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Natrum Carbonicum - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Sodium, Nat-carb, Natrium carbonicum, Nat Carb, natcarb, Nat-c.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Carbonicum: Head congestion

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The skin of the whole body becomes dry, rough, and cracked, here and there,

The commencement of warts,

Warts begin to bleed, grow larger, and disappear after three weeks,

Two red spots, as large as pennies, on the back of the left hand, one behind the little finger, and another behind the index, without sensation; they disappear in half an hour (fourth day),

A red spot on the great toe (as from a bruise), from which tearing extends backward, from time to time, along the side of the sole,

White spots on the right cheek and side of the neck, without sensation, in the morning (sixth day),

Cracked, rough hands (after thirteen days),

A small burning crack in the lower lip (eleventh day),

The nose desquamates on the back and tip, and is sensitive to touch (ninth day),

Eruptions, Dry.

Eruption on the right corner of the mouth (after twenty days),

Much eruption on the nose and mouth,

Dry eruption on the nates and coccyx, with violent itching, in the morning on rising,

Papular eruption on the face, by the ear, with sticking pain, like a boil when touched,

Papular eruption on the red of the lower lip, with smarting painful soreness in the corners of the mouth,

A red papular eruption on the forehead, with burning sore pain, with pus at the tip,

A pimple on the left side of the upper lip, without sensation,

A pimple on the lower lip,

A painless pimple on the left side of the nose (fifth day),

A painless pimple, that daily becomes larger, on the right side of the nose,

A pimple, with burning pain on the chin (twenty-fourth day),

Violent itching in the nape of the neck, and outer surface of the left thigh, that provokes scratching, after which burning pimples appear, which disappear after a few hours, in the evening (second day),

Some itching pimples beneath the lower lip (seventh and eighteenth days),

Itching pimples and nodes on the scalp, chest and abdomen (after eighteen days),

Itching in the bend of the left elbow; after scratching, a few pimples appear, but soon disappear (tenth day),

Violent itching, with hives, after scratching, on the abdomen, genitals, and lower extremities,

Eruptions, Moist.

Moist itching eruption on the nose and mouth (after ten days),

Blistered spots on the tips of all the fingers and toes, as if scalded, with festering about them, as if the nails would slough off,

Some little blisters near the right wing of the nose, with burning pain when touched (nineteenth day),

Small, red, itching, vesicular eruption, filled with water, on the chin (sixth day),

Red vesicles, filled with liquid, in the bend of the elbow and groin, with sore pain when touched (tenth day),

A white vesicle, with a large red areola, that burns as from nettles, on the first joint of the left index finger (twenty-second day),

A whitish vesicle, as large as flaxseed, on the red of the upper lip, with sore burning pain when touched; on the second day, a scab formed on it, and on the fourth day fell off (after twenty days),

A vesicle as large as a pea near and beneath the right corner of the mouth, that dries up in twenty-four hours (after eleven days),

A small vesicle, with burning pain as from nettles, on the inner surface of the right index finger; it disappears after washing with cold water,

A clear vesicle containing matter beneath the right corner of the mouth,

Vesicles on the back, itching violently and compelling scratching, especially in the evening, on undressing (seventh day),

Tetter on the left hand (after fourteen days),

Two small tetters on the mouth,

Eruptions, Pustular.

Suppurating eruption on the nape of the neck, with sore pain, only when touched (twentieth day),

A tetter exudes a purulent liquid; it becomes larger and is aggravated,

Pustules about the mouth,

Pustules in the left wing of the nose, with red areola,

Small pustules on the small of the back, that are very sensitive to touch (ninth day),

Black ulcerating pustules on the heel,

A boil behind the ear,

A boil on the upper lip,

A red boil above the right side of the chin, not painful even when touched, disappearing after two days, without suppurating (seventh day),

Small ulcers about the mouth,

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