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Natrum Carbonicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Sodium, Nat-carb, Natrium carbonicum, Nat Carb, natcarb, Nat-c.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Carbonicum: Head congestion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, sensation of loss of will-power.

on waking, ennui. on waking, stupefaction.

headache on top of head.

on rising, swelling beneath eye, etc.

on rising, heat, etc., of mouth, etc.

bitter taste. on waking, eructations.

drawing in testicles, etc.

after beer, sexual desire.

cough. in bed, anxious respiration.

on waking, lameness of limbs.

trembling of hands. jerking on back of hand.

fingers swollen. in bed, cramp in calves.

puffiness of body. weakness.

on rising, heavy, etc.

on rising, eruption on nates, etc.


(Evening), While sitting in house, not noticed in open air, nor in bed, rush of blood, etc., in head.

after lying down, pressive toothache.

raw throat. rawness in chest.

after lying down, tearing in joints.

on lying down, drawing in elbow.

drawing in leg. on undressing, itching in vesicles on back.

on lying down, itching.

chilliness, burning in soles..

(Night), Aggravated by the slightest motion, on speaking a single word, vertigo, etc.

on waking, head heavy, etc.

after 9 o'clock, tearing toothache.

colic etc. cough.

pain in back. during perspiration, tearing in arms, etc.

uneasiness in lower extremities.

cramp of foot. in sleep, jerking, drawing, etc., in lower extremities, etc.

especially after midnight, dryness of skin.

It appears to dissolve the fibrin of the blood, and causes an excessive fluidity of it, produces a kind of leucoma, and finally ulceration of the cornea. The workmen who have to pound the crude article are the most exposed to its influence.

all day long they are covered with soda suspended in the atmosphere in the form of a fine powder.

it is chiefly among them that keratitis with ulceration occurs.

the ulcerative keratitis is always large and deep, and as often precedes as follows the other symptoms,.

A violent boring-burrowing toothache in a hollow tooth woke him at 4 A.M., aggravated by touch of the tongue, ceasing after half an hour, when he fell asleep.

it returned after breakfast, when he ate honey, also after eating sweets at dinner, and lasting very violent till 4 P.M., and then less till 7 P.M.

during this time he was in the open air, in cold, rainy weather.

the pain ceased during supper.

mesmerizing and smoking tobacco afforded no relief (twenty-sixth day),.

A piece of mucus collects in the throat at night, and wakes him in the morning by tickling and irritation, but he easily raises it.

after a short time a second piece collects, and irritation, but he easily raises it.

after a short time a second piece collects, and also is easily raised.

the rawness in the chest, however, remains, and gradually disappears, after rising from bed (twenty-second day),.

A swelling as large as a pea, constantly increasing in size, and very painful to touch, on the left side of the neck, wherewith she was hot.

her voice gave out while speaking.

the whole throat seemed raw as far down as into the chest.

the scraping in the throat was aggravated by coughing.

at the same time she had pressure on the vertex, so that she could not press upon it.

for five days (after eleven days),.

Rawness in the chest all day, worse in the evening, together with pressure beneath the sternum and oppression, and at times palpitation.

while eating the rawness disappeared, but soon returned, and at last a dry cough appeared, that gradually aggravated the scraping and sensation of rawness.

but after some mucus was loosened, the chest was relieved for a short time.

this was associated with thirst, some chilliness, fluent coryza, and a frequent, tense, hard pulse (twenty-first day),.

Violent raw sensation in the chest, after dinner, will ill-humor, and pressure in the pit of the stomach.

after the midday nap he felt better, and so long as he was lying down the scraping in the throat was very much relieved.

after rising it returned, and he was obliged with great exertion to hawk up some pieces of green tenacious mucus (twenty-second day),.

At first, suffocative dyspnoea, with a hoarse deep sound to the voice, and scraping in the pharynx and trachea, followed by cough, short during the day, fatiguing at night, rough and hollow, with sore pain at first in the chest and trachea, and a throbbing rush of blood to the vertex, with a whizzing and rattling on breathing.

relieved by sitting upright, afterwards with purulent bloody expectoration,.

Painful contraction about the stomach in the evening, extending afterwards also to both hypochondria, so that she was obliged to bend up.

relieved by stretching up and by walking, aggravated by stooping and sitting.

in the evening lasting in bed till the next morning, though less severe, together with a jerking in the right side, below the stomach, as if a worm were turning about (tenth day),.

The morning stool was harder than usual, especially very hard at first, so that he was obliged to make a great effort.

the last was tenacious, and freed itself from the anus with difficulty.

after dinner he was again obliged to go to stool, but the evacuation was insignificant, and soon followed by tenesmus in the rectum, that lasted some time (third day).

violent pressure and urging to stool.

but only a little discharge resulted, with a feeling as if much remained.

the colic that had existed previously, ceased after the evacuation (ninth day).

stool, with a straining, after dinner, followed by burning in the eyes and urethra, with remarkable voluptuous irritation.

the burning about he eyes returned, with heat of the head and perspiration on the forehead, during the approach of a storm (tenth day),.

Hard stool, with burning in the anus (eleventh day).

very hard crumbly stool with pressure, preceded by movements and griping in the abdomen (first three days).

urgent desire for stool, that was soft and of the usual amount, followed by rumbling in the abdomen, cutting below the navel, and constant urging, only once, however, resulting in a slight evacuation (second day).

after an interval of half an hour, during which the straining never entirely ceased, excessive urging, and a thin yellow stool with burning and tenesmus in the anus, also with pain about the navel (second day).

stool hard, coated with some blood, with stitches in the rectum, and followed by burning in the anus (second day).

stool first hard, then soft, mixed with bloody mucus, and followed by burning in the anus (second day).

urging to stool. a few small pieces, like sheepdung, are passed only after great straining, with burning (third day).

she woke at 3 A.M., with desire for stool, that was at first soft, then thin, with burning and tenesmus in the anus, and the evacuation of a piece of tapeworm two inches long, followed somewhat later by two thin stools (fourth day).

stool with small balls of mucus like peas (fourth day).

cutting and movements in the whole abdomen, followed by four thin stools, in half an hour (fifth day).

stools very hard, then soft, followed by burning (seventh and eighth days).

stools always very soft (after eight days).

hard stool, with straining (ninth day).

violent pinching in the abdomen, followed by a very soft, and then by a diarrhoea-like stool, with sore pain in the anus (eleventh day).

*such violent urging to stool, that he had hardly time to reach the closet.

there resulted a thin stool, that forcibly spurted from him (fifteenth day).

three thin stools, with burning like fire in the anus (fifteenth day).

stool two or three times a day.

the last usually with pressure in the rectum and tenesmus in the urethra, and evacuation of a little crumbly mucous stool, at times only flatus, for several weeks.

stool not hard, but causing cutting during the evacuation (nineteenth and twentieth days),.


Puffiness of the whole body in the morning, better in the afternoon,

Emaciation, paleness of the face, dilatation of the pupils, and dark-colored urine,

Violent starting, especially in the left leg, as from fright, in the evening, on falling asleep,

Jerking now of one finger, now of an arm, now of the facial muscles, now of the whole body, at night in sleep,

He is very awkward; things that he usually accomplishes easily, he cannot do at all (after twenty-three days),

Very indolent, with a feeling as if everything on her were tense, with face and hands swollen, during rest; relieved by motion (eighth day),

Weary and weak; she slept while sitting at her work, during the day,

Weakness in the morning (after nine days),

Walking is very irksome; she is weak and pale (after twenty-four hours),

Great weakness and sleepiness during the day (after two days),

Great weakness for a week, following toothache, with fever for three days (after five days),

Physical prostration, with nausea and aversion in the stomach, during the menses,

Great prostration, and heaviness of the whole body (sixth day),

Restlessness of the whole body, and fretfulness (after three days),

Restless all day, busy now with this, now with that, without fully accomplishing the least thing,

Restless and unsteady; does not exactly know what he wishes, nor what he should do,

Great restlessness in the evening during mental work, as, for example, reading,

Uneasiness (after three days),

Uneasiness in the body all night; she could not get to sleep till towards morning; she was also obliged to urinate an unusual amount,


Increased sensitiveness of the body; every touch is painful (seventh day),

Takes cold easily, and therefrom has colic and diarrhoea, or coryza (after ten days),

Frequent senselessness,

Inclined to lie down (after five days),

A disagreeable sensation in the whole body; she thinks she is very sick (seventh day),

Heavy and indolent in the morning on rising; while in bed awake she was bright,

Very heavy in the morning,

An anxious sensation at night, before falling asleep, as if his whole body had become excessively thick and heavy, for a long time,

Painful tension of all the nerves, especially in the head, with nausea,

Drawing and tension in the lower extremities and jaws, and drawing in the teeth, at night (after twenty-one days),

Sticking in the diseased spots,

During the menses, now a tearing, now a stitching, here and there in the whole body (fifteenth and nineteenth days),

Cramplike tearing, especially in the upper and lower extremities, also in the whole body; not affected by motion or rest (after six hours),

On rising from a seat everything hurts, disappearing on walking about,

Jerking and beating in the whole body, with a very sensitive mood,

Jerking and twitching in one or another part of the body, in the scapulae, calves, eyelids, and arms,

Affected, by playing on the piano a short time, with painful anxiety in the chest, trembling of the whole body, and weakness, so that she must lie down for a long time before she can recover herself (after twelve days),

A paroxysm in the evening.

it became black before the eyes, with paralytic tearing pressure in the head, eyes, and jaws, weak consciousness, and confused, distracted thoughts, lasting an hour and a half.

followed by crawling pain in the lips, right arm, and especially in the right hand and tips of the fingers, particularly in the thumb, with timidity (thirteenth day),.

For the first twenty days the dreams were mostly agreeable and anxious.

of marrying two women, of parties, walks, entertainments, and excursions on horseback.

afterwards they were frequently anxious, of going astray, of murders, having his ears cut off.

also vexatious dreams.

he would take a journey and could not get away from the place, and when he had reached the first station was obliged to turn back, on account of something he had forgotten, etc.,.

Something like a febrile paroxysm.

pressive pain in both temples, dulness of the head, and pressure in the eyes.

followed by inclination to vomit, with chilliness over the whole body, especially in the chest and arms.

in bed with warm coverings he was somewhat better, though there continued yawning and stretching, and stiffness of the nape of the neck, and at one time he was chilly, at another flushed with heat, without subsequent persistent heat or thirst, continuing for some time (after half an hour),.


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Itching over the whole body, as from fleas,

Violent itching over the body, in the evening on lying down till falling asleep (seventeenth day),

Burning on the back of the left middle finger, as if stung with nettles, in the morning (eighteenth day),

Burning and itching in the third joint of the right index finger, as if stung by a nettle; he also feels a small pimple under the skin, in the morning after rising, lasting several hours (tenth day),

Sensation as if a plaster as broad as the hand were lying on the upper surface of the right forearm, so that all the skin was drawn up, at 9 A.M.; it lasts with longer or shorter intervals till 4 P.M. (third day),

An itching stitch between the second and third phalanges of the right ring finger, that provokes scratching, and then disappears (third day),

The warts begin to pain on slight pressure,

Crawling and itching formication over the whole back (after two days),

Crawling in the middle joint of the right thumb, as if it would go to sleep, in the afternoon (eleventh day),

Crawling in the right foot, as if it would fall asleep, at 5 A.M., in bed (seventh day),

Crawling in the forepart of the right foot, as if it would fall asleep, in the afternoon, while sitting (fourth day),

Itching crawling above the ball of the right thumb, disappearing on rubbing, but returning (after three days),

Itching, here and there, in the face, immediately disappearing on scratching (second day),

Itching on the upper lip, as from a fine feather, and on drawing a finger across the lip a fine piercing stitch in the middle of it, as if a hair would be torn out, at 6 P.M. (second day),

Itching in the beard, obliging scratching, in the evening (sixth day),

Itching and violent stitches in the raphe of the perineum,

Itching on and about the genitals,

Itching on the prepuce,

Itching on the right side of the neck, disappearing on scratching (first day),

Itching on the back, was obliged to scratch, as if covered with fleas (sixth day),

Itching on the upper and lower extremities (after fifteen days),

Itching and biting in the bend of the elbow, so that he was obliged to scratch (twenty-fourth day),

Itching on the back of the hand, as from fleabites (sixth day),

Itching on the outer surface of the thigh, disappearing after scratching a long time (second day),

Itching on the outer surface of the right knee, disappearing on scratching a long time, and then burning,

Itching in the hollow of the left knee, that does not disappear on scratching (fourth day),

Itching on the right calf, disappearing on scratching (fourth day),

Itching on the soles, especially on the balls of the feet,

Itching and sticking in the soles and heels,

Frequent itching in the bend of the right knee, disappearing only after long scratching (third day),

Obstinate itching on the right side of the abdomen and hip, not disappearing on scratching (third day),

Violent itching in the beard, chin, and on the chest, as from fleas, so that he must scratch constantly (seventh day),

Violent itching and corroding in the abdomen, even during the day (after twelve days),

Violent itching in a small spot on the right index finger, towards the thumb, disappearing on scratching, in the morning (tenth day),

Intolerable itching over the whole back, disappearing on scratching, but returning (third day),

Burning itching in the face, in the region of the left lower jaw, that soon disappears after violent scratching (fourth day),

Painful burning itching on both great toes,

Biting, burning itching in the region of the pudenda,

Stitchlike itching on the lower abdomen and thighs, especially in the afternoon,

Stitchlike itching, as from vermin, on and about the genitals,