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Natrum Carbonicum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Sodium, Nat-carb, Natrium carbonicum, Nat Carb, natcarb, Nat-c.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Carbonicum: Head congestion

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Urine was very much increased; he was even obliged to rise after midnight to urinate (thirteenth day),

Urine very much increased; the evacuation preceded and accompanied by burning (fourth day),

Two pounds of lemon-yellow urine passed daily, in the morning, for ten days (after twenty days),

Offensive urine,

Sour-smelling, bright yellow urine,

The urine became turbid, soon after passing (eleventh day),

The urine became turbid, and deposited yellow mucus,


Prostatic fluid passes with a difficult stool,

Prostatic fluid passes with the urine (after five days),

Burning and smarting in the urethra, in the evening (twenty-second day),

Burning in the urethra, when not urinating (fifth day),

Burning and sticking in the urethra, during micturition, at 3 P.M. (fourth day),

Burning in the urethra, during and after micturition,

Tearing in the urethra, during micturition (second day),

Tearing in the urethra, with tearing in the testicles, periodic, lasting an hour,

Smarting in the urethra during micturition (twenty-second and twenty-third days),

Jerking in the urethra,


Frequent desire to urinate, with copious discharge,

Frequent desire to urinate, with scanty discharge,

Frequent desire to urinate, though there was never much urine passed at once (first seven days),

Frequent urging continues after urinating, though there is always only a spoonful passed (eleventh day),

Constant desire to urinate, and during the last drops cutting in the bladder, and discharge of mucus from the urethra,

A sudden desire to urinate, with stitches in the urethra, from behind forward (after three hours),

Nocturnal, involuntary micturition,

The child wets the bed, at night,

Frequent and profuse micturition, together with discharge of yellowish leucorrhoea (eleventh day),

She urinates frequently, but little at a time (second and third days),

She urinates frequently and profusely (after fifteen days),

Frequent discharge of watery urine, without special thirst (after eleven days),

He was obliged to rise three times at night to urinate, without having drank much (after six days),

She was obliged to urinate excessively at night, even every half hour (after three days),

She is obliged to rise three times at night to urinate, with burning in the urethra (thirteenth day),

Discharge of urine very much increased (twelfth day),

Profuse emission of urine, as though she had passed none for several days (first day),

Dribbling of urine immediately after micturition,


Inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce,

Inflammation of the prepuce,

In the morning, the prepuce was retracted and the glans uncovered,

Swelling of the glans penis,

A kind of priapismus towards morning, followed by an emission without any sexual desire, with tensive pain and cutting in the penis; this pain lasted as long as the erection, over an hour; even on leaving the bed he still felt a very disagreeable tension in the penis (seventh day),

Pain back of the glans penis, with erections after coition,

The glans penis easily becomes sore,

Itching on the glans penis (after three hours),

Itching on the glans penis, provoking scratching,

Violent itching, that provokes rubbing, on the glans penis, in the forenoon (third day),

Soreness between the scrotum and thighs,

Sticking beating in the scrotum, lasting an hour (eleventh day),

Itching on the scrotum, not relieved by scratching (fourth day),

Sensation of numbness in the testicles,

Pain in the left testicle (after twenty-eight days),

Painful tension in the testicle and abdomen (after twenty-four hours),

Heavy pressive drawing in the testicles and spermatic cords, more in the morning than in the evening (after forty-two days),

Pain as from a bruise, in the testicles,



A little thick leucorrhoea, after urinating, for four days (after two days),

Profuse discharge of leucorrhoea, always after frequent paroxysms of cutting colic and twisting about the umbilicus, day and night, in every position, for five days,

Pressure towards the genitals, before a stool,

Tearing in one side of the pudenda (after six days),

Soreness of the pudenda between the thighs,

Pulsation in the genitals, after coition,

Menses seven days too early (after seven days),

Menses three days too early (after forty-eight hours),

Menses one day too early,

Menses three days too late (first day),

Nausea very scanty, and like water from meat, towards evening, and two days too late,

Menses more profuse and longer lasting than usual,



Much smegma behind the corona glandis (third day),

Erections occasionally during the day (after two and three days),

Frequent erections, during the day (seventh day),

Erections nearly every morning, though without sexual desire, for three weeks together,

Erections three times, the last time painful, in the morning (fifth day),

Violent persistent erections, in the morning on waking (after eight days),

Almost painful erections, lasting ten minutes, in morning in bed (fourth day),

Incomplete coition, transient erection, and speedy emission (second day),

Weak erections (fifth day),

Erections ceased in the latter part of the proving, and did not return,

Great desire for an emission after dinner, and also in the evening, without real sexual desire; after dinner, this desire returned while the legs were crossed, but disappeared on walking about, it returned in the evening, while lying down (ninth and fourteenth days),

Sexual desire, in the morning after drinking beer, followed by a flat, sweetish taste in the mouth (twenty-fifth day),

Excessive sexual desire on even touching a girl (tenth day),

Great sexual excitement while in a warm bath, and on leaving it, burning in the palms of the hands (seventeenth day),

Emission without lascivious dream,

Emissions without erections,

Emission at night, with pain, though the sleep was so sound that he could not entirely wake; all next day he was extremely fretful and ill-humored, discontented, and out of sorts with everything, and persisting at nothing; he had scarcely commenced anything, when he wished to leave it (after eighteen days),

Frequent emissions, in an old man (nineteenth, twenty-second, twenty-ninth, and thirty-seventh days),

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