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Nitricum Acidum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Swelling of the hands and feet,

Extremities cold (second morning),

Weakness in all the joints,

Excessive weakness, prostration; all the limbs are affected, especially the knees and elbows, they seem relaxed; after dinner,

Great sensitiveness of the joints, without distinct pain, in the morning,

All the joints feel weak and bruised, as after great exertion,

The hands and limbs seem weak and paralyzed on pressure, or when lying in an uncomfortable position, as if the circulation were arrested by a band (twelfth day),

All the joints seem weary, as after running,

Trembling and weakness in all the joints,

Drawing in all the limbs, wherewith stretching seems very comfortable,

Drawing and burning in the limbs,

Jerking and tearing in the joints,

Cracking in all the joints on motion,

Pain in the gouty joints, hitherto painless,

The joints are painful, as if dislocated, after walking,

Her feet and hands go asleep,

Tension in the arms and lower extremities,

Sensation of heaviness in the limbs and joints, as from weariness, in the morning in bed, with the most perfect rest,

Pain like a rigidity in the left arm and lower extremity,

Bruised sensation in all the limbs; she could scarcely raise the arms and lower extremities,

The upper arm is painful, as if beaten; cannot raise it on account of the pain, and therewith the hand becomes cold,

Throbbing and beating in the thighs, as if they were internally ulcerated; they did not tolerate the slightest touch, and were at one time hot, at another cold,

Pain as from a sprain, and as if beaten, in the patella, while walking, especially on descending steps; while walking upon a level the pain was gradually relieved, even ceasing for a time; also painful on bending it excessively, with cracking in the knee,


Upper extremities

Paralysis of the right arm,

Falling asleep of the right arm at night,

Constant, persistent trembling of the forearm and hand,

Weakness of the arms, as after fever,

Violent tension and constriction in the shoulders and arms; it drew the arms to the body,

The arm seems paralyzed after shaking,

Drawing pain in both arms,

Dull weary pain and tingling in the muscles of the whole arm,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the left arm; she could move it neither backward nor forward (after eighteen days),

Bruised pain in the right arm (after four days),

Pressure in the right arm (after thirty-seven days),

Tearing in the arm, especially on motion, also disturbing sleep,

Drawing in the hand and arm, as if he had sprained them,

Jerking and drawing in the arms and fingers (after three days),


Glandular enlargement in the axilla,

Painful swelling and inflammation of the axillary glands (after fourteen days),

Painful and inflamed redness of left axillary gland (after three days),

The right axillary gland was extremely sensitive all the forenoon (after three days),

Aching pain in right shoulder and arm; the arm feels bruised, and at times she cannot possibly raise it (after three days),

The left shoulder-joint is painful,

The left shoulder is painful, as from a blow,

Pressive pain on the shoulders, as if he had carried something heavy upon them,

Pressure upon the right shoulder (second day),

Stitches in the left shoulder on touch, respiration, or if she is chilly, not on moving the arm,


Trembling of the muscles of the right upper arm,

Hammering pain in the humeri, as if they had been paralyzed,

Drawing in the humeri,

Jerking in the muscles of the upper arm, especially in the deltoid, without pain, all day,

Elbow and Forearm.

Tearing in the elbow-joint and jerking, extending thence to the wrist (after four hours),

Numbness, trembling, and tingling of right forearm (after three days),

Paralytic drawing pain in the forearm nearly all day,

Tearing in the left forearm and hand, with pain when touched,

Drawing deep in the muscles of the forearm, extending into the bones (after twenty-eight days),

Dull pain and sticking in the forearm, extending to the back of the hand and fingers,

Dull pain and stitches in the forearm, extending to the back of the hand and fingers (first day),

Bruised pain externally on the forearm, on motion and touch,

Sensation of heat in both forearms,


Drawing on the right wrist for some seconds (after a few hours),

Tearing about the wrists,

Tearing in the left wrist,

Bruised pain in the wrist,

Pressive pain in the right wrist,


Trembling of the hands,

Some visible twitches in the hands,

Falling asleep of the hands, in the morning, in bed,

Falling asleep and numbness of the hand immediately on resting it upon anything,

Her right hand goes to sleep, in the morning (after three days),

Her hands, which used to go dead and numb, quite ceased to do so while taking the medicine,

Drawing pains in the hands, towards evening,

Cramplike pain in the hand on grasping anything,

Stiff pain in the palm of the left hand on grasping anything,

Aching, powerless feel in left hand, like rheumatism,

Drawing in the hands (after two days),

Violent stitches in the palm of the left hand,

Stitches in the right hand (twelfth day),


Painful swelling of the finger-joints,

Swelling of the fingers, in the morning, on waking,

Paralytic drawing pain in the first joint of the thumb and in the hand, on falling asleep and on waking (after two days),

Frequent drawing pain in the extensor tendons of the index finger, extending from behind forward,

Falling asleep of all the fingers, with crawling in them,

Deadness of the fingers in the cold air,

Violent tearing in the left little finger (after one hour),

Bruised pain in the left little finger,

Burning pain in the fingers of the left hand,

The fingers are painful on moving them, with tension in the middle joints,

Stitches in the middle finger-joints; he could not bend them without pain,


Lower extremities

Spasmodic constriction in the middle of the thigh and below both calves, frequently during the day, a tension as if the parts were bound up,

Weakness of the lower extremities only while lying, not while walking,

In the evening, there was great weakness, especially of the lower extremities,

The child limps and can step only upon the toes,

Great heaviness of the lower extremities, so that he could with difficulty drag himself along,

The feet and lower extremities are icy cold, towards noon,

Stiffness of the lower extremities,

Pressive drawing in both lower extremities, from above downward, in the evening,

Paralytic pain in the whole leg, with such heaviness and lassitude that he does not know where to put it, only during rest, not while walking,

Paralytic pain in the left thigh and leg, at intervals of two hours,

Bruised pain in the lower extremities, as from excessive fatigue,

Bruised pain and heaviness in the lower extremities,

Pressive-drawing pain about the knees, ankles, and other joints,

Sensation of heat with lassitude, in the joints of the lower extremities,

The lower extremities are heavy, especially painful while sitting,

Tearing in the lower extremities, especially at night,

Tearing in the bones of the lower extremities, so that she cried aloud,

Jerking in the left lower extremity, at night in bed,

At night, dead, torpid feeling, and stiffness in left leg,

Drawing pain in the right lower extremity,

Crawling in the lower extremities, extending from the hips to the toes, frequently during the day and night,

Slight aching in both feet and legs up to the hips; felt as if she had taken cold in them, in the afternoon (first day),


Pressive-tensive pain in the right hip-joint, on rising from a seat and beginning to walk, as if the head of the thigh-bone would be put out of joint,

Drawing pains about the hips,


Weakness of the left thigh after a walk, with a sensation of stagnation of blood in it,

Soreness of the thigh, near the scrotum,

Soreness between the thighs, on walking,

The nates are painful to touch, as if sore,

Drawing in the muscles of the thighs, as if something heavy were hanging upon them,

Drawing in the thighs in the evening, and itching on the skin,

Drawing in the nates, extending into the feet,

Drawing and tearing in the thigh, extending from the knee upward, on sitting down, relieved by sitting,

Sticking pain at the head of the femur,

Bruised pain in the lower portion of the thigh, on moving it forward while walking,

Bruised pain, as if broken, in both thighs (after six hours),

Pressive pain in the thigh, above the knee, inferiorly and internally, that makes the lower extremity weak and stiff (after three days),

Violent sticking in the right thigh, at night,

Prickling in the thighs,

Tearing in the thigh, extending up from the knee, while walking,

The left thigh feels bruised,

Pain in the region of the right gluteal muscles,

The nates are painful while riding in a carriage (at night),


The hollow of the knee is very tense, and seems contracted all the afternoon (after seventy-two hours),

Stiffness in the right knee,

Painful contraction of the knee,

Tension in the hollow of the knee as if the tendons were too short,

Pain in the hollow of the knees, as from stiffness, so that he was obliged to limp on beginning to walk,

Tensive pain in the knee on motion,

Pain in the left patella, so that he could scarcely step; could not walk at all (after eleven days),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the knees, especially on going downstairs,

Sensation of swelling in the hollows of the knees, while walking in the open air,

Tearing in the knee, extending to the hip, at night in bed, after much walking,

Shooting into the knee when coughing, so that it cracks, with pain in the patella, on walking,

Cracking in the knee, while walking, so that sometimes he could not move from the spot,

Sticking pain on the outer side of the knee, while walking,

Violent drawing in the knees, ending with a jerking,

Stitches in the knee, while standing,

Stitches in the hollows of the knees, at night,


The leg seems numb and dead, in the evening in bed, followed by cramp in it, mostly in the calves, at last sticking and prickling in the heels,

Paralytic drawing in the bones of the leg,

Great weakness and weariness in the lower portion of the leg, after walking a little,

Painless lumps in calves, about half the size of a Juglans Regia walnut, for about an hour (second morning),

Violent cramp in the calves, on stretching out the foot, for example, when drawing on the boot,

Violent cramp in the calves, on drawing up the leg,

Violent cramp in the calves, at night,

Cramp in the calves, towards morning,

Momentary sharp pain in the leg, extending from the knee to the tips of the toes, day and night,

Persistent cramplike pain in the whole lower portion of the leg, in the muscles and tendons, also painful to touch,

Pain as from a sprain, in the ankle, in the morning on rising,

Drawing in the middle of the calf during rest and motion; sometimes changing to sudden spasmodic jerks, in frequent paroxysms for two hours, immediately,

Drawing in the legs, extending into the knees,

Sensation of heat in the legs, that are, however, cold to touch,


Great swelling of the feet, after walking in the open air,

The toes, soles of the feet, and corns are painfully sensitive, as if inflamed,

Great weakness of the feet, with prostration,

The feet remain cold, with heat of the head, after a walk,

The feet are painful; cannot tolerate the shoes,

The corns begin to be painful,

Tearing in the left foot,

Tearing in the right foot, in the morning,

Tearing in the right metatarsus (after eleven hours),

Tearing and sticking in the right foot,

Drawing in the upper portion of the right metatarsus (after nine hours),

Drawing pain from the ball of the foot to the heel, with a feeling of weakness,

Drawing in the feet, extending to the knees,

Drawing pain in the feet, while walking,

Burning in the feet,

Smarting pain in the corns,

Some stitches in the right foot (tenth day),

Stitches in the malleoli,

Cracking in the ankle, while walking,

Burning above the malleoli,

Pain in the periosteum of the os calcis (sixth day),

Weariness of the feet, only at night; none during the day, even from the longest walk,

Heaviness in the malleoli, extending through the feet, on walking and stepping, as if they were very much compressed,


Redness, inflammation, and swelling of one toe, with burning pain; after wetting the feet,

A corn, with burning pain, appears on the left middle toe,

Redness and heat of the great toe and its ball, with sticking in it, as if it had been frozen,

Violent crawling and itching in the great toe, in the evening,

Violent burning beneath the nail of the left great toe, in the evening in bed,

Pain beneath the nail of the great toe,

Pain in the ball of the little toe, while walking,

Violent stitches in the right great toe and in the sole of the foot that prevents sleep for a long time,


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