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Niccolum Metallicum - General symptoms - Clarke

Metallic Nickel, Niccolum, Nicc.

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HPUS indication of Niccolum Metallicum: Empty feeling

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Niccolum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Niccolum metallicum. Metallic Nickel. Ni. (A.W. 58.6). Trituration. Niccolum carbonicum. Carbonate of Nickel. NiCO3. Trituration.

Nickel is found associated with Cobalt. It is said to have received its name (Nickel, the devil) from the miners, who considered it "false ore" as they were mining for Cuprum Metallicum copper. The word Cobalt (Kobold) has possibly a similar derivation. Nickel forms the chief ingredient in the alloy known as "German Argentum Metallicum silver." It was proved by Nenning, and the pathogenesis contains some striking symptoms, many of which have been confirmed. Sir James Y. Simpson used the Sulphate of Nickel (NiSO4) in "periodic headaches of a very severe character," and the provings show that Titanium Metallicum the metal and the carbonate are equally appropriate in this connection. H. Moser (Am. H., xxiii. 61) has cured cases when the pain is agg. 10 to 11 a.m., and may be so intense as to cause the patient to cry out.

appears first left side, may jump to right.

disappears in evening. It has also cured dysmenia.

hoarseness, and cough.

and cracking in cervical vertebrae on moving the head. Hering says it is suited to "Literary men and others who suffer from periodical nervous headaches.

weak, asthenopic, weak digestion, constipation.

agg. morning on awaking." It has some characteristic coughs "Must sit up and hold head with both hands with the cough." The child must be held up when coughing or it will go into convulsions.

Mahony (Med. Adv. xxvi. 112) cured with Nicc. 200 a middle-aged lady who had "loose hacking cough day and evening, and at 9 a.m.

has to put arms on thighs when coughing." Peculiar sensations are As if sweat would break out. As if brain were cut to pieces. As if she had not slept enough. As if a nail was sticking in head. As if neck sprained. Abdominal pains go from left to right. W. A. Clausen (Med. Ad., xxiv. 369) has supplied a keynote for the sore throat of Nicc. Right side, with exquisite tenderness, soreness to touch externally on affected side.


Asthenopia. Clavus. Cough. Dysmenia. Face, chapped. Headache; nervous; periodic. Hiccough. Migraine. Nasal catarrh. Neck, cracking in. Ophthalmia. Speech, impeded. Throat, sore. Tongue, stiff. Toothache. Vision, impaired. Whooping-cough.


The symptoms are generally agg. from motion. Talking and yawning agg. sore throat. Coughing amel. roughness of throat. Heaviness of hands and feet are amel. by motion. agg. After midnight and on pressure. amel. In open air. Cold amel. pain in face. Washing amel. burning of eyes. Cold water = redness of eyes. Most symptoms are amel. after eating. Must sit up and hold the head with both hands when coughing or has to put arms on thighs when coughing.