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Nitricum Acidum - Fever And Chill symptoms - Hahnemann

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fever and chill

Coldness of the skin on the whole body, at night.

Chill in the evening, before going to bed and when lying down, all over the body, for a quarter of an hour.

Chilliness of the whole body, while the feet are warm (aft. 2 d.).

Coldness of the hands and feet (aft. 2 d.).

Coldness of the skin on the whole body.

Sensation of coolness on the body and head, without any cause, for two hours.

Chilliness, especially in the evening.

Chill in the afternoon, without subsequent heat; he felt stolid all day.

Chilliness in the evening, on moving in bed.


Febrile rigor, even in the warm room.

Chill and shuddering, as from goose-skin, with horripilation.

Repeated shuddering, especially in the forenoon.

Constant internal chill, in the evening, with external warmth of the body, which he does not perceive (he presses near to the stove), and a headache, as if the head was tightly bandaged.

Violent fever with chill, especially in the back; he cannot get warm; and yet has internal heat.

Chilliness even in the morning in bed, and the whole day; only in the afternoon, he has heat in the face.

Chills and shaking in the evening, then flying heat with dryness in the throat.

Chilliness in the evening, in bed, from bed-time till midnight (in August); then dry heat on the lower limbs, head and body.

In feverish alternation, cold hands and heat in the head.

Febrile rigor in the afternoon, for an hour; then heat all over, for a quarter of an hour; then for two hours a general sweat; no thirst either during the chill or the heat (aft. 4 d.).

Quotidian fever, after (taking cold from) long driving through a violent wind, chill for three hours, then heat for six hours, with profuse sweat (aft. 36 d.).

Febrile rigor in the afternoon, in the open air, for an hour and a half; then in the bed dry heat, with half-awake delirium, without sleep; only toward morning, sweat and sleep.

First a dry heat, then a severe chill, in the morning in bed.

Great heat in the face, in the evening, with icy cold hands, without thirst (aft. 3 d.).

Transient heat in the cheeks, with thirst, and in the evening that follows, great drowsiness.

Heat in the face, and coldness on the rest of the body.

Heat in face, in the morning, on awaking, and tendency to perspire.

Flushes of heat toward evening, all over, and quickly passing sweat.

Heat and thirst, with scanty and turbid urine.

Internal dry heat, with thirst and feverish lassitude.

Heat in the eyes, pain in the sacrum, and great anxiety.

Flying heat, occasionally (Stapf.).

Flushes of transient heat, with moistness of the hands, repeatedly during the day.

Flying heat and nausea, in the evening, before going to sleep.

Frequent flushes of heat, during the day.

Flying heat on the cheeks, without thirst (aft. 30 h.).

Dry heat on the whole body (aft. 5 d.).

Increased, constant warmth of the body, by day and by night, as after spirituous liquors, with increased inclination to perspire.

Constant sensation of heat in the whole body, without thirst; she can bear but little cover day and night, and must have a cold room.

Cannot bear the room as warm as usual.

The room which was not warm, seemed to her too hot.

Heat in the evening, especially on the feet.

Heat in the face, in the evening.

Heat on the skin.

Heat frequently in the face and the hands, with much lassitude in the limbs.

Dry heat at night (aft. 8 d.).

Great heat at night and sleeplessness.

At night, much heat, especially in the thighs.

At night, sensation of heat in the blood, especially in the hands; she could sleep but little on that account.


all over the body awakes her frequently at night, without sweat, with intense thirst, from dryness deep down in the throat; she must often turn over in bed; the thirst lasted for 20 hours.

Sweat, with cold hands and blue finger-nails.

Morning sweat.

Nightly slight, perspiration.

Night-sweat, profuse every other night.

Night-sweat, every night.

Night-sweat, twenty days in succession (aft. 10 d.).

Night-sweat, while he wakes up in the midst of it, with agreeable ideas.

Night-sweat, chiefly on the feet.

Night-sweat, on the chest.

Night-sweat, only on those parts on which she is lying.

Night-sweat in bed, as soon as he covers himself.

Night-sweat in sleep.

Ill-smelling sweat, for several nights.

More and ill-smelling sweat, during bodily work.

Sour, very ill-smelling sweat, like the urine of horses.

Sourish night-sweat, for several nights.

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