin.

warts. herpes. shooting, cutting and burning in wounded parts of the body.

unsteadiness of body and mind.

relaxed state of the whole body.

after a short walk, he is tired so that he is ready to drop down.

chronic weakness. late in falling asleep at night.

waking up too early. dreams at night.

coldness of the hands and feet.

. constant, cold sweat of anguish.

, alternating with dryness.

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Rawness and roughness on the chest, the whole day, worst in the evening, with pressure under the sternum, with oppression and palpitation.

while eating, there was a remission of the roughness, but it soon returned with a dry cough, which increased the scraping sensation, which was only transiently relieved by the detachment of mucus.

attended with thirst, chilliness, fluent coryza and hard, tense, quick pulse (21st d.).;.

First, asthmatic tightness of the chest, with hoarse, deep tone of voice, and scraping in the fauces and the larynx, then cough, short by day, at night fatiguing, rough and hollow, with sore pain in the beginning in the chest and windpipe, and throbbing rush of blood to the crown, with fermentation and rattling during respiration, relieved by sitting upright.

later with purulent, bloody expectoration.

Attack in the evening everything gets black before his eyes, with paralytic tearing pressure in the head, the eyes and the jaws, with weak consciousness and confused, incoherent thoughts, for one and a half hours.

then formicating pain in the lips, the right arm, and especially the right hand and finger tips, especially of the thumb.

he is readily startled (13th d.).

Attack of fever, with pressive pain, at first in the temples.

numb feeling of the head, and pressure in the eyes.

then urging to vomit, with coldness in the whole body, especially on the chest and the arms.

in bed, by covering warmly it is somewhat better.

but for some time stretching of the body, yawning, stiffness of the neck, with alternate chilliness and flushes of heat, without constant heat or thirst afterward continue (aft. ½ h.).;.