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Nitricum Acidum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, throbbing headache in right temple, with nausea.

pressure in forehead. stitches over the eyes.

swelling of fingers. distension of abdomen.

face hot. in bed, dry heat.

violent chill. hacking cough.

bloody expectoration. thirst for water.

rattling in trachea. sick feeling.

chilliness. erections.

pain in urethra. tearing in right foot.

pressure in chest. hands asleep.

on rising, vertigo. weakness and nausea.

vertigo, with obscuration.

ill-humored. fretful. perspiration.

exhaustion. gnawing in stomach.

on waking, mouth stiff and sore.

on waking, pressure in stomach and back.

pressure in forehead. nosebleed.

blowing of blood from nose.

burning in eyelids. tension in skin of face.

stoppage of nose. heaviness of limbs and joints.

stitches in left chest, with difficult respiration.

cramp in calves. pressive pain in right chest.

paroxysms of headache.

tightness of breath. emission of flatus.

in bed, cutting colic.

after rising, violent flatulent colic.

yellow, sickly look below eye.

after stool, griping in abdomen.

bloody saliva. mouth dry.

tongue dry, coated. difficulty in opening eyes.

puffiness about eyes. loss of appetite.

sweetish taste. sour taste..

(Evening), Face hot, tremulous.

pressure in eyelids. sensitiveness of scalp.

stitches in right side of occiput.

boring stitches in vertex.

sticking headache in left frontal eminence.

stitches in left temple.

jerking in head. jerking toothache.

throbbing toothache. pressure in eyelids.

weakness of lower jaw.

disagreeable odor from nose.

in bed, sticking in throat.

sour taste. dry, hacking cough.

after lying down, stitches in right breast.

stitches in rectum. flushes of heat and nausea.

flushes of heat in cheek, with thirst.

weakness of lower extremities.

in bed, appearance of images, chilliness and shivering.

sleepiness. in bed, palpitation.

internal chills. external warmth.

pressive drawing in lower extremities.

feet hot. in bed, burning beneath nail of great toe.

drawing in thighs. in bed, hacking cough.

smarting in anus. after lying down, erections.

vertigo. anxiety. tremulous.

weary. depression..

(Night), While sleeping, head heavy and oppressed, headache.

on rising. vertigo. skin cold.

drawing, grumbling, sticking, and burning in teeth.

stopped coryza. violent coryza.

acrid water from nose.

nosebleed. rush of blood to chest and heart.

stitches in heart. heat.

thirst. during sleep, pain in stomach.

pressure in stomach. eructations and cramp in stomach.

griping colic. uneasiness in abdomen.

cramp in abdomen. blood hot in hands.

sticking in thigh. heat in thigh.

tearing in knees. cramp in calves.

feet and legs cold. tearing in lower extremities.

dead feeling in left leg to knee.

feet weary. violent erections.

emissions. restlessness.

frequent waking. anxious dreams.

peevish dreams. fantasies.

dry heat. anxiety. desire to urinate.

on rising, vertigo..

(After eating), Heat and redness of face.

headache. crawling in larynx.

hacking cough. sore pain in chest.

coldness and pressure in stomach.

nausea. eructations. acidity in mouth, throat.

vomiting. rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

anxiety. in evening, bilious eructations.

cracking in maxillary articulation.

sweat. salt, burning in chest..

(Walking), Heat and pain in head.

vertigo. in open air, headache, nausea, perspiration.

loss of breath. palpitation.

in open air, itching on neck.

itching on pudenda. throbbing in chest.

in open air, loss of breath.

feet heavy. in open air, pressure in stomach.

in open air, sensation of swelling in hollow of knee.

pain in hollow of knee.

pain in left patella. itching in anus.

in open air, pain in left scapula and kidneys.

stitches in scapula. tearing in thigh.

soreness between thighs.

weakness of left thigh.

cracking in knee. drawing pain in feet.

sticking pain in heel.

pain in little toe. cracking in ankle.

oppression. anxiety..

At once she is taken with a peculiar anguish, runs to her physician, but he is not at home, hires a carriage to drive to the house where she expects to find him.

during her ride all the anguish is gone.

arrived at home she feels as bad as ever, and feels herself thus forced to drive about the whole day, till all the effects of the Nitric acid have passed off,.

Violent painlike throbbing or hammering on left side of head, coming on gradually.

it began near vertex, descending to region of left ear, then went gradually over vertex to right side of head, but still worse on the left not relieved by warmth of flannel.

she felt as if she could beat the head to pieces, towards morning (first night).

it gradually diminished, and about breakfast left her entirely,.

Great difficulty in swallowing, which could only be performed in gulps, part of the fluid regurgitating through both nostrils, owing to constriction of oesophagus (twenty-first day).

a small bougie was passed with difficulty into the oesophagus, which presented a stricture at the depth of about two inches.

from this time a bougie was passed on alternate days (thirtieth day).

discharged with some constriction about oesophagus, but otherwise in fair health (one hundred and tenth day),.

On being inhaled, it causes a constant and violent cough, with whistling inspiration, redness, and sweat of the face and body.

the paroxysm of cough increases so much by continued inhalation of the gas that it causes a taste of blood, nausea, and actual vomiting of mucus and food.

longer exposure to the gas apparatus causes oppression of breathing and anxiety, so that it becomes necessary to leave the room and breathe freely, in order to ease the cough.

there remains behind, for from half an hour to two hours, great rawness, soreness, and weariness of the chest,.

Woke in the night with deepseated, bitter coldness in the feet and legs up to the hips, and deepseated feeling as if dogs were gnawing the flesh and bones, and as if the sinews were being pulled up.

all these three sensations were worse in the feet and thighs.

kept her awake all night.

not relieved by position or movement.

relieved for the time by hard rubbing (first night).

after breakfast they suddenly disappeared, leaving the parts tender to touch, and as if the clothes were too heavy for them (first night),.

After about ten days he began to have violent pains in the region of the oesophagus and stomach.

nausea, vomiting, colic, and constipation returned.

he became very much emaciated, offensive eructations, excessive distension of the epigastric region, tongue pale, moist, breath offensive, pulse 66 to 68. In spite of various remedies the abdomen became more and more distended, especially in the left hypogastrium, extending as far as the umbilical region.

dulness on percussion, with evident fluctuations.

pressure painful. the strength sank more and more each day.


Violent itching over the whole body, without eruption,

Itching over the whole body,

Violent itching on the back, and pain after scratching,

Much itching on the upper lip,

Itching on the nape of the neck,

Violent itching below the arms,

Violent itching on the tip of the elbows, on the patella, and back of the foot,

Violent itching of the left hand,

Itching of the hands, with chilblains and swelling (at the end of April),

Itching on the neck, on walking in the open air (after twenty-four hours),

Itching over the whole back (after seven days),

Violent burning itching on the right lower extremity, without eruption,

Violent itching in the hollows of the knees and bends of the elbows,

Itching between the thighs,

Itching on the thighs; she was obliged to scratch them till bloody,

Violent itching on the outer portion of the thigh, at night when in bed, after scratching soon returning,

Itching on the feet,

Itching in the warts,

Sticking and picking in the warts,

Sticking pain in an ulcer, mostly during the first days of the proving,

Moisture and itching in the anus,

Smarting pain, commencing in a large wart that had been for eight years on the upper lip; it bleeds on washing, and is painful on touch,

Transient stitches, though rather a burning as from nettles, in and about an ulcer,