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Natrum Muriaticum - General symptoms - Boger

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Thin, thirsty, hopeless and poorly nourished

Emaciation; descending; worse neck or abdomen


DRYNESS; skin, mouth, throat, rectum, vagina, etc

Numbness; of one side; parts lain on; fingers

Tremulous Easy exhaustion

Parts seem short, hamstrings, nape, etc

Not very sensitive to pain

Takes cold

Nervous erethism

Thick white or clear acrid discharges

Exact periodicity

Malarial cachexia

Hateful; detests consolation or a fuss


Easily angered; worse if consoled

Sad, reserved; company distresses


Weeps bitterly

Boisterous grief

Scattered thoughts, or an idea clings, prevents sleep, inspires revenge, etc



Fears or dreams of robbers Vertigo; as if falling, on closing eyes

Nodding motions

HEADACHES; hammering; heavy; bursting; maddening; over eyes; on vertex, on awaking; with partial numbness or disturbed vision; worse reading; worse motion, even of eyes; better pressure on eyes


Falling hair

Eyes feel drawn together

Lachrymation on affected side (Spi---- ); on sneezing, coughing, etc

Ptosis, on lying down

Vision blurred, wavering

Letters run together

Hemiopia, then headache

Can't read by artificial light

Nose stopped, high up; sneezing early in AM

; alternate fluent and dry coryza; gushes of fluid; little ulcers in

Face; pale, muddy or greasy

HERPES ABOUT LIPS; or at edge of hair; pearly

Throbbing in lower jaw, worse biting, worse heat and cold

Exophthalmic goitre

Hawks much mucus; bitter

TONGUE MAPPED; beaded or striped along edge Blunted taste and smell

Uvula hangs to one side

Throat; a spot is dry, sore, tickles, causes cough, etc

; glistens

Thirst; drinks large quantities

Hunger great, yet emaciates; without appetite


Averse to bread

Burning eructations; after eating


Epigastric pulsation

Anxiety in stomach, rises to head

Tense abdomen; worse groins

Dry, hard, crumbling stool, tears anus or causes burning; coated with glassy mucus; on alternate days

Chronic diarrhoea

Constricted rectum

Herpes ani

Red urinary sediment

Coition; painful; averse to; then backache, weak legs, depression, etc

Suppressed gonorrhoea

Debilitating leucorrhoea, replaces menses

Cough; from tickling in epigastrium; with asthma or palpitation; worse winter

Respiratory catarrhs, after suppressed sweats

Heart; palpitation, shaking body or alternates with beating in head; fluttering; weak; sore; worse emotions, lying on [left] side, or motion

Sore neck muscles

Bruised backache, early in AM

; worse coughing, better lying on back, or pressure

Cracked finger-tips

Catch in knees

Hamstrings seem short or drawing in

Sobs during sleep

Awakes feeling weak Skin, oily; dry, harsh, dirty, unhealthy or yellow; chaps or herpetic eruptions, worse flexures or about knuckles

Coldness of many parts; hands, feet; heart

Morning chill, with thirst

Chilly, but worse in sun

Sweat, cold, scanty; at edge of hair; on nose, on face, while eating (Chamomilla Cham)


NUTRITION Digestive tract BRAIN