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Natrum Muriaticum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Ill-humor.

on rising, vertigo. immediately on waking, heaviness of head, etc.

constrictive pain in brain, in bed, disappearing after rising.

headache. immediately after rising, stupefying headache.

on waking, weight in forehead.

throbbing, etc., in forehead.

on rising, perspiration on head.

sensation of sand in eyes.

biting lachrymation.

dimness of vision. sensation of stooped coryza.

mucus in the mouth. hawking of mucus.

green mucus from fauces.

at 8 o'clock, nausea, etc.

disturbed digestion, etc.

in bed, about 5 o'clock, cutting colic.

on waking, dryness of larynx.

cough. tickling cough.

tension in chest. on rising from bed, weary, etc.

pain in region of heart.

on rising, weakness of back.

on rising, paralyzed feeling in small of back.

on rising, aggravated by motion, sticking in shoulder-joint.

on waking, weary pain in lower extremities.

perspiration. sour-smelling perspiration.

(Evening), Vexed, etc.

fretful, etc. heaviness in forehead.

stitches in forehead. tension in temple.

on eating, stitches in parietal bone.

pressure in eyes. jerking in canthus.

heat of ear. drawing, etc., in back tooth.

desire to eat. after lying down in bed, cough.

oppression of chest. itching all over.

after tea, itching, etc.


(Night), On waking, dull headache, etc.

pulsation in head, etc.

sticking in forehead. sticking in left side of head.

when lying on occiput, headache externally.

tearing in jaw, etc. after midnight, pain in back teeth.

drawing toothache. after midnight, throbbing toothache, etc.

discharge of saliva. sensation in throat.

constrictive pain about umbilicus, etc.

cutting colic. burning in rectum.

from 8 to 11 o'clock, cough.

tickling cough, etc. towards morning pressure on chest.

sticking in nape of neck.

drawing in back. in bed, stitch in scapula.

stitches in thigh. uneasiness of feet.

Repeated congestion and heaviness of the head, becoming more violent during the day, and in the evening amounting to a violent sticking headache in the right side of the forehead, with transient painful stitches in the eyeball, repeated three times during the day, and only entirely disappearing towards evening.

the night was also more restless than usual, and on waking the heaviness and dulness of the head was felt,.

Cutting headache in the whole head, at 3 P.M.

in the right side it is at times somewhat though not entirely relieved, but then the pain is worse in the left side (aggravated in the open air).

on the left side it extends as a drawing pain from the forehead above the left eye to the zygoma and down to the angle of the lower jaw, only for a few minutes (this pain appears only on entering the house from the open air), (ninth day),.

Forehead felt heavy. relieved by pressure of hand.

worse on bending head down (unless it was supported at the same time), for it then felt as if the brain was falling forwards.

at the same time forehead feels full, in the evening, from 7 to 12 (eighteenth day).

heaviness in forehead, at 11 A.M.

better at 6 P.M. relieved by pressure of hand.

worse on bending head down.

if anything, it seemed to press from within outwards (as it did yesterday), and there was also a feeling of fulness of forehead at same time.

evening headache worse.

this kind of headache has always been worse in evening (nineteenth and twentieth days),.

Pressive pain in the forehead and eyeballs, so violent that the lids could only be raised with exertion and pain.

he could no longer read.

after dinner the pain increased so that he was obliged to lie down.

after half an hour he felt better, but the eyes watered profusely.

the same symptoms returned after two hours, and followed the same course (fourteenth day),.

Sudden, very violent pressive headache, extending from the right frontal region to one-half of the forehead and right eye, together with great sensitiveness of the eyeball.

the pain was aggravated by the slightest touch and was almost intolerable.

the light was also very distressing.

at 5 P.M., lasting four hours, somewhat relieved by drinking much water, but only entirely disappearing after a hearty supper.

these headaches returned every second day, at 5 P.M., for fully six weeks after the last dose,.

Sensation as though the brain moved and beat against the forehead, lasting till evening, somewhat better during the night, but returning the next day with renewed severity.

on the next day, also towards 11 A.M., the same sensation began again while ascending steps, and was so violent that he was obliged to rest, with trembling of the lower extremities, and a feeling as though the feet were swollen and insensible.

this disappeared after about a quarter of an hour, but returned about 3 and 5 P.M., though less severe (after sixteen days),.

Redness, swelling, and heat of left ala nasi, which is also sore, especially when touched, at 11.30 A.M., reappearing in the evening (third day).

on both alae, lasting from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M., then decreasing, worse on left side, reappearing at 6.30 P.M. (fourth day).

nose as before, worse on left side (fifth and sixth days).

left ala nasi worse in morning, right less affected than left, lasting half an hour.

since morning, felt only when near the fire.

nose has always been worse when near the fire (seventh day),.

Eruption over the whole body causing violent itching.

on the neck and arms it was as large as millet-seeds, on the abdomen, nates, and thighs as large as small peas.

she was obliged to scratch violently, which relieved the itching for a short time.

at first the eruption could only be felt as a pimple, but on scratching it became red and hard.

the itching prevented falling asleep (tenth day),.

Very many more pimples on face than usual, especially left side (first day).

two pimples on right cheek, with some burning (second day).

large pimple on back of (right) hand.

yesterday, face covered with pimples, three being very large ones.

to-day not so many (third day).

yesterday, pimples on chin and forehead.

a few to-day. yesterday they left burning.

to-day and yesterday they were more violent after washing in cold water (seventh day).

after washing face with cold water, pimples could be plainly seen under skin of face (eighth day),.

Red pimples over face, especially on left side.

face itching, burning, and red in patches, especially on left side.

in centre of forehead is a red circle, with a white patch in centre, and at the same place a number of pimples, burning and itching, the itching being only momentarily relieved by rubbing.

in afternoon, all symptoms of head and face better (seventh day).

woke with same head and face symptoms, but less.

in afternoon they decreased still further (eighth day).

still less (ninth day).

large pimple on dorsum of right foot, stinging, pricking, itching, and burning.

lasted three days. dying away the fourth day (fifteenth day).

pimple on edge of right ear, burning like fire, pricking and itching.

itching relieved by touch.

after rubbing it bled freely (seventeenth day).

much itching of the ear, relieved by touch (eighteenth day).

the same symptoms of right ear, but less.

worse in morning. no bleeding.

in morning, a pimple in corresponding part of left ear, burning, pricking, and itching.

the itching momentarily relieved by touch.

no bleeding. a pimple inside left external ear.

on dorsum of left foot, a pimple like the one on right foot, and in the corresponding place (nineteenth day).

one or two pimples inside left external ear and on the edge, stinging, itching, and burning like the former ones (twentieth day).

pimples on foot gone. more pimples on face than before, chiefly on left side, resembling the former ones (twenty-first day),.

A number of small red pimples on face, one on right upper eyelid, one larger one on right side of neck, at 12.30 P.M.

appearing again in the evening (third day).

pimples on face better in afternoon (fourth day).

pimples as before (fifth day).

one large pimple on right cheek, in the morning, left cheek covered with red pimples in the evening (tenth day).

also in the morning (eleventh day),.

A small painful vesicle on the upper lip, below the septum of the nose (fourth day).

*small vesicles on the upper lip, below the septum of the nose, which burn, it seems as though she had a moist nose (fifth day).

*the vesicles on the upper lip, beneath the septum of the nose, became confluent and covered with a scab, that fell off after several days and left a red spot, that lasted two weeks (after eleven days),.

Violent itching on the lower extremity of the inner surface of the left forearm, with the appearance of two red tetter-like spots as large as small peas.

next morning one of the spots had disappeared.

the other, when examined under the glass, seemed to consist of ruptured vesicles, so that the spot had a general raw look to the unaided eye.

after two days this also entirely disappeared (fifth to ninth day),.

Pressive pain in the stomach and liver.

the pressure was aggravated periodically, and was felt through the whole back.

on the following days, this pressure in the liver and back near the spine became very painful.

the urine became black, as if saturated with burnt coffee, and was completely opaque (urina ictericorum).

but there was no change in the color of the skin (after nine days),.

Desire for bread. he ate four pieces, with constant drinking and involuntary motion of the masticatory muscles, with great appetite.

distension and swelling of the abdomen prevented further eating.

but he still had a good appetite, though only for bread.

this was followed by great sleepiness.

he slept soundly, and woke about 1 A.M., with a pasty taste in the mouth, and much thirst.

he drank two glasses of water, rose, returned and slept quietly till morning,.

Became very thirsty during the following night, and drank large quantities of water, passing also a great quantity of urine.

these symptoms have ever since uninterruptedly continued, and instead of showing any signs of remission have rather gradually increased.

the quantity of water consumed in the twenty-four hours was about one gallon and one pint (2 kannen, Sw.), and the quantity of urine in the same space of time was somewhat less than one gallon (1 3/4 kan., Sw.).

one night, instead of water, she drank two pint bottles of Bavarian beer and two pint bottles of porter,.

Violent cutting, frequently recurring pains about the umbilicus, in the evening in bed, five minutes after the dose.

she fell asleep and was awakened.

after waking much thirst.

on rising she had no pains, but ongoing to bed the pains returned.

again she fell asleep and again was awakened.

on getting up she felt well, only very thirsty.

on returning to bed she was attacked with vertigo, pains in the abdomen, and nausea.

she was again awakened, and on rising was very thirsty.

on again returning to bed, she was immediately attacked with pains in the abdomen, about the umbilicus, and she could not again sleep soundly (thirteenth day),.

In the evening, he cried out, and said that a needle was sticking into the anus.

examination showed ascarides.

the next day, some threadworms were passed.

the biting and itching lasted five days.

it returned after two weeks, and he complained again of violent sticking, and threadworms were again found.

even to the end of the proving he had frequent itching in the anus, though no more worms were emitted,.

Diarrhoea at 11 P.M. at 3 A.M., he woke with urgent desire for stool, that was yellowish-brown, pasty, and offensive.

followed by distension of the abdomen, with loud rumbling, and a feeling of sensitiveness.

on turning around, there came from the stomach a noise like the croaking of frogs, with a feeling of weakness and uneasiness in the whole body.

the tongue and palate were stiff and dry.

at 7 A.M., he was again awakened by urgent desire for stool, and diarrhoea, with much flatulence, rumbling, and a feeling of sensitiveness in the abdomen.

repeated at 11 A.M. (after 10th dil.),.

Looseness of the bowels, immediately after waking, followed, after half an hour, by a pasty stool, with emission of much flatus, without the disappearance of the feeling of looseness.

after the evacuation of the bowels, another dose was taken, soon followed by violent rumbling, and after two hours by a copious, almost watery stool (fourth day),.

The quantity of urine voided in twenty-four hours was somewhat less than one gallon (1 3/4 kan., Sw.).

after about six months, the urine, which is often voided, is quite clear, of a peculiar greenish color, and of a feebly acid reaction, becomes frothy on being shaken.

its specific gravity in the morning is 1005.

in the afternoon 1004.

the urine of the morning shows, by the Nitric Acid nitric acid test, evidence of albumen.

in that of the afternoon, however, there is no trace of it.

in the specimens, which hitherto have been microscopically examined, no tubular casts have been found.

a few epithelial cells either normal or granular, occasionally containing a fat-globule, and some crystals of lithate of ammonia, are the only noteworthy elements discovered in a great number of microscopical examinations which were made,.

Very distressing attack, periodically, in the urethra and rectum.

there was frequent sensitiveness in the urethra, constrictive pain in it and in the rectum, with urging to urinate and stool, occurring irregularly, often several times an hour, even at intervals of five or ten minutes, or of two to four hours.

not aggravated by external pressure.

the urine was clear, of the usual amount, and passed without pain.

when urine was passed the urging to stool usually disappeared.

the latter could generally be repressed, but I was obliged to go to stool several times a day.

the stools were soft, rather thin, not preceded, accompanied, or followed by pain,.

She went to bed early, but her sleep was restless.

she woke at 11 P.M. with vertigo, nausea, weakness, and trembling of the limbs, and giving way of all the nerves.

at midnight she had to get out of bed.

on rising she had vertigo, even to falling down, and qualmishness, and she went back to bed.

after a few minutes vertigo, even to loss of consciousness, and vomiting of food three times.

the ejecta tasted of red wine.

after vomiting, chilliness over the whole body.

she first fell asleep about 2 A.M., then dreamed much, and in her dream quarrelled and disputed (sixteenth day),.

Creeping chilliness over the whole body (except the head), together with heat of the head and general warmth of the skin to touch, on lying down in bed, at 11 P.M., soon followed by burning heat of the hands, less of the feet.

for an hour she could not fall asleep, but constantly tossed about the bed, and afterwards slept very uneasily, with constant dreaming of quarrels and strife (eighteenth day),.

Left cheek felt burning in patches, at 11.30 A.M.

both cheeks burn in patches, at 12.30 P.M.

the right began ten minutes ago, the left is worse (third day).

burning in face returned, with redness, both in patches, worse on left side, at 6.30 P.M. (fourth day).

both sides alike, in the evening (fifth day), and at 6 P.M. (sixth day).

face rather hot in patches, both sides alike, scarcely any redness, lasting half an hour.

heat of fire has always increased heat and redness of face, or brought it on.

since morning, has only felt symptoms of face when near the fire (seventh day).

after rising from bed, worse in the afternoon (ninth day).

left cheek burning, and red in patches, worse when near the fire (tenth day).

left cheek burns in patches, and feels rough, in afternoon (eleventh day).

after washing in cold water in the morning, burning and redness of face, both in patches, worse on left side (twelfth day).

very little redness and burning on left side of face, in patches, in morning, burning less in afternoon (thirteenth day).

after washing in cold water, burning and redness of face, in patches, especially on left side, for ten minutes, at 1 P.M. (fourteenth day).

sudden heat and redness, in patches, on left cheek, for two hours, in the afternoon (eighteenth day).

heat as yesterday, but no redness, from 11 to 11.15 A.M., the same after washing in cold water, at 1 P.M., better at 6 P.M. (nineteenth day).

heat and redness of left cheek, in patches, from between 10 and 11 A.M. till 1 P.M. (twentieth day),.

A lightning-like sticking cutting, extremely violent pain, beginning in the anterior superior spine of the right ilium, extending partly down over the trochanter towards the anterior and outer surface of the thigh, partly upwards across the back to the vicinity of the scapula, shaking the whole body, while sitting (third day).

the next morning after waking, a similar cutting pain starting from the left hip,.

Attack of great excitement, followed with great anxiety by crawling, beginning in the tips of the fingers, the hands, and arms.

the arm falls asleep as if dead, and the crawling mounts into the throat, lips, and tongue, which seem to become stiff, with boring in a tooth.

followed by weakness of the head with impaired vision.

even the lower extremity falls asleep and the joints seem dead.

all mostly towards evening,.

An attack like epilepsy.

it extends from the left shoulder to the head, then presses in the temples, as if the head would burst.

the brain pained as if sore and beaten, with constant drawing pain from the shoulder to the head, and constant inclination to vomit, as if coming from the stomach.

she was obliged to lie down, with chilliness and heat in the face (eighth day),.

In the forenoon, attack of qualmishness, with vertigo, burrowing in the pit of the stomach, and chilliness as if dashed with cold water.

wherever she looked, everything seemed to turn around in a circle with her, as if she would fall forward.

the head was so heavy that she could scarcely walk, and it seemed heavier than the rest of the body,.

He walked the floor barefoot in agony.

his feet felt swollen, but no swelling was perceptible to the eye.

this intense suffering lasted nearly three-quarters of an hour, when the irritation went off, leaving him comparatively comfortable.

he had slight itching of the body during the night (fifth day).

soon after breakfast he began to feel the same irritation experienced the day previous, and in like manner it increased and spread over his entire body.

the itching and burning were not severe until after tea again, when it came on, if possible, worse than on the preceding evening.

the soles of his feet were again the seat of extreme suffering.

it lasted three-quarters of an hour, and passed off gradually as before (sixth day).

he suffered in like manner, but much less in degree, each day, however, experiencing an aggravation of the symptoms after tea (seventh and eighth days),.

In the morning, shortly after taking his dose, he noticed slight itching of the skin about his neck and under his chin, felt mostly, however, on each side of his neck.

he found that scratching did not relieve him, but the itching rather grew worse, so that he imagined himself to have been bitten by some insect.

upon examining the parts affected, he perceived a faint flush of red and very trifling swelling, but no distinct eruption.

he now began to experience considerable burning of the skin accompanying the itching, and during the day the irritation extended down his breast upon his arms, then down his body to his lower extremities, and finally his legs and feet also became the seat of great itching and burning.

after tea (he uses black) tea) the itching began again with ten fold violence.

it seemed to him as if he could not longer endure the intolerable itching and burning.

it began in the neck, and passed down the body, as during the day, to the soles of the feet, where he experienced the most suffering.

to use his own words, "I could not have suffered more if I had been walking upon red-hot coals of fire,".


The skin is very sensitive; even a slight blow or bruise is very painful,

Stitches in the skin in various parts of the body,

Fine stitches, here and there, in the skin (second day),

Fine stitches in the skin, especially of the lips, under the shoulder, in the chest (third day),

Fine stitches in various parts of the skin, especially on the chest, pit of the stomach, both wrists, and on the thighs (twenty-first day),

Frequent fine stitches, here and there, in the skin, as if nettlerash would break out (after 5th trit.),

Sudden fine stitches in various parts of the skin, with itching, obliging him to scratch, especially in the toes, right index finger, lips, glans penis, and prepuce and axilla, all day (first day),

Transient fine stitches, as with needles, in the skin, in various parts of the whole body (twenty-third day),

Fine transient stitches, as from electric sparks, here and there, in the skin, especially in the middle of the anterior surface of the right thigh; leaving behind a disagreeable cold sensation (after twenty-five days),

Itching stitches, here and there, in the skin, with internal creeping heat, without redness of the face,

Fine itching stitches in the skin, in the evening in bed,

Sudden voluptuous irritation, while sitting, disappearing on walking about (eleventh day),

Itching over the whole body (first three weeks),

Itching over the body, in the evening in bed (twelfth day),

Itching over the whole body, especially on the head,

Itching, especially on the left side of the chest, on the head, arms, neck, and thigh; in the latter there was a sensation as though the flesh were loosened from the bone (seventeenth day),

Itching, here and there, in the skin, especially on the calves; on this spot there appeared, after fourteen days, three herpetic eruptions (after repeated provings of the dilutions),

Extremely unpleasant itching over the whole body, especially in the evening, so that he could not rest,

Pain and redness in an old scar,

A sore became much more painful and inflamed, and began to suppurate profusely, with great swelling, and very depressed irritable disposition, so that the sore could not be touched without weeping,

Itching burning, as from nettles, on the left hand,

Fine stitches beneath the skin in the hepatic region, in the morning (second day),

Soreness of the thigh near the scrotum,

It becomes sore between the nates,

Smarting pain in the old warts,

Itching gnawing, obliging rubbing, in the tip of the right thumb (after 3d trit.),

(Biting and itching on the palm of the left hand, as from fleabites; was obliged to scratch it for more than half an hour), (ninth day),

Prickling with a painful fallen asleep sensation of the hands all day, on putting them into the pockets,

Prickling in the fingers, especially in their tips,

Itching in the skin on the middle of the forehead, where she parted the hair, also itching in both eyebrows, so that she was obliged to scratch these places all day, mostly in the morning (sixteenth day),

Itching behind the right ear, followed by long burning,

Itching on the lobules of the ears,

Itching on the left wing of the nose,

Itching in the beard, obliging scratching (ninth day),

Itching on the lower abdomen, for five minutes (second day),

After rising from bed, itching and burning of face, both in patches; most on left side; worse when near fire; the itching is temporarily relieved by rubbing (ninth day); left cheek itched very much, relieved by rubbing (tenth day),

Itching on the pubis, in the evening (seventeenth day),

Itching in the glans penis and region of the fraenum (eleventh day),

Itching on the tip of the glans penis provoking scratching (fifth day),

Itching on the scrotum and prepuce (after the crude),

Itching on the scrotum or between the scrotum and thigh, obliging scratching (1st trit.),

Itching and fine stitches between the scrotum and left thigh (seventh day),

Itching on the female mons veneris,

Itching on the chest, especially in the open air,

Itching on the back and thighs; he was obliged to scratch,

Itching on the small of the back, extending to the abdominal and hepatic regions and to the thighs,

Itching in the palm of the right hand, in the afternoon (fifth day),

Itching and crawling on the first phalanx of the left third finger (third day),

Itching and biting on the lower extremities, as after a mustard bath, in the evening (fourth day),

Itching internally in the hips,

Itching on the left leg, obliging scratching, at night (fourth day),

Itching in both calves, as if they had fallen asleep, obliging scratching (after the proving),

Itching on the feet, and especially on the inner side of the calves,

Itching on the back of the foot,

Itching on the toes,

Transient itching on the right calf, and after a quarter of an hour on the left inner malleolus, then for a few minutes in the left calf (third day),

Much itching on the lower extremities,

Violent itching externally on the chest,

Violent itching on and under the scrotum, and on the left thigh, in a red inflamed spot,

Violent itching on the small of the back that obliges scratching, in the evening in bed (fourth day),

Violent itching of the fingers, in the evening in bed, preventing falling asleep,

Sticking itching of the margin of the lower jaw (fourth day),

Sticking itching on the back of the right index finger, and on the lower margin of the right orbit, in the evening (fifth day),

Stitch like itching in the tip of the right index finger (after 10th dil.),

Intolerable biting itching near the genitals, with smarting pain after rubbing, for several weeks (after twenty-four hours),