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Natrum Muriaticum - General symptoms

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Ill-humor.

on rising, vertigo. immediately on waking, heaviness of head, etc.

constrictive pain in brain, in bed, disappearing after rising.

headache. immediately after rising, stupefying headache.

on waking, weight in forehead.

throbbing, etc., in forehead.

on rising, perspiration on head.

sensation of sand in eyes.

biting lachrymation.

dimness of vision. sensation of stooped coryza.

mucus in the mouth. hawking of mucus.

green mucus from fauces.

at 8 o'clock, nausea, etc.

disturbed digestion, etc.

in bed, about 5 o'clock, cutting colic.

on waking, dryness of larynx.

cough. tickling cough.

tension in chest. on rising from bed, weary, etc.

pain in region of heart.

on rising, weakness of back.

on rising, paralyzed feeling in small of back.

on rising, aggravated by motion, sticking in shoulder-joint.

on waking, weary pain in lower extremities.

perspiration. sour-smelling perspiration.

(Evening), Vexed, etc.

fretful, etc. heaviness in forehead.

stitches in forehead. tension in temple.

on eating, stitches in parietal bone.

pressure in eyes. jerking in canthus.

heat of ear. drawing, etc., in back tooth.

desire to eat. after lying down in bed, cough.

oppression of chest. itching all over.

after tea, itching, etc.


(Night), On waking, dull headache, etc.

pulsation in head, etc.

sticking in forehead. sticking in left side of head.

when lying on occiput, headache externally.

tearing in jaw, etc. after midnight, pain in back teeth.

drawing toothache. after midnight, throbbing toothache, etc.

discharge of saliva. sensation in throat.

constrictive pain about umbilicus, etc.

cutting colic. burning in rectum.

from 8 to 11 o'clock, cough.

tickling cough, etc. towards morning pressure on chest.

sticking in nape of neck.

drawing in back. in bed, stitch in scapula.

stitches in thigh. uneasiness of feet.

Repeated congestion and heaviness of the head, becoming more violent during the day, and in the evening amounting to a violent sticking headache in the right side of the forehead, with transient painful stitches in the eyeball, repeated three times during the day, and only entirely disappearing towards evening.

the night was also more restless than usual, and on waking the heaviness and dulness of the head was felt,.

Cutting headache in the whole head, at 3 P.M.

in the right side it is at times somewhat though not entirely relieved, but then the pain is worse in the left side (aggravated in the open air).

on the left side it extends as a drawing pain from the forehead above the left eye to the zygoma and down to the angle of the lower jaw, only for a few minutes (this pain appears only on entering the house from the open air), (ninth day),.

Forehead felt heavy. relieved by pressure of hand.

worse on bending head down (unless it was supported at the same time), for it then felt as if the brain was falling forwards.

at the same time forehead feels full, in the evening, from 7 to 12 (eighteenth day).

heaviness in forehead, at 11 A.M.

better at 6 P.M. relieved by pressure of hand.

worse on bending head down.

if anything, it seemed to press from within outwards (as it did yesterday), and there was also a feeling of fulness of forehead at same time.

evening headache worse.

this kind of headache has always been worse in evening (nineteenth and twentieth days),.

Pressive pain in the forehead and eyeballs, so violent that the lids could only be raised with exertion and pain.

he could no longer read.

after dinner the pain increased so that he was obliged to lie down.

after half an hour he felt better, but the eyes watered profusely.

the same symptoms returned after two hours, and followed the same course (fourteenth day),.

Sudden, very violent pressive headache, extending from the right frontal region to one-half of the forehead and right eye, together with great sensitiveness of the eyeball.

the pain was aggravated by the slightest touch and was almost intolerable.

the light was also very distressing.

at 5 P.M., lasting four hours, somewhat relieved by drinking much water, but only entirely disappearing after a hearty supper.

these headaches returned every second day, at 5 P.M., for fully six weeks after the last dose,.

Sensation as though the brain moved and beat against the forehead, lasting till evening, somewhat better during the night, but returning the next day with renewed severity.

on the next day, also towards 11 A.M., the same sensation began again while ascending steps, and was so violent that he was obliged to rest, with trembling of the lower extremities, and a feeling as though the feet were swollen and insensible.

this disappeared after about a quarter of an hour, but returned about 3 and 5 P.M., though less severe (after sixteen days),.

Redness, swelling, and heat of left ala nasi, which is also sore, especially when touched, at 11.30 A.M., reappearing in the evening (third day).

on both alae, lasting from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M., then decreasing, worse on left side, reappearing at 6.30 P.M. (fourth day).

nose as before, worse on left side (fifth and sixth days).

left ala nasi worse in morning, right less affected than left, lasting half an hour.

since morning, felt only when near the fire.

nose has always been worse when near the fire (seventh day),.

Eruption over the whole body causing violent itching.

on the neck and arms it was as large as millet-seeds, on the abdomen, nates, and thighs as large as small peas.

she was obliged to scratch violently, which relieved the itching for a short time.

at first the eruption could only be felt as a pimple, but on scratching it became red and hard.

the itching prevented falling asleep (tenth day),.

Very many more pimples on face than usual, especially left side (first day).

two pimples on right cheek, with some burning (second day).

large pimple on back of (right) hand.

yesterday, face covered with pimples, three being very large ones.

to-day not so many (third day).

yesterday, pimples on chin and forehead.

a few to-day. yesterday they left burning.

to-day and yesterday they were more violent after washing in cold water (seventh day).

after washing face with cold water, pimples could be plainly seen under skin of face (eighth day),.

Red pimples over face, especially on left side.

face itching, burning, and red in patches, especially on left side.

in centre of forehead is a red circle, with a white patch in centre, and at the same place a number of pimples, burning and itching, the itching being only momentarily relieved by rubbing.

in afternoon, all symptoms of head and face better (seventh day).

woke with same head and face symptoms, but less.

in afternoon they decreased still further (eighth day).

still less (ninth day).

large pimple on dorsum of right foot, stinging, pricking, itching, and burning.

lasted three days. dying away the fourth day (fifteenth day).

pimple on edge of right ear, burning like fire, pricking and itching.

itching relieved by touch.

after rubbing it bled freely (seventeenth day).

much itching of the ear, relieved by touch (eighteenth day).

the same symptoms of right ear, but less.

worse in morning. no bleeding.

in morning, a pimple in corresponding part of left ear, burning, pricking, and itching.

the itching momentarily relieved by touch.

no bleeding. a pimple inside left external ear.

on dorsum of left foot, a pimple like the one on right foot, and in the corresponding place (nineteenth day).

one or two pimples inside left external ear and on the edge, stinging, itching, and burning like the former ones (twentieth day).

pimples on foot gone. more pimples on face than before, chiefly on left side, resembling the former ones (twenty-first day),.

A number of small red pimples on face, one on right upper eyelid, one larger one on right side of neck, at 12.30 P.M.

appearing again in the evening (third day).

pimples on face better in afternoon (fourth day).

pimples as before (fifth day).

one large pimple on right cheek, in the morning, left cheek covered with red pimples in the evening (tenth day).

also in the morning (eleventh day),.

A small painful vesicle on the upper lip, below the septum of the nose (fourth day).

*small vesicles on the upper lip, below the septum of the nose, which burn, it seems as though she had a moist nose (fifth day).

*the vesicles on the upper lip, beneath the septum of the nose, became confluent and covered with a scab, that fell off after several days and left a red spot, that lasted two weeks (after eleven days),.

Violent itching on the lower extremity of the inner surface of the left forearm, with the appearance of two red tetter-like spots as large as small peas.

next morning one of the spots had disappeared.

the other, when examined under the glass, seemed to consist of ruptured vesicles, so that the spot had a general raw look to the unaided eye.

after two days this also entirely disappeared (fifth to ninth day),.

Pressive pain in the stomach and liver.

the pressure was aggravated periodically, and was felt through the whole back.

on the following days, this pressure in the liver and back near the spine became very painful.

the urine became black, as if saturated with burnt coffee, and was completely opaque (urina ictericorum).

but there was no change in the color of the skin (after nine days),.

Desire for bread. he ate four pieces, with constant drinking and involuntary motion of the masticatory muscles, with great appetite.

distension and swelling of the abdomen prevented further eating.

but he still had a good appetite, though only for bread.

this was followed by great sleepiness.

he slept soundly, and woke about 1 A.M., with a pasty taste in the mouth, and much thirst.

he drank two glasses of water, rose, returned and slept quietly till morning,.

Became very thirsty during the following night, and drank large quantities of water, passing also a great quantity of urine.

these symptoms have ever since uninterruptedly continued, and instead of showing any signs of remission have rather gradually increased.

the quantity of water consumed in the twenty-four hours was about one gallon and one pint (2 kannen, Sw.), and the quantity of urine in the same space of time was somewhat less than one gallon (1 3/4 kan., Sw.).

one night, instead of water, she drank two pint bottles of Bavarian beer and two pint bottles of porter,.

Violent cutting, frequently recurring pains about the umbilicus, in the evening in bed, five minutes after the dose.

she fell asleep and was awakened.

after waking much thirst.

on rising she had no pains, but ongoing to bed the pains returned.

again she fell asleep and again was awakened.

on getting up she felt well, only very thirsty.

on returning to bed she was attacked with vertigo, pains in the abdomen, and nausea.

she was again awakened, and on rising was very thirsty.

on again returning to bed, she was immediately attacked with pains in the abdomen, about the umbilicus, and she could not again sleep soundly (thirteenth day),.

In the evening, he cried out, and said that a needle was sticking into the anus.

examination showed ascarides.

the next day, some threadworms were passed.

the biting and itching lasted five days.

it returned after two weeks, and he complained again of violent sticking, and threadworms were again found.

even to the end of the proving he had frequent itching in the anus, though no more worms were emitted,.

Diarrhoea at 11 P.M. at 3 A.M., he woke with urgent desire for stool, that was yellowish-brown, pasty, and offensive.

followed by distension of the abdomen, with loud rumbling, and a feeling of sensitiveness.

on turning around, there came from the stomach a noise like the croaking of frogs, with a feeling of weakness and uneasiness in the whole body.

the tongue and palate were stiff and dry.

at 7 A.M., he was again awakened by urgent desire for stool, and diarrhoea, with much flatulence, rumbling, and a feeling of sensitiveness in the abdomen.

repeated at 11 A.M. (after 10th dil.),.

Looseness of the bowels, immediately after waking, followed, after half an hour, by a pasty stool, with emission of much flatus, without the disappearance of the feeling of looseness.

after the evacuation of the bowels, another dose was taken, soon followed by violent rumbling, and after two hours by a copious, almost watery stool (fourth day),.

The quantity of urine voided in twenty-four hours was somewhat less than one gallon (1 3/4 kan., Sw.).

after about six months, the urine, which is often voided, is quite clear, of a peculiar greenish color, and of a feebly acid reaction, becomes frothy on being shaken.

its specific gravity in the morning is 1005.

in the afternoon 1004.

the urine of the morning shows, by the Nitric Acid nitric acid test, evidence of albumen.

in that of the afternoon, however, there is no trace of it.

in the specimens, which hitherto have been microscopically examined, no tubular casts have been found.

a few epithelial cells either normal or granular, occasionally containing a fat-globule, and some crystals of lithate of ammonia, are the only noteworthy elements discovered in a great number of microscopical examinations which were made,.

Very distressing attack, periodically, in the urethra and rectum.

there was frequent sensitiveness in the urethra, constrictive pain in it and in the rectum, with urging to urinate and stool, occurring irregularly, often several times an hour, even at intervals of five or ten minutes, or of two to four hours.

not aggravated by external pressure.

the urine was clear, of the usual amount, and passed without pain.

when urine was passed the urging to stool usually disappeared.

the latter could generally be repressed, but I was obliged to go to stool several times a day.

the stools were soft, rather thin, not preceded, accompanied, or followed by pain,.

She went to bed early, but her sleep was restless.

she woke at 11 P.M. with vertigo, nausea, weakness, and trembling of the limbs, and giving way of all the nerves.

at midnight she had to get out of bed.

on rising she had vertigo, even to falling down, and qualmishness, and she went back to bed.

after a few minutes vertigo, even to loss of consciousness, and vomiting of food three times.

the ejecta tasted of red wine.

after vomiting, chilliness over the whole body.

she first fell asleep about 2 A.M., then dreamed much, and in her dream quarrelled and disputed (sixteenth day),.

Creeping chilliness over the whole body (except the head), together with heat of the head and general warmth of the skin to touch, on lying down in bed, at 11 P.M., soon followed by burning heat of the hands, less of the feet.

for an hour she could not fall asleep, but constantly tossed about the bed, and afterwards slept very uneasily, with constant dreaming of quarrels and strife (eighteenth day),.

Left cheek felt burning in patches, at 11.30 A.M.

both cheeks burn in patches, at 12.30 P.M.

the right began ten minutes ago, the left is worse (third day).

burning in face returned, with redness, both in patches, worse on left side, at 6.30 P.M. (fourth day).

both sides alike, in the evening (fifth day), and at 6 P.M. (sixth day).

face rather hot in patches, both sides alike, scarcely any redness, lasting half an hour.

heat of fire has always increased heat and redness of face, or brought it on.

since morning, has only felt symptoms of face when near the fire (seventh day).

after rising from bed, worse in the afternoon (ninth day).

left cheek burning, and red in patches, worse when near the fire (tenth day).

left cheek burns in patches, and feels rough, in afternoon (eleventh day).

after washing in cold water in the morning, burning and redness of face, both in patches, worse on left side (twelfth day).

very little redness and burning on left side of face, in patches, in morning, burning less in afternoon (thirteenth day).

after washing in cold water, burning and redness of face, in patches, especially on left side, for ten minutes, at 1 P.M. (fourteenth day).

sudden heat and redness, in patches, on left cheek, for two hours, in the afternoon (eighteenth day).

heat as yesterday, but no redness, from 11 to 11.15 A.M., the same after washing in cold water, at 1 P.M., better at 6 P.M. (nineteenth day).

heat and redness of left cheek, in patches, from between 10 and 11 A.M. till 1 P.M. (twentieth day),.

A lightning-like sticking cutting, extremely violent pain, beginning in the anterior superior spine of the right ilium, extending partly down over the trochanter towards the anterior and outer surface of the thigh, partly upwards across the back to the vicinity of the scapula, shaking the whole body, while sitting (third day).

the next morning after waking, a similar cutting pain starting from the left hip,.

Attack of great excitement, followed with great anxiety by crawling, beginning in the tips of the fingers, the hands, and arms.

the arm falls asleep as if dead, and the crawling mounts into the throat, lips, and tongue, which seem to become stiff, with boring in a tooth.

followed by weakness of the head with impaired vision.

even the lower extremity falls asleep and the joints seem dead.

all mostly towards evening,.

An attack like epilepsy.

it extends from the left shoulder to the head, then presses in the temples, as if the head would burst.

the brain pained as if sore and beaten, with constant drawing pain from the shoulder to the head, and constant inclination to vomit, as if coming from the stomach.

she was obliged to lie down, with chilliness and heat in the face (eighth day),.

In the forenoon, attack of qualmishness, with vertigo, burrowing in the pit of the stomach, and chilliness as if dashed with cold water.

wherever she looked, everything seemed to turn around in a circle with her, as if she would fall forward.

the head was so heavy that she could scarcely walk, and it seemed heavier than the rest of the body,.

He walked the floor barefoot in agony.

his feet felt swollen, but no swelling was perceptible to the eye.

this intense suffering lasted nearly three-quarters of an hour, when the irritation went off, leaving him comparatively comfortable.

he had slight itching of the body during the night (fifth day).

soon after breakfast he began to feel the same irritation experienced the day previous, and in like manner it increased and spread over his entire body.

the itching and burning were not severe until after tea again, when it came on, if possible, worse than on the preceding evening.

the soles of his feet were again the seat of extreme suffering.

it lasted three-quarters of an hour, and passed off gradually as before (sixth day).

he suffered in like manner, but much less in degree, each day, however, experiencing an aggravation of the symptoms after tea (seventh and eighth days),.

In the morning, shortly after taking his dose, he noticed slight itching of the skin about his neck and under his chin, felt mostly, however, on each side of his neck.

he found that scratching did not relieve him, but the itching rather grew worse, so that he imagined himself to have been bitten by some insect.

upon examining the parts affected, he perceived a faint flush of red and very trifling swelling, but no distinct eruption.

he now began to experience considerable burning of the skin accompanying the itching, and during the day the irritation extended down his breast upon his arms, then down his body to his lower extremities, and finally his legs and feet also became the seat of great itching and burning.

after tea (he uses black) tea) the itching began again with ten fold violence.

it seemed to him as if he could not longer endure the intolerable itching and burning.

it began in the neck, and passed down the body, as during the day, to the soles of the feet, where he experienced the most suffering.

to use his own words, "I could not have suffered more if I had been walking upon red-hot coals of fire,".

Thin, thirsty, hopeless and poorly nourished

Emaciation; descending; worse neck or abdomen


DRYNESS; skin, mouth, throat, rectum, vagina, etc

Numbness; of one side; parts lain on; fingers

Tremulous Easy exhaustion

Parts seem short, hamstrings, nape, etc

Not very sensitive to pain

Takes cold

Nervous erethism

Thick white or clear acrid discharges

Exact periodicity

Malarial cachexia

Hateful; detests consolation or a fuss


Easily angered; worse if consoled

Sad, reserved; company distresses


Weeps bitterly

Boisterous grief

Scattered thoughts, or an idea clings, prevents sleep, inspires revenge, etc



Fears or dreams of robbers Vertigo; as if falling, on closing eyes

Nodding motions

HEADACHES; hammering; heavy; bursting; maddening; over eyes; on vertex, on awaking; with partial numbness or disturbed vision; worse reading; worse motion, even of eyes; better pressure on eyes


Falling hair

Eyes feel drawn together

Lachrymation on affected side (Spi---- ); on sneezing, coughing, etc

Ptosis, on lying down

Vision blurred, wavering

Letters run together

Hemiopia, then headache

Can't read by artificial light

Nose stopped, high up; sneezing early in AM

; alternate fluent and dry coryza; gushes of fluid; little ulcers in

Face; pale, muddy or greasy

HERPES ABOUT LIPS; or at edge of hair; pearly

Throbbing in lower jaw, worse biting, worse heat and cold

Exophthalmic goitre

Hawks much mucus; bitter

TONGUE MAPPED; beaded or striped along edge Blunted taste and smell

Uvula hangs to one side

Throat; a spot is dry, sore, tickles, causes cough, etc

; glistens

Thirst; drinks large quantities

Hunger great, yet emaciates; without appetite


Averse to bread

Burning eructations; after eating


Epigastric pulsation

Anxiety in stomach, rises to head

Tense abdomen; worse groins

Dry, hard, crumbling stool, tears anus or causes burning; coated with glassy mucus; on alternate days

Chronic diarrhoea

Constricted rectum

Herpes ani

Red urinary sediment

Coition; painful; averse to; then backache, weak legs, depression, etc

Suppressed gonorrhoea

Debilitating leucorrhoea, replaces menses

Cough; from tickling in epigastrium; with asthma or palpitation; worse winter

Respiratory catarrhs, after suppressed sweats

Heart; palpitation, shaking body or alternates with beating in head; fluttering; weak; sore; worse emotions, lying on [left] side, or motion

Sore neck muscles

Bruised backache, early in AM

; worse coughing, better lying on back, or pressure

Cracked finger-tips

Catch in knees

Hamstrings seem short or drawing in

Sobs during sleep

Awakes feeling weak Skin, oily; dry, harsh, dirty, unhealthy or yellow; chaps or herpetic eruptions, worse flexures or about knuckles

Coldness of many parts; hands, feet; heart

Morning chill, with thirst

Chilly, but worse in sun

Sweat, cold, scanty; at edge of hair; on nose, on face, while eating (Chamomilla Cham)

Sodium chloride. Common Salt. NaCl. Trituration. Solution.

disordered. Tongue, blistered.

white coated. heavy. Trifacial-nerve paralysis. Ulcers. Varices. Vaginismus. Vertigo. Warts. Whooping-cough. Worms. Yawning.

If Natrum Carbonicum Nat. carb. is the typical salt of the Natrum group (as Kali Carb Kali carb. is of the Kalis), Nat Mur Nat. m. is the most important.

In power and range it stands in the first rank of homoeopathic remedies, but it has an additional significance, in that it exemplifies the power of attenuation in a remarkable way.

The problems involved in Nat Mur Nat. m. may be regarded in a sense as the pons asinorum of homoeopathy.

Those who are able to grasp in a practical way the homoeopathic uses of Natrum Muriaticum are not likely to meet with any insuperable difficulties elsewhere.

Those who can see nothing but "common salt" in Nat Mur Nat. m. may conclude that they have not "the root of the matter" in them.

It may be inconceivable to some that the attenuations of Nat Mur Nat. m. should act independently, as curative or pathogenetic, at the same time that crude salt is being ingested in quantities.

and it may seem that an infinitesimal amount of a substance which is a necessary constituent of our tissues cannot possibly have any action at all.

but this problem is constantly before the homoeopathist, and if he cannot master it in respect to Nat Mur Nat. m. he need not trouble his brains to try elsewhere. Nat Mur Nat. m. has been extensively proved, both in the lower triturations and in the 30th and higher attenuations, and the latter produced the most marked effects.

I have mentioned in the Preface an experience of my own, which I will give here in more detail.

For a common cold which had proved troublesome I took eight globules of Nat Mur Nat. m. 200.

The next day the cold was not better, but I felt ill, and presently a copious, gushing, watery, light-coloured diarrhoea set in, and persisted for some days, draining all my tissues and reducing my weight by half a stone before I could think of the cause.

Then the dose of Nat Mur Nat. m. flashed on my mind, and I at once began to smell at a bottle of Sweet Nitre, the antidote.

The diarrhoea and all other symptoms vanished in a way I have never forgotten; and the lesson was well worth all the suffering I had undergone.

My weight came back as rapidly as it had disappeared.

In Nat Mur Nat. m. is illustrated the antidotal action of a substance of high attenuation over the effect of a lower.

A large number of people are steadily poisoning themselves by taking excessive quantities of salt with their food; and it is generally useful to ask patients if they are fond of salt.

Without restricting the amount of salt taken, Nat Mur Nat. m. 30 will antidote most of the effects of the crude, and enable the patient to cut down the quantity taken afterwards.

But the effect of a high potency can also be antidoted by a higher.

A patient to whom I gave Nat Mur Nat. m. 1m developed this new symptom Aching pain deep in left shoulder and down the arm; agg. lying on right side; no tenderness.

A single dose of Nat Mur Nat. m. c.m. quickly removed it. Nat Mur Nat. m. is one of the remedies adopted by Schüssler from homoeopathy.

Though arrived at by a different route, his indications are for the most part identical with Hahnemann's, and a recital of them will serve to emphasise some points.

and there is no need to accept Schüssler's semi-material theories as an all-sufficient explanation of the remedy's action, for they do not anything like cover the field.

Says Schüssler "The water which is introduced into the digestive canal in drinking or with the food enters into the blood through the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane by means of the common salt contained in these cells and in the blood, for salt has the well-known property of attracting water.

Water is intended to moisten all the tissues, i.e., cells.

Every cell contains soda.

The nascent chlorine which is split off from the Nat Mur Nat. m. of the intercellular fluid combines with this soda.

The Nat Mur Nat. m. arising by this combination attracts water.

By this means the cell is enlarged and divides up.

Only in this way can cells divide so as to form additional cells.

If there is no common salt formed in the cells, then the water intended to moisten them remains in the intercellular fluids, and hydraemia results.

Such patients have a watery, bloated face; they are tired and sleepy and inclined to weep.

They are chilly, suffer from cold extremities, and have a sensation of cold along the spine.

At the same time they have a strong desire for common salt. (The cells deficient in salt cry for salt.) The common salt, of which they consume comparatively large quantities, does not heal their disease, because the cells can only receive the common salt in very attenuated solutions.

The redundant common salt present in the intercellular fluid may in such cases cause the patients to have a salty taste in their mouth, and the pathological secretions of the mucous membranes, as also of excoriations of the skin, may be corrosive (salt-Rheum rheum)." Disturbances in the distribution of salt in the cells cause Lachrymation.

salivation. toothache with salivation.

watery diarrhoea. mucous diarrhoea.

lack of mucus. catarrh of stomach with vomiting of mucus.

water-brash. vesicles clear as water on skin or conjunctiva.


Thus far Schüssler. But whilst using his theory as a useful means of stringing many characteristics of Nat Mur Nat. m. together, it is necessary to free oneself from them entirely in order to see the remedy in all its range of action.

A complete view of the symptom picture can alone give that.

In old-school practice Nat Mur Nat. m. is used chiefly in solution as a douche or spray in nasal and other catarrhs, and in the mixture of "Brandy and Salt," in which large quantities of salt are given for pulmonary haemorrhages.

The relation to catarrh, which Schüssler brings out, is specific.

Excessively fluent coryza, with much sneezing; sore nose, especially the left wing; cold sores on lips and nose; loss of smell and taste, are indications which I have verified repeatedly in acute colds and the tendency to them.

With the coryza there is copious lachrymation.

and whether or not Schüssler is right on the chemistry of the process, Nat Mur Nat. m. is indicated by tears. ("Flow of tears with cough" is Burnett's keynote of Nat Mur Nat. m. in whooping-cough, H. W., xviii. 179.) The characteristic of the tearful Nat Mur Nat. m. patient is that she (or he) wants to be alone.

any attempt to console irritates beyond endurance. "Wants to be alone to cry." "Very much inclined to weep and be excited." There are even tears with laughter.

For in addition to the sadness there is hysterical laughter; laughs till she weeps at things not at all ludicrous.

The excitement of Nat Mur Nat. m. is always followed by melancholy.

The hypochondriasis and hysteria of Nat Mur Nat. m. generally go pari passu in the degree of constipation; and Nat Mur Nat. m. is one of the most commonly needed remedies in that complaint.

The most characteristic symptom in this connection is a sensation of "contraction of the rectum during stool.

hard faeces at first evacuated with the greatest exertion, which causes tearing in anus, bleeding and soreness.

afterwards thin stools also passed.

constipated every other day." There is also retention of stool.

and a feeling after stool as if there were more to pass. Nat Mur Nat. m. answers equally well to constipation and diarrhoea when the collateral symptoms correspond.

The constipation is often found associated with anaemia; with chilliness, cold feet and chills down the back; with indigestion such as is met with in victims of masturbation Nat Mur Nat. m. is one of the most helpful of remedies in such cases.

The unclean complexion of earthy line, "dirty face" in spite of any amount of washing, is a still further indication.

The skin is greasy from excess of sebaceous secretion. Nat Mur Nat. m. corresponds to affections due to loss of fluids.

Natrum Muriaticum recalls China China, with which it has a very important antidotal relation.

Both correspond to the effects of masturbation, haemorrhages, and loss of fluids; both are remedies for intermittent fever, and Nat Mur Nat. m. is the chief antidote to the effects of over-dosing with China China and Quinine.

Another important antidotal relation of Nat Mur Nat. m. is to Argentum Nitricum Arg. n.

And here another interesting fact appears-namely, the parallel between chemical and the dynamic action.

Salt is the best antidote to poisoning with Argentum Nitricum nitrate of silver, as it changes the soluble Argentum Nitricum nitrate of silver into the insoluble harmless chloride. Nat Mur Nat. m. in the attenuations is also the best remedy for the ill effects of Argentum Nitricum Arg. n. whether used as a cautery or administered as a medicine.

Whenever there is a history of cauterisation and Argentum Nitricum Arg. n. has been used, Nat Mur Nat. m. will do great good.

Scrofulous ophthalmia which has been treated locally in vain with Argentum Nitricum Arg. n.; sore throats that have been cauterised; the effects local and remote of uterine injections of Argentum Nitricum Arg. n., or cauterisings of the os uteri.

W. J. Guernsey (H. P., vii. 127) relates a striking instance of the last.

Mrs. P., 32, complained of "lump" in the throat which could not be swallowed, and yet required constant efforts to do so. agg.

On empty swallowing; yet on swallowing food it seemed to pass over a sore spot.

Bar. c., Lachesis Lach., Belladonna Bell. were given in succession in vain.

Remembering the injunction of the Organon, § 207, to inquire as to what allopathic treatment a patient has been subjected to in order to discover if there is anything to correct, Guernsey discovered that the patient had had a severe ulceration of the womb which had been "burnt out" several times and was "now well." She had had a very profuse discharge, but that had stopped, and on the same day she had commenced to "choke" with the throat trouble. Nat Mur Nat. m. 295m (F.) was given.

In a few days the throat was better and the discharge had returned, much to the patient's horror.

Without further treatment throat and vaginal discharge were both cured.

Lambert has recorded (L. H. H. Rep., vii. 144) several cases of headache associated with errors of refraction and consequent eye-strain cured with Nat Mur Nat. m. 30.

The headaches were noticed on waking.

In one case it was like a cloud over brain with intense depression and had lasted ten years.

It disappeared before the vision was corrected.

The effect of living too exclusively on salt food in producing scurvy gives a key to the use of Nat Mur Nat. m. in many conditions of blood degeneration, haemorrhage, and skin disorder and ulceration.

In aphthous and ulcerative conditions of the mouth it is a leading remedy.

The characteristic tongue of Nat Mur Nat. m. is either a mapped tongue, with red islands; or a clean shining tongue with froth along each side.

There are many characteristic symptoms in connection with the tongue hair sensation; numbness and stiffness of one side; heavy, embarrassing speech. Nat Mur Nat. m. corresponds to children who are late in talking.

The tongue is blistered; sticks to roof of mouth.

Dryness of mouth and throat.

Unquenchable thirst. Nausea.

Vomiting. The drying-up property of Nat Mur Nat. m. is general.

One very characteristic effect is dryness of vagina, with painful coitus; aversion to coitus (in the female); aversion to men.

Menses may be early and profuse; or scanty and delayed. Nat Mur Nat. m. corresponds to many cases of anaemia, and especially to delay in the first appearance of the menses.

Much bearing down and much leucorrhoea.

Backache generally accompanies these, and the backache has this peculiarity, that it is amel. by pressure; by lying down with the back on something hard.

There is also sensitiveness of the back and spinal irritation.

With the menses there is generally headache, both before, during, or after.

The headaches of Nat Mur Nat. m. are intermitting.

They come on in the morning on first waking up and last throughout the day; or else they come on at 10 or 11 a.m.

They are agg. from mental exertion. Nat Mur Nat. m. is one of the first remedies for headaches of schoolgirls.

Headache with partial blindness.

Headache much agg. by coughing.

Throbbing; beating as with little hammers; pain as if the head would burst.

The throbbing headache has its analogue in palpitation of the heart. Nat Mur Nat. m. is a great heart remedy.

Fluttering palpitation with faint feeling, agg. lying down.

In one case of huge hypertrophy with degeneration of most of the valves, the patient told me nothing gave her so much relief as Nat Mur Nat. m. (which I had given for some incidental condition).

Very characteristic is sense of coldness at heart or precordia with trembling of heart.

Constrictive sensations run throughout Natrum Muriaticum in heart; chest scalp; throat; rectum; of anus (sensation as if anus were closed) cramps in uterus; vaginismus; contraction of hamstrings.

Paralytic symptoms with numbness are the counterpart of these. Nat Mur Nat. m. has the sinking sensation of the antipsorics.

Great hunger, with no appetite.

Eats heartily but emaciates.

Heartburn after eating.

Emaciates whilst living well.

Ravenous appetite but grows thin, especially about neck.

There are some very characteristic desires and aversions Desires bitter things; beer; farinaceous foot; sour things; salt; oysters; fish; milk.

Aversion to bread; meat; coffee; tobacco.

While eating, sweat on face.

Is amel. when stomach is empty.

After eating empty eructations; nausea; acidity; sleepiness; heartburn; palpitation; epigastric pressure and heat radiating up to chest.

Violent hiccough. The nausea and vomiting of Nat Mur Nat. m. have been turned to account in the Symphoricarpus Racemosus morning sickness of pregnancy.

One patient, who said she could "eat the brine out of a mackerel kit," was cured with a single dose of Nat Mur Nat. m. (Amer. Hom., xxiii. 385). Nat Mur Nat. m. is a great periodic remedy.

It not only antidotes Quinine, but it causes intermittents on its own account.

Chilliness predominates.

Chill 10 to 11 a.m. with thirst, drinks after a meal; fever blisters round mouth.

Fever with violent headache; great thirst; nausea; vomiting; blueness; faint; averse to uncover.

Fever may come on without chill 10 to 11 a.m.

Sweat amel. headache and other symptoms though it weakens; averse to uncover.

There are many eruptions, herpes, hydroa, eczema.

Eczema on hair margins, especially at back of head.

Warts on palms of hands.

Corns. Painful scars. Nat Mur Nat. m. is suited to Cachectic persons; old people; teething children; anaemic, chlorotic people with catarrhal troubles; tuberculous; scrofulous; dropsical; emaciated persons.

Among Peculiar Sensations are As if head too heavy and would fall forward; as if some displacement in head had taken place; as if cold wind blowing through head; as though forehead would burst on coughing; as if head in a vice; pain like a rope round head drawing tighter and tighter; as if nail driven in left side of head.

As if eyeballs too large; as if foreign body in eyes; as if eye being torn open.

As if a small worm squirming in nose.

Of hair on tongue. Splinter in throat.

Plug in throat. As if one had to swallow over a lump.

Difficulty of talking, as if organs of speech weak.

As if foreign body sticking in cardiac orifice behind sternum.

When walking, as if abdominal viscera loose, dragging.

As if rough, hard, foreign substance in rectum.

As if there was a string between uterus and sacrum in hind part of fornix.

Back as if beaten; broken. Nat Mur Nat. m. corresponds to effects of going to seaside; and if patients say they are always agg. at seaside or cannot stay by the sea, Nat Mur Nat. m. will probably be the remedy.

Constipation at seaside.

But amel. at seaside may also indicate it.

There is great desire for open air and washing in cold water. agg.

Heat of stove; of room; of sun. agg.

In summer. Warm food agg. toothache.

Drawing in air agg. toothache; cold drink agg. toothache.

Likes to be covered but it does not amel.

Lying down amel. vertigo, headache, constriction of scalp; agg. cough; fluttering of heart.

Lying on left side agg.

Moving, least exertion agg.

Exercising arms amel. breathing.

Walking agg. In back troubles, can stoop readily but it hurts to straighten. agg.

Mental exertion; talking; writing; reading. agg.

After sleep. Coitus agg.

Most symptoms are agg. in morning; agg. after sleep. agg. 10 to 11 a.m. agg.

During full moon. agg.

By eating. agg. From bread, acid food, fat, wine. agg.

After breakfast. amel.

Going without regular meals. agg.

Touch and pressure. Full sensation is amel. by tight clothes.

Back amel. lying on something hard. amel.


In mapped tongue, Arsenicum Album Ars., Rhus Tox Rhus, Kali Bich K. bi.., Taraxacum Tarax., Ran. s. (acidity).

Hypochondriasis with indigestion, Natrum Sulphuricum Nat. s. (Nat Mur Nat. m. melancholy keeps step with the constipation; Natrum Sulphuricum Nat. s. melancholy with degree of indigestion).

Lachrymose, Pulsatilla Puls. (amel. consolation), Sepia Sep., Ignatia Ign.

Schoolgirls' headache, Calc Carb Calc., Calc phos Calc. p. Headache coming and going with sun, Spi., Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels., Glo., Sanguinaria Canadensis Sang.

Headache with partial blindness, Kali Bich K. bi.., Ir. v. Half sight, Aurum Metallicum Aur., Lithium Carbonicum Lith. c., Lycopodium Lyc., Titan.

Headache with cough, Capsicum Annuum Caps., Bryonia Bry., Sulphur Sul. (Sulphur Sul. occiput, Nat Mur Nat. m. forehead).

Spurting of urine with cough, Fer., Scill., Causticum Caust., Pulsatilla Pul.

Ravenous yet wastes, Iodium Iod. (Nat Mur Nat. m., especially neck).

Distended stomach amel. tight clothing, Fl. ac. (opp. Lachesis Lach., Hep Sulph Calc Hep.).

Hydroa labialis, Hep Sulph Calc Hep., Rhus Tox Rhus, Arsenicum Album Ars., Camphora Camph.

Herpes circinatus, Sepia Sep., Bar. c., Tell.

Chill 10 a.m., Stn. (Stn. hectic, Nat Mur Nat. m. intermittent).

Paralysed by emotion, Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels., Staphysagria Staph.

Amenorrhoea, Kali Carb K. ca. (acts when Nat Mur Nat. m. fails).

Backache, spinal irritation, Kali Carb K. ca. Cold feeling about heart, Petroleum Petrol. Spinal irritation, Act. r. (Nat Mur Nat. m. amel. lying flat, Act. r. agg. from touch).

Oily sweat on face, Bryonia Bry.

Intermittents, chill beginning in small of back, Eup. pf.; Rhus Tox Rhus (chill begins in one leg, or thigh, or between shoulders), Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels. (runs up spine).

Prolapsus uteri, Sepia Sep., Lilium Tigrinum Lil. t. Sensation of foreign body in anus, Sepia Sep. (ball).

Constriction in anus, Lachesis Lach., Belladonna Bell., Causticum Caust., Nitric Acid Nit. ac., Ignatia Ign., Op., Phosphorus Pho.

Sadness during menses, Lycopodium Lyc., Nitric Acid Nit. ac., Sepia Sep. (Nat Mur Nat. m. agg. or amel. 10 a.m.).

Stitches in heart, Spi., Arsenicum Album Ars., Kali Carb K. ca., Carbo Veg Carb. v. agg.

After sleep, Lachesis Lach., Sulphur Sul.

Ripping-up sensation of anus after stool, Sepia Sep. Stomatitis, Capsicum Annuum Caps., Sulphur Sul. ac.

Dreams persist after waking, Chininum Sulphuricum Chi.

Chilblains on feet only, Lycopodium Lyc.

Sinking 11 a.m., Sulphur Sul.

Breasts painful before menses, Calc Carb Calc., Conium Mac Con. Umbilical hernia with absence of urging, Bryonia Bry., Ver. (with urging, Nux Vomica Nux, Cocculus Indicus Cocc.).

Laughs at serious things, Anacardium Anac., Phosphorus Pho., Lycopodium Lyc., Platinum Metallicum Plat.

Weeps if looked at, Kissingen.

Hair sensation on tongue, Silicea Sil.

Head and face amel. uncovering, Natrum Carbonicum Nat. c., Lycopodium Lyc.

Headache from eye-strain, Onosmodium Onos. (Teste includes Nat Mur Nat. m. in his Lycopodium Lycopod. group, with Viol. t. and Antimonium Crudum Ant. c.) Causation.

Vertigo in forenoon. pressing head down when sitting.

on rising from bed and on waking.

on stooping. on turning round (on turning in bed from r. side to l.).

everything seems to turn in circle.

with flickering before eyes and dulness of head.

and nausea woke her 5 a.m., amel. lying with head high.

on crossing a stone bridge the stones seemed to sink under feet.

amel. lying down. keeping quiet.

by cold applications.

Fever, with pains in bones, pains in back, yellowish complexion, headache, weakness, bitter taste in mouth, ulceration at commissures of lips, want of appetite, pressure at pit of stomach, with great sensitiveness of that part to touch.

quotidian or tertian fever, generally commencing in morning by shiverings, followed by heat and thirst.


Half an ounce of ordinary kitchen salt is dissolved in an ounce and a half of boiling, distilled water, in order to free it from its associated salts, it is filtered through printing paper, and left to crystallize by evaporation at a temperature of 122° Fahrenheit. The crystals, which are allowed to dry off on blotting paper, are of cubical shape with pyramidal indentation on every side. One grain of these crystals is triturated to the one millionth attenuation, and then brought to the decillionth attenuation, as indicated in the first part of this work.

There is hardly any pure experience of the real medicinal effects of common salt in diseases.

Where it has been given, indeed, with quick effects, in spitting of blood and in other haemorrhages, the enormous quantity given (a tablespoonful swallowed at once) manifestly only acted as a violent, diverting counter irritant upon the stomach and the intestines, in the same way as a mustard plaster, applied on the calves or the arms, by the stronger pain it causes, serves at times to produce a sudden temporary cessation of toothache.

If, furthermore, as experience teaches, all substances that should have the power of healing diseases, must, on the other hand, be able to affect injuriously the state of healthy men, it would be hard to see how all nations on earth, even those only half-civilized, should have daily used salt in not inconsiderable quantities, for so many thousands of years, without experiencing any deleterious effects on the human health (as indications of its healing powers), if it is really able to ultimate such effects openly and plainly. LIND, indeed, derives scurvy in long sea-voyages from the use of salt meats on board of ships.

but this is improbable, as many other morbific causes cooperate to develop this cachexy.

If we then assume, that common salt in its natural condition, shows no injurious effects on the human health, when used daily in moderate quantity, we ought not to expect from it any curative effects in diseases. Nevertheless, the greatest medicinal virtues lie within it.

The fact that very salty food, when eaten in , excites heat and thirst, while as much salt as will lie on the point of a knife, when taken by a healthy person, thirsty on account of the want of drink, relieved his thirst, -this single experience seems to give some hint of a certain injurious effect of crude cooking salt, and also to indicate some corresponding homoeopathic healing virtue. But we must consider, that also other substances, seemingly indifferent, will, when taken in excess, become hurtful.

If there is then any proof convincing even the most dim-sighted, that the preparation of drugs, peculiar to Homoeopathy, opens, as it were, a new world of forces, which hitherto have lain hidden by nature, this proof is surely afforded by the transformation of common salt, so indifferent in its crude state, into a heroic and mighty medicine, which, after such preparation, can only be given to patients with the greatest care.

What an incredible and yet actual transformation! apparently a new creation!

Pure common salt (dynamized like other homoeopathic material powers) is one of the most powerful antipsoric medicines, as may be seen by the peculiar effects on the human body, which are recorded below.

Natrum Muriaticum has proved itself especially efficient, where the following were among the conditions presented

Sadness, solicitude and apprehension about the future.

anxieties. tendency to be startled.

. violence. vertigo, in which all objects seems to whirl about, and the patient tends to fall forward.

vertigo with jerks in the head and difficulty in collecting oneself.

. inability to think. much feeling in the head.

. daily , especially in the occiput, closing the eyelids.

headache in the morning.

pressure in the whole head and in the temples.

. headache, as if the head would burst.

tearing, shooting headache, compelling one to lie down, stitches above the eyes.

pressive pain above the eyes.

stitches in the parietal bone.

throbbing and drawing in the forehead.

throbbing in the head.

hammering headache. beating and throbbing in the head, on moving the body.

scurf on the head. pimples on the forehead.

pain from excoriation in the eyes.

inflammation of the eyes.

gluey matter in the outer canthi.

nocturnal closing of the eyes by suppuration.

lachrymation. acrid tears.

closing of the eyelids every evening.

everything becomes black before the eyes, when walking and stooping.

sudden obscuration of the eyes, when a tearing, shooting headache sets in.

dim-sightedness, like feathers before the eyes.

gauzy before the eyes, so that he cannot see at all.

long-sightedness. double sight.

. black dots and streaks of light before the eyes.

incipient amaurosis. shooting in the ears.

beating and throbbing in the ears.

pus discharged from the ears.

tingling in the ears. ringing of bells in the ears.

humming and . hardness of hearing.

lack of smell. pain as of subcutaneous festering in the cheekbones, when chewing.

itching in the face. pimples in the face.

herpes about the mouth.

swelling of the upper lip.

. blood-blisters on the inner side of the upper lip, painful when touched.

frequent swelling of the submaxillary glands.

dental fistula. blister on the tongue.

chronic sore throat, feeling as if she had to swallow over a lump.

hawking of mucus. expectoration of mucus, in the morning.

putrid taste in the mouth before breakfast.

sour taste in the mouth.

bitterness in the mouth.

eructations. offensive eructations, after partaking of fat or milk.

heartburn. burning rising from the stomach.

lack of appetite. , morning and evening.

, with fullness and satiety after but little eating.

intense desire for bitter things and for bitter beer.

loathing of fat viands.

constant thirst. while eating, sweat in the face.

. after eating, heartburn.

after meals, with writhing sensation about the stomach.

, and then sour vomiting of food.

. pressure in the stomach in the morning.

pressure in the stomach with nausea and sudden sinking of the strength.

pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

cramp in the stomach. pain of the scrobiculus cordis, when pressed upon.

pit of the stomach, swollen and painful as if festering beneath.

. jerks in the scrobiculus cordis.

cramp in the diaphragm when stooping.

stitches in the hepatic region.

stitches below the left ribs.

pain in the splenetic region.

pressive pain in the left hypogastrium.

. swelling of the abdomen.

rigidity in the left side of the abdomen.

. rumbling in the abdomen.

loud . constipation every other day.

chronic costiveness. , with tearing shooting pain in the anus and rectum.

too frequent stool. chronic soft stools.

burning in the rectum during stool.

burning at the anus. shooting pain in the rectum.

excoriation and throbbing in the rectum.

varices in the anus. pain of the varices in the anus.

involuntary passage of urine, when walking, coughing and sneezing.

. discharge of mucus from the male urethra.

secondary gonorrhoea. excessive excitation of the sexual parts.

excessive excitation of the fancy, tending to sexual intercourse.

impotence. retarded menses.

. headache during, before and after the menses.

peevishness before the menses.

. at the appearance of the menses, sadness.

during the menses, spasmodic pains in the hypogastrium.

. aversion to coitus, with woman.

. acridity of the leucorrhoea..

. coryza and sneezing.

abortive sneezing. hoarseness.

hawking. mucus on the chest with coughing.

rattling on the chest.

morning-cough. cough from tickling, when walking and taking a deep breath.

chronic, short cough. spasmodic, suffocative cough, in the evening in bed.

during coughing, headache, as if it would split the forehead.

in walking fast. during manual labor.

wheezing, when respiring in the evening in bed.

tightness in the chest.

tensive pain in the chest.

shooting in the chest, when taking a deep breath.

shooting in the chest on coughing.

with anxiety. palpitation at every movement of the body.

shooting in one of the breasts.

sharp drawing through the hips and the sacrum.

cutting in the sacrum.

paralytic bruised pain in the sacrum.

drawing pressure in the back.

tensive pain in the back.

weariness in the back.

pressure in the nape. goitre.

crusts in the axilla. paralytic heaviness of the arm.

weariness of the arms.

burrowing pain in the upper arm.

stitches in the wrist-joint.

. pain in the hip as if dislocated.

drawing pain in the lower limbs.

. herpes in the houghs.

weariness in the knees and calves.

ulcerative pain in the ankles, when touched or when treading.

heaviness of the feet.

burning and swelling of the feet.

pressive drawing in the limbs.

ailments from much talking.

bad consequence of vexation.

ill effects of acid food.

ill effects from eating bread.

tendency to strains and sprains.

distended veins. corns.

. ready to take cold. awkwardness of body.

laziness after rising, in the morning.

. hysterical lassitude.

drowsiness by day. , with weeping.

heavy dreams at night, waking for hours, or difficulty in falling asleep again.

nocturnal thirst. nocturnal pains in the back.

nocturnal trembling in the nerves.

nocturnal, hourly micturition.

frequent internal chill.

restlessness with chill.

. coldness of the hands and feet.

perspiration on walking.

perspiration, too ready and profuse on moving about.

morning-perspiration, intermittent fevers mismanaged by abuse of quinine.

, when prepared as indicated above, can be advantageously repeated, after an intermediate remedy, if it continues to be homoeopathically indicated.

Camphora Camphor has little power in antidoting too excessive effects of this antipsoric; the frequent has far more effect.

Some contributions are by , .; others by the late , .; but the greater number by , in Hungary, . and , in Paris, .

The pathogenesis in the first edition, appearing in its fourth volume (1830), already contains (beside Hahnemann's own observations on patients), symptoms from Roehl, SchréTerebinthina ter and Rummel, of which it is expressly stated, that they were obtained from healthy persons with the thirtieth potency. The addition here from Foissac and from Hahnemann himself are probably of the same kind respectively.


* * * * *

Attack like uterine disease the pain drew from the left shoulder toward the head.

it then pressed in the temples as if the head would split.

the brain ached, as if sore and bruised, with a constant drawing pain from the shoulder toward the head, and constant inclination to vomit, as if coming from the stomach.

she had to lie down, with a chill and heat of the face (8th d.).

Attack of great excitation, with great anguish.

formication in the finger-tips, the hand and the arms sets in.

the arm goes to sleep as if it was dying off, and the tingling rises up into the throat, into the lips and the tongue.

which become, as it were, stiff, while there is boring in a tooth.

then weakness of the head, with defective vision.

also the lower limb goes to sleep and feels dead in the joint.

chiefly toward evening.

Attack of inclination to vomit, in the forenoon, with vertigo, and digging in the scrobiculus cordis, with a chill, a sensation as of cold water poured over her.

wherever she looked, things seemed to whirl around with her, as if she should fall forward.

her head felt so heavy that she could hardly walk, and it seemed to her heavier than the rest of the body.

Common Salt. Hahnemann. Na. Cl.

* *

Salt is so common an article of diet that it has been assumed that it could be of no use in medicine.

Natrum Muriaticum is only the opinion of men who, operate entirely on the tissues. There are no constitutional effects from crude salt.

One may find an individual growing thin with all the symptoms of salt.

he is taking salt in great quantities, but digesting none of it. Salt will be found in the stool, for it does not enter into the life. There is a Nat Mur Natr. mur inanition, a starving for salt. The same is true of lime. Children can get plenty of lime from their food and that is better when the salt or the lime is given in such shape that it cannot be resisted by the internal man - aimed not at the house he lives in, but at the individual himself-then the bone, salt inanition, the Nat Mur Natr. mur. inanition, will soon pass away.

We do not with our small dose supply the salt that the system needs, but we cure the internal disease, we turn into order the internal physical man, and then the tissues get salt enough from the food. Drugs must all be administered in suitable form. We may need to go higher and higher until the secret spring is touched.

Nat Mur Natr. mur is a deep acting, long acting remedy. It takes a wonderful hold of the economy, making changes that are lasting when given in potentized doses.

A great deal is presented that can be seen by looking at the patient, so that we say this looks like a Nat Mur Natr. mur patient. Experienced physicians learn to classify patients by appearance. The skin is shiny, pale, waxy, looks as if greased. There is a wonderful prostration of a peculiar kind. Emaciation, weakness, nervous prostration, nervous irritability.

Natrum Muriaticum will be followed by tearfulness, great sadness, joylessness. No matter how cheering the circumstances are she cannot bring herself into the state of being joyful. She is benumbed to impressions, easily takes on grief, grieves over nothing.

Unpleasant occurrences are recalled that she may grieve over them. Consolation aggravated the state of the mind - the melancholy, the tearfulness, sometimes brings on anger. She appears to bid for sympathy and is mad when it is given.

Unrequited affection brings on complaints. She is unable to control her affections and falls in love with a married man. She knows that it is foolish, but lies awake with love for him. She falls in love with a coachman. She knows that she is unwise, but cannot help it. In cases of this kind Nat Mur Natr. mur will turn her mind into order, and she will look back and wonder why she was so silly. Natrum Muriaticum belongs to hysterical girls.

In a mental state where Ignatia Ign temporarily benefits the symptoms, but does not cure, its chronic Nat Mur Natr mur should be given. It is as well to give Nat Mur Natr. mur. at once if there is an underlying constitutional state too deep for Ignatia Ign

Modalities Aversion to bread, to fats and rich things.

The Nat Mur Natr. mur. patient is greatly disturbed by excitement, is extremely emotional. The whole nervous economy is in a state of fret and irritation, worse from noise, the slamming of a door, the ringing of a Belladonna bell, the firing of a pistol, worse music.

The pains are stitching, electric-like shocks, convulsive jerkings of the limbs on falling asleep, twitchings, shooting pains. She is oversensitive to all sorts of influences, is excitable, emotional, intense.

Complaints come on in the warm room, worse in the house, she wants the open air. The mental complaints are better in the open air. She takes cold easily from sweating, but is generally better in the open air, though worse on getting heated; worse by sufficient exertion to heat up, but better by moderate exertion in the cold air.

Both Natr. carb. and Nat Mur Natr. mur. have the general nervous tension of Natrum, but one is a chilly patient, the other warm, blooded.

There are scaly and squamous eruptions, with great itching, oozing a watery fluid, or sometimes dry. An exfoliation takes place, a shining surface is left. In the meatus, scales form, and peel off, leaving an oozing surface.

Watery vesicles form about the lips and wings of the nose, about the genitals and anus. Vesicular eruptions, white, oozing a watery fluid, come and go. Great itching of the skin is present,

The skin looks waxy, dropsical. There is great emaciation, the skin looking dry, withered, shrunken. An infant looks like a little old man. There is a down on the face that passes away when improvement sets in. Emaciation takes place from above downward.

The collar-bones become prominent and the neck looks scrawny, but the hips and lower limbs remain plump and round. Lycopodium Lyc also has emaciation from above downward. The directions of remedies will often enable us to distinguish one from another.

Discharges The characteristic discharge from the mucous membranes is watery or thick whitish, like the white of an egg.

There is a marked coryza with a watery discharge, but the constitutional state has thick, white discharges. He hawks out a thick, white discharge in the morning. There are gluey oozings from die eyes. From the ears flows a thick, white, gluey discharge. The leucorrhoea is white and thick.

With the gonorrhoea the discharge has existed a long time and become gleety. There is smarting m the urethra only after urination.

Hammering pains in the head on waking in the morning.

The pain comes on in the latter part of sleep. There is great nervousness during the first part of the night; she falls asleep late and awakes with hammering in the head. There are also headaches beginning at 10 to 11 A.M., lasting until 3 P.M. or evening.

The headaches are periodical, every day, or third day, or fourth day. Headaches of those living in malarial districts, better from sleep; the patient must go to bed and be perfectly quiet, better from sweating, headaches associated with intermittent fever.

During the chill it seemed as though the head would burst; he is delirious and drinks large quantities of cold water. There is no relief to the head until after the sweat. Sometimes all the symptoms are relieved by the sweat except the headache.

In another form of headache; the greater the pain the more the sweat; sweating does not relieve; the forehead is cold, covered with a cold sweat. When the head is covered warmly he is better moving about in the open air.

Spine In spinal troubles, when there is great sensitiveness to pressure an irritable spine.

The vertebrae are sensitive and there is a great deal of aching along the spine. Coughing aggravates the pain in the spine, also walking makes it worse, but it is better from lying on something hard, or pressing the back up against something hard.

they may sit with a pillow or the hand pressed against the back. In menstrual troubles, you find the woman lying with some hard object under the spine.

A general nervous trembling pervades the body. There is jerking of the muscles, trembling of the limbs, inability to keep the limbs still, as in Zincum Metallicum Zincum

The stomach is distended with flatus. After eating there is a lump in the stomach. It seems to take a long time for food to digest. worse from eating. Whitish, slimy mucus is vomited attended with relief.

There is great thirst for cold water, sometimes there is relief from drinking, sometimes the thirst is unquenchable. We find fullness in the region of the liver with stitching, tearing pains.

The bowels are distended with gas. There is slowing down of the action of the bowels, the stool being very difficult, in hard, agglomerated lumps.

Bladder There is slowing down of the action of the bladder.

Must wait before the urine will start, and then it comes slowly-dribbles; there is not much force in the flow.

After urination there is a sensation as if more urine remained in the bladder. If anyone is present he cannot pass urine, cannot pass it in a public place.

There is also continued urging, he must pass the urine often.

Natrum Muriaticum and Natr. Sulphur sulph were used by the homoeopaths to clear up chronic diarrhoea, the old army diarrhoea.

Nat Mur Natr. mur is useful in the complaints of women, in troublesome menstruation. There is a great variety of menstrual complaints menses too scanty or too free, too late or too soon. We cannot individualize from the menstrual symptoms, we must do it from the constitutional state.

Examine every possible function to be sure you have all the symptoms. Examine every organ, not by examining it physically, for results of diseases do not lead to the remedy, but examine the symptoms.

Observe the rapidity with which remedies affect the human system there are some that are long acting, deep acting. Nat Mur Natr. mur is one of these. It operates very slowly, bringing about its results after a long time, as it corresponds to complaints that are slow, that are long in action.

Natrum Muriaticum does not mean that it will not act rapidly; all remedies act rapidly, but not all act slowly; the longest acting may act in acute diseases, but the short acting cannot act long in chronic diseases. Get the pace, the periodicity of remedies.

Some remedies have a continued fever, some a remittent, others an intermittent fever. In Aconite Acon., Belladonna Bell. and Bryonia Bry. we have three different paces, three different motions, three different forms of velocity.

so in Sulphur Sulph., Graphites Graph., Nat Mur Natr. mur., Carbo veg. a different form, a different development.

Nat Mur Natr. mur is a long acting remedy; its symptoms continue for years; it conforms to slow-coming, long-lasting, deep-seated symptoms. It requires a long time for a man to be brought under the influence of it, even when moderately sensitive.

The chill comes in the morning at 10-30; every day, every other day, every third or fourth day. The chill begins in the extremities which become blue; there is throbbing pain in the head, the face is flushed; delirium, talking of everything, constant maniacal actions.

They grow worse until a congestive attack comes. During the entire attack there is thirst for cold water. During the coldness he is not better by heat, not better by piling on the clothing, but wants cold drinks.

The teeth chatter, he tosses from side to side, the bones ache as if they would break, and there is vomiting as in congestive conditions. In the fever he is so hot that the fingers are almost scorched with the intense heat, and he goes into a congestive sleep or stupor. The sweat relieves him.

the aching all over is better by the sweat, and in time the headache passes away.

There is intense chill, fever and sweat. Sometimes the attacks are in robust, strong people, but usually in the anaemic, in emaciated people full of malaria; lingering, chronic cases.

Complaints do not always have this long prodrome. Natrum Muriaticum's most striking use is in cases that have been living a long time in malarial swamps.

saturated with the malarial atmosphere.

they are anaemic, often dropsical.

in old cases that have been mixed with Arsenicum Album arsenic and quinine, the crude drugs used by the Old School to break the fever as long as the patient is under their sway, but the patient is sick internally even more than before, and when the condition comes back, it is generally in its original form.

the crude drug is usually unable to change the type of an intermittent fever.

Remedies only partly related to the case will change the character of the sickness so that no one can cure the case. The homoeopathic remedy will cure intermittent fever every time if you get the right remedy. If there is a failure the case is mixed up so that no one may be able to cure it. First of all a master must realize the case and turn it into order so that it can then be cured. There are few men who never spoil a case of ague, because many cases come from partly developed, marked cases, the symptoms not being all out, especially in cases that have taken homoeopathic remedies. The homeopathic failures are the worst failures on earth.

Nat Mur Natr. mur is irregular enough in its nature to develop the chills into regularity. When it has come into better order, wait either the whole case will subside, or another remedy will be clear. There are other remedies that can turn cases into order. Often cases spoiled by homoeopaths can be turned into order by Sep Marked cases with congestion of the head, aching in the back and nausea are turned into order by Ipecacuanha Ipecac

The cure is permanent after homoeopathic prescribing; the chills do not return.

Nat Mur Natr. mur. not only removes the tendency to intermittents, but restores the patient to health, and takes away the tendency to colds, the susceptibility to colds, and to periodicity. It is the susceptibility that is removed. We know that every attack predisposes to another attack.

Each attack of ague is more destructive than the previous one. The drugs used increase the susceptibility; the homeopathic remedy removes$ the susceptibility. Homeopathic treatment tends to simplify the human economy and to make diseases more easily managed.

Unless this susceptibility be eradicated, man goes down lower and lower into emaciation, emaciation from above downwards.

The mammary glands waste, there is wasting of the upper parts of the body. The uterus is intensely sore.

The leucorrhoea, which is at first white, turns green. Women take cold in every draft of air.

There is pain during sexual congress with dryness of the vagina, a feeling as though sticks pressed into the walls of the vagina; pricking pains.

There is dryness of all mucous membranes; everywhere the membranes are dry. The throat is dry, red, patulous; a sensation of a fishbone jagging into it when swallowing; there is inability to swallow without washing down the food with liquids; there is sticking all the way down the oesophagus.

Nitric Acid Nitr. ac., Argentum Nitricum Argent. nit., Alumina Alum. and Nat Mur Natr. mur. all have it, but all differently.

Hep Sulph Calc Hepar sulfur The tonsils are swollen, full, purple-quinsy.

The patient is sensitive to the slightest draught, there is pain in the throat even on putting the hand out of bed; he sweats in the night with no relief; he is sensitive to every impression; feels everything ten times amplified.

Nitric Acid Nitricum Acidum There are yellow patches in the throat; ragged, jagged ulcers in the throat, or it is inflamed and purple.

The urine smells like horses' urine.

Argentum Nitricum Argentum nitricum There is much hoarseness, the vocal cords being disturbed.

The throat is swollen, patulous; the patient wants cold things, cold water, cold air. Adapted to those cases that have had ulceration of the os uteri with cauterization.

Natrum Muriaticum There is extreme dryness of the mucous membranes, as if they would break; chronic dryness without ulceration.

There is much catarrhal discharge like the white of an egg, with dryness of the mucous membranes when not covered by this mucus. The patient is extremely sensitive, sensitive to a change of weather.

Every remedy has its own pace, its order or succession. We must bear in mind the order of succession.

Acute diseases that result in hydrocephalus, or in irritation of the spine. Sometimes useful in abdominal dropsy, but more often in oedema of the lower extremities. Acute dropsies after scarlet fever; the patient is oversensitive, starts in his sleep, rises up in the night with confusion; there are albumen and casts in the urine,

In dropsy after the malaria, Nat Mur Natr. mur., when it acts curatively, generally brings back the original chill. The only cure known to man is from above down, from within out, and in the reverse order of coming. When it is otherwise, there is only improvement, not cure. When the symptoms return there is hope.

that is the road to cure and there is no other.

The skin symptoms are sometimes very striking. In old lingering cases where the skin looks transparent as if the patient would become dropsical, a waxy, greasy, shiny skin; other remedies with greasy, shiny skin are Plumb., Thuja Thuja, Selenium Selen

These remedies go deep into the life. Any remedy that can produce such wonderful changes is long-acting.

Useful after labor when the mother does not progress well; she is feeble and excitable; the lochia is prolonged, copious and white; the hair falls out from the head and genitals; the milk passes away, or the child does not thrive on it.

Useful in after pains where there is subinvolutîon of the uterus, the uterus is in a state of prolonged congestion.

She is worse noise, music, the slamming of a door. She craves salt and has an aversion to bread, wine and fat things. Sour wines disorder the stomach. Nat Mur Natr. mur will clear up the case, restore the milk, turn the case into order.

Nat Mur Natr. mur. is needed by those chlorotic girls who have a greasy skin, a greenish, yellowish complexion; who menstruate only once in two or three months.

The menses are copious, or scanty and watery. Where the symptoms agree, Natrum Muriaticum can eradicate this chlorosis and turn the countenance into a picture of health, but not in a short time.

It takes years to establish health in a typical chlorosis; the cut finger bleeds only water; the menstrual flow is only a leucorrhoea; there is pernicious anemia. Nat Mur Natr. mur., goes deep enough into the life to restore the pink complexion.

Melancholy, depressed, sad and weeping; Consolation aggravates.

Great emaciation, even while living well, shows most in the neck.

Anaemia with bursting headaches, especially at the menses, also school girls' headache.

Great dryness of mucous membranes from lips to anus; lips dry and cracked, especially in the middle; anus dry, cracked, fissured; constipation.

Heart palpitates, flutters, intermits, pulsates violently, shaking the whole body; worse lying on left side.

Itching eruptions, dry or moist; worse at the margins of the hair.

Modalities worse 10 to 11 A. M. (many complaints), especially malarial affections; lying down, especially on left side; heat of sun or heat in general; abuse of Quinine, relieved by sweat.

Tongue; mapped with red insular patches.

For bad effects; of anger, Argentum Nitricum nitrate of silver; too much salt; craves salt and salty things.

Hang nails; skin around the nails dry and cracked; herpes about the anus, in border of hair.

Warts on palms of hands (sore to touch, Nat Mur Nat.).

Now that we have introduced the Natrums, we will continue them. Common salt. A gentleman once said to me when I prescribed a dose of Sulphur Sulphur 30th, "Pshaw, I get more Sulphur sulphur than that in every egg I eat. How can that do me any good?" My answer was, wait and see. And he was cured of both doubts and disease. There is no remedy in the Materia Medica, I think, that so disgusts the advocates of the low potency, and, low only, as this one. The unquestionable cure of the most obstinate cases of intermittent fever with the 200th and higher potencies demoralizes them. That people eating salt in appreciable quantities right along and can't live without it, don't get well on it, and do get well on the same thing potentized, does not hold to reason, the microscope, molecular theory; spectrum analysis, or anything else scientific (so called) not being able to discover any material in the dose. But there stand the cures, like the blind man whom Jesus healed. It is a hard thing to be confronted by such facts against our prejudices. "Oh, well," said one of these doubters, "people sometimes get well without medicine." so they do with, I replied. Isn't it curious how some physicians will hoot at a potency and fly like a frightened crow from a bacillus varying in size from 0.004 millimeters to 0.006 m.m. They can hardly eat, drink or sleep for fear a little microbe of the fifteenth culture will light on them somewhere, but there is nothing in a potency above the 12th. Oh, consistency! When prejudice gives way to honest, earnest investigation for truth, the world may be better for it. Nat Mur Natrum mur. is one of our best remedies for anaemia. It does not seem to make much difference whether the anaemia is caused by loss of fluids (China China, Kali Carb Kali carb.), menstrual irregularities (Pulsatilla Puls.), loss of semen (Phos. acid, China China), grief or other mental diseases. In these cases of anaemia, to which Natrum is adapted, we may, in addition to the general paleness, have emaciation, notwithstanding the patient eats well. Severe attacks of throbbing headache.

There is almost always in these anaemic cases a great deal of fluttering, palpitation, and even intermittent action of the heart.

I have helped many such cases with Natrum Muriaticum high, in single doses, only repeating when improvement lagged.

I have seen a patient who had lost 40 pounds of flesh (weight, 160 lbs.), though eating well all of the time, under one dose of Nat Mur Natrum mur., tip the scales at 200 lbs. within three months from the time of taking.

He was very hypochondriac at the time of the beginning of treatment.

I cannot speak too highly of Nat Mur Natrum mur. in these affections. Nat Mur Natrum mur. is one of our best remedies for chronic headaches.

They come in paroxysms and would, by their intense throbbing nature, cause one to think of Belladonna Belladonna, only that they occur mostly in the anaemic, and the face is pale, or at least slightly flushed.

If the face is red and burning, eyes injected, and pain of beating or throbbing nature, we would immediately think of such remedies as Melilotus Officinalis Melilotus, Belladonna Belladonna, or Nux Vomica Nux vom., and then look for concomitant symptoms to decide between them.

The headaches of Nat Mur Natrum mur. are very apt to occur after the menstrual period, as if caused by loss of blood, and you know that China China also has throbbing headache in such cases.

With Natrum the throbbing headache occurs whether the menses be scanty or profuse. Nat Mur Natrum mur. also cures the headaches of school girls, and here it may be difficult to choose between it and Calc Carb Calcarea Phosphorus phos., both remedies also being particularly adapted to anaemic states.

Indeed, I have sometimes missed and had to give Calc Carb Calcarea Phosphorus phos. when Natrum failed and vice versa, because I could not make the choice.

These headaches are often brought on by eye-strain, as in long-continued study, close sewing, etc.

Then we have asthenopia with the headache, and must study also Argentum Nitricum Argentum nit. and Ruta Graveolens Ruta graveolens.

In actual practice such cases do sometimes occur, where the case in hand is not far enough developed in symptomatic indications to enable one to choose between two about equally indicated remedies.

If a man hits it well without ever having to try but twice I can forgive him for failing the first time, and am willing to be forgiven myself.

In these cases, however, let the physician be blamed, and not Homoeopathy, for that never fails.

So-called sick headaches often find their simillimum in Nat Mur Natrum mur.

For want of space we cannot give all of the symptoms which might indicate it. Nat Mur Natrum mur. acts upon the whole alimentary tract, from mouth to anus, and has very characteristic symptoms guiding to its administration.

The lips and corners of the mouth are dry, ulcerated, or cracked (Condurango Condurango).

In this it resembles Nitric Acid Nitric acid, as it also does at the other end of the alimentary canal; for with both remedies the anus is fissured, sore, painful and sometimes bleeding. Antimonium Crudum Antimonium crudum and Graphites Graphites are also to be remembered in this connection.

Now Merc Viv Mercury has thirst with moist mouth, but there is with Natrum Muriaticum swollen tongue, or flabby tongue, with indentations or prints of the teeth upon it, and very offensive breath, all of which is not markedly so of Nat Mur Natrum mur., so there is no danger of confounding the two.

You will remember that although alike or similar in their mind symptoms Pulsatilla Pulsatilla has the exact opposite as regards this symptom, viz., dry mouth with no thirst, furnishing a very marked contrast where a choice is necessary. Natrum has another similarity to Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, in that it has bitter taste, and loss of taste.

Again Natrum has a sensation upon the tongue similar to Silicea Silicea, viz., sensation of a hair upon the tongue (also Kali Bich Kali bich.).

Deep painful fissure in middle upper lip is given in Guiding Symptoms, but I have found it in the lower lip and believe it to be just as characteristic.

I made a splendid cure, being led to examination of the remedy by this symptom.

Blisters like pearls around the mouth are found in Nat Mur Natrum mur., especially in intermittents. If the upper lip is much thickened or swollen, not of an erysipelatous character, we would think of three remedies, all of which have it, Belladonna Belladonna Calc Carb Calcarea ost., Nat Mur Natrum mur. Alone, of course, this symptom would not amount to much but is strongly corroborative if found in connection with other symptoms of any of these remedies. The symptoms of the gums may be summer up in one word, scorbutic. Now study also Merc Viv Mercurius, Carbo Veg Carbo veg., Muriaticum Acidum Muriatic acid, etc.

There is another curious symptom in which I was helped by the elder Lippe to prescribe Nat Mur Natrum mur. with success in a case that had baffled me for a long time, viz., numbness and tingling of tongue, lips and nose.

Natrum Muriaticum came in connection with a chronic soreness of the liver, derangement of digestion, such as is often found in a condition which is popularly termed biliousness.

Natrum Muriaticum condition Nat Mur Natrum mur., given very high (said Lippe) c. m., clears up the case in a very short time. Map tongue is found under Nat Mur Natrum mur., Arsenicum Album Arsenicum alb., Lachesis Lachesis, Nitric Acid Nitric acid, and Taraxacum Taraxacum.

I have used Natrum with success oftener than the others.

I have not found Nat Mur Natrum mur. a great throat remedy, except in follicular pharyngitis, which had been abused with local applications of Argentum Nitricum Nitrate of Silver.

In post-diphtheritic paralysis of the muscles of deglutition Lachesis Lachesis or Causticum Causticum have served me much better.

Salivation profuse, watery and salty, is the reactionary or secondary action of Natrum and may find its remedy here. but this is not so often found as the other condition of dryness. Nat Mur Natrum mur has some strong characteristics under the head of appetite, thirst, desires and aversions.

No remedy is more hungry, yet he loses flesh while eating well. (Aceticum Acidum Acetic acid, Abrotanum Abrotanum, Iodium Iodine, Sanicula and Tuberculinum Tuberculinum). Iodium Iodine has this canine hunger with emaciation; but after eating the Natrum patient feels weary and sleepy, while the Iodium Iodine one feels better.

The Natrum patient after eating feels dull, with heavy aching and sense of fullness and discomfort in the region of the stomach and liver, which is relieved as digestion advances (see China China); but the Iodium Iodine patient wishes to eat all of the time and feels comfortable only when the stomach is full or being filled.

There are several remedies which are either hungry or relieved by eating, notably Anacardium Occidentale Anacardium, Chelidonium Majus Chelidonium and Petroleum Petroleum, as well as Nat Mur Natrum mur. and Iodium Iodine.

One might add also as hungry remedies China China and Lycopodium Lycopodium.

The Anacardium Occidentale Anacardium has pain in the stomach which extends to the spine, and an all gone sensation which must be relieved by eating; and after two hours returns and he must eat again. Chelidonium Majus Chelidonium hunger is accompanied with the characteristic liver symptoms. (See Chelidonium Majus Chelidonium).

In China China, Nat Mur Natrum mur. and Lycopodium Lycopodium hunger, patient fills up quickly and fullness, flatulence and distress follow until the process of digestion is well advanced, when they are relieved.

Again, Nat Mur Natrum mur. is a very useful remedy for an abnormal craving for salt.

Patient salts everything he eats.

A dose of the c. m. corrects this craving and often cures other symptoms accompanying. Causticum Causticum also has this symptom, and if the other symptoms indicate must take the preference.

Of course the intense thirst of salt is well known, and keep pace with the hunger.

In all of these cases, of course, it must be used high, for we get the low in our food.

Under the head of stool and rectum few remedies have stronger symptoms. I quote verbatim from "Guiding Symptoms" -"Constipation.

One of the best possible exercises for a student of Materia Medica is to compare these different symptoms, as follows Stools dry, crumbling, is also found under Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium muriaticum and Magnesia Muriatica Magnesia muriatica. Constipation from inactivity of the rectum, Alumina Alumina, Veratrum Album Veratrum album, Silicea Silicea, etc. Anus contracted, torn, bleeding, smarting and pain after stool, Nitric Acid Nitric acid. From want of moisture, dryness of mucous linings, Bryonia Bryonia and Opium. Leaving sensation of much soreness, Ignatia Ignatia, Nitric Acid Nitric acid, Alumen Alumen. Then again Nat Mur Natrum mur. may become the only curative for cholera infantum, chronic diarrhoea, and other conditions were loose stools predominate. I will not wait to specify all the symptoms. Emaciation, hunger and thirst are present, especially in cholera infantum, emaciation being most noticeable in the neck. (Abrotanum Abrotanum in the legs, also Ammonium Muriaticum Ammonium mur. and Argentum Nitricum Argent. nit.) Emaciation, Natrum, Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla and Iodium Iodine. On the urinary organs I will only call attention to the increased secretion already spoken of, and the involuntary escape of urine, which is also found under Causticum Causticum, Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, Zincum Metallicum Zincum and others, and a burning and cutting in the urethra after urination. Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla has the nearest to this last symptom, and we remember here the resemblance of these two remedies as to emaciation in cholera infantum. This cutting in the urethra may be found in chronic cases of gleet, and in these cases the discharge is almost always, as it is under Nat Mur Natrum mur. in all mucous membranes, clear and watery. Natrum Muriaticum is one of the best for bearing-down pains in women, which are worse in the morning. The patient feels as if she must sit down to prevent prolapsus. This is like the pains of the Sepia Sepia patient, who feels as if she must cross her legs for the same purpose. Now if we had the stool and anal symptoms of Natrum present, and especially the hypochondriasis, we would have almost a sure thing in Natrum. These uterine symptoms of Natrum are often accompanied by back pains, which are relieved by lying upon back, like Rhus Tox Rhus. I have already spoken of the headaches accompanying, and especially following the menses. They are throbbing and accompanied by great soreness of the eyes, especially on turning them. I have a patient now who has these headaches occasionally. She is inclined to anaemia. Was, when young, very anaemic. She is always relieved by Natrum Muriaticum in the 250m. potency, and under it is regaining her color and general health.

Nat Mur Natrum mur. has strong action upon the heart and circulation, as the following marked symptoms indicate "Fluttering of the heart with weak faint feeling, worse, lying down. Irregular intermission of beats of heart and pulse, worse on lying on left side. Violent pulsations of the heart which shake the body." (Spigelia Anthelmia Spigelia). All these symptoms are more markedly present in anaemic subjects, with constitution generally weakened by grief, sexual excess, loss of blood and other debilitating causes. It is especially efficacious in subjects suffering from abuse of Quinine. In fevers it is among Hahnemannians too well known to need much space here. In intermittents it is especially useful in cases suppressed, not cured, by Quinine, and its leading characteristic is in the time of the appearance of the chill.

Natrum appears characteristically at 10 to 11 A. M.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum Eupatorium perfoliatum at 7 A. M.

Apis Mel Apis mellifica at 3 P. M.

Lycopodium Lycopodium at 4 P. M.

Arsenicum Album Arsenicum alb. at 1 to 2 P. M. or A. M.

Without fixing the time just to the hour, there are many remedies which have chills in the morning or in the evening, etc. Now in regard to the time of aggravation in fevers, they occur quite as characteristically in other than intermittents. For instance the Natrum at 10 A. M., the Arsenicum Album Arsenic at 1 P. M. or A. M., etc.

The fever, headache and all other symptoms of Natrum are relieved by sweating, as are those of Arsenicum Album Arsenicum also. There are some strong symptoms found in the extremities. "Hang nails." The Natrum subject is always having them. Again, numbness and tingling in fingers and toes, like that also found in the lips and tongue, should make one think of Natrum. The ankles are weak and turn easily, especially in children who are late in learning to walk. Painful tension in the bends of the limbs, as if the cords were too short. This may amount to actual deformity, like Causticum Causticum, Guaiacum Guaiacum and Cimex. Then the spine very irritable, sensitive to touch, yet relieved by hard pressure, with weakness of the limbs, fluttering of the heart, even half paralyzed extremities. As far as this spinal weakness is concerned, it may take on a form of general debility, for which there is no better remedy than Nat Mur Natrum mur. The mental and physical powers seem greatly relaxed, and physical and mental labor equally prostrating. This condition may gradually progress to paralysis, and may be the result of badly treated intermittents, sexual excesses, diphtheria, depressing emotions or other causes of nervous exhaustion. The action of Natrum upon the skin must not be overlooked. First and foremost is its eczema, which is raw, inflamed, and especially worse at the edges of the hair. Next for tetters at the bends of the joints. They crack and crust over and ooze an acrid fluid. Finally in urticaria it ranks with Apis Mel Apis, Hepar sulphur. and Calc Carb Calcarea ost. I have used more space for Natrum Muriaticum, as I did for Lachesis Lachesis and Causticum Causticum, than for most other remedies, for the following reasons First, they are all remedies more efficient in high potencies. Second, they are not appreciated by the general profession. Third, I hope to induce those who do not use them to investigate them. I have found that those who highly value these three remedies are generally good Homoeopathic prescribers.


Twelfth to thirtieth and higher. The very highest potencies often yield most brilliant results. And in infrequent dosage.


NUTRITION Digestive tract BRAIN










The skin is very sensitive; even a slight blow or bruise is very painful,

Stitches in the skin in various parts of the body,

Fine stitches, here and there, in the skin (second day),

Fine stitches in the skin, especially of the lips, under the shoulder, in the chest (third day),

Fine stitches in various parts of the skin, especially on the chest, pit of the stomach, both wrists, and on the thighs (twenty-first day),

Frequent fine stitches, here and there, in the skin, as if nettlerash would break out (after 5th trit.),

Sudden fine stitches in various parts of the skin, with itching, obliging him to scratch, especially in the toes, right index finger, lips, glans penis, and prepuce and axilla, all day (first day),

Transient fine stitches, as with needles, in the skin, in various parts of the whole body (twenty-third day),

Fine transient stitches, as from electric sparks, here and there, in the skin, especially in the middle of the anterior surface of the right thigh; leaving behind a disagreeable cold sensation (after twenty-five days),

Itching stitches, here and there, in the skin, with internal creeping heat, without redness of the face,

Fine itching stitches in the skin, in the evening in bed,

Sudden voluptuous irritation, while sitting, disappearing on walking about (eleventh day),

Itching over the whole body (first three weeks),

Itching over the body, in the evening in bed (twelfth day),

Itching over the whole body, especially on the head,

Itching, especially on the left side of the chest, on the head, arms, neck, and thigh; in the latter there was a sensation as though the flesh were loosened from the bone (seventeenth day),

Itching, here and there, in the skin, especially on the calves; on this spot there appeared, after fourteen days, three herpetic eruptions (after repeated provings of the dilutions),

Extremely unpleasant itching over the whole body, especially in the evening, so that he could not rest,

Pain and redness in an old scar,

A sore became much more painful and inflamed, and began to suppurate profusely, with great swelling, and very depressed irritable disposition, so that the sore could not be touched without weeping,

Itching burning, as from nettles, on the left hand,

Fine stitches beneath the skin in the hepatic region, in the morning (second day),

Soreness of the thigh near the scrotum,

It becomes sore between the nates,

Smarting pain in the old warts,

Itching gnawing, obliging rubbing, in the tip of the right thumb (after 3d trit.),

(Biting and itching on the palm of the left hand, as from fleabites; was obliged to scratch it for more than half an hour), (ninth day),

Prickling with a painful fallen asleep sensation of the hands all day, on putting them into the pockets,

Prickling in the fingers, especially in their tips,

Itching in the skin on the middle of the forehead, where she parted the hair, also itching in both eyebrows, so that she was obliged to scratch these places all day, mostly in the morning (sixteenth day),

Itching behind the right ear, followed by long burning,

Itching on the lobules of the ears,

Itching on the left wing of the nose,

Itching in the beard, obliging scratching (ninth day),

Itching on the lower abdomen, for five minutes (second day),

After rising from bed, itching and burning of face, both in patches; most on left side; worse when near fire; the itching is temporarily relieved by rubbing (ninth day); left cheek itched very much, relieved by rubbing (tenth day),

Itching on the pubis, in the evening (seventeenth day),

Itching in the glans penis and region of the fraenum (eleventh day),

Itching on the tip of the glans penis provoking scratching (fifth day),

Itching on the scrotum and prepuce (after the crude),

Itching on the scrotum or between the scrotum and thigh, obliging scratching (1st trit.),

Itching and fine stitches between the scrotum and left thigh (seventh day),

Itching on the female mons veneris,

Itching on the chest, especially in the open air,

Itching on the back and thighs; he was obliged to scratch,

Itching on the small of the back, extending to the abdominal and hepatic regions and to the thighs,

Itching in the palm of the right hand, in the afternoon (fifth day),

Itching and crawling on the first phalanx of the left third finger (third day),

Itching and biting on the lower extremities, as after a mustard bath, in the evening (fourth day),

Itching internally in the hips,

Itching on the left leg, obliging scratching, at night (fourth day),

Itching in both calves, as if they had fallen asleep, obliging scratching (after the proving),

Itching on the feet, and especially on the inner side of the calves,

Itching on the back of the foot,

Itching on the toes,

Transient itching on the right calf, and after a quarter of an hour on the left inner malleolus, then for a few minutes in the left calf (third day),

Much itching on the lower extremities,

Violent itching externally on the chest,

Violent itching on and under the scrotum, and on the left thigh, in a red inflamed spot,

Violent itching on the small of the back that obliges scratching, in the evening in bed (fourth day),

Violent itching of the fingers, in the evening in bed, preventing falling asleep,

Sticking itching of the margin of the lower jaw (fourth day),

Sticking itching on the back of the right index finger, and on the lower margin of the right orbit, in the evening (fifth day),

Stitch like itching in the tip of the right index finger (after 10th dil.),

Intolerable biting itching near the genitals, with smarting pain after rubbing, for several weeks (after twenty-four hours),