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Nitricum Acidum - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning and evening), Sneezing.

(Forenoon), Shivering; stitches through lungs.

(Toward noon), Weakness; cold feet and lower extremities; bitter taste.

(Afternoon), Throbbing headache in left of head; sticking pain in upper part of head; compressive headache in forehead; face hot; chilliness; weakness; hollow of knee tense; impatient; sleepiness; bitter taste.

(Toward evening), Flushes of heat; itching in pudenda; drawing pains in hands and small of back.

(Midnight), Toothache.

(After midnight), Violent cough; epileptic attack.

(Cold air), Deadness of fingers.

(Open air), Confusion of the head; suddenly blinded; lachrymation of right eye.

(Falling asleep), Paralytic drawing in first joint of thumb and in hand; oppression.

(Ascending steps), Loss of breath; palpitation; anxiety.

(During breakfast), Stitches in left side of occiput.

(Bending backward), Tightness of chest.

(Chewing), Cracking in ear; looseness and painfulness of teeth.

(After coition), Drawing pain in small of back, spine, and thighs.

(Coughing), Pressure in head; pain in chest, stomach, and hypochondria; nausea; vomiting; anxiety; stitches in rectum; stitches in throat and small of back.

(Covering in bed), Nightsweat.

(After dinner), Twitching in right eye; vomiting; headache; knee and elbow relaxed; chilliness; paleness; tongue coated.

(Drinking), Acid, sense of heat; pain behind suprasternal notch; persistent vomiting; griping in abdomen.

(Eating), Head perspires.

(Exertion), Palpitation; perspiration offensive; heat.

(Grasping), Cramp pain in hands; stiff pain in left hand.

(Inspiration), Spasmodic pain in chest and back; whistling in chest.

(Lying down), Weakness of lower extremities.

(Manual labor), Spasmodic jerking in dorsal muscles.

(Appearance of menses), Cramp pains in lower abdomen; pains in small of back.

(Before menses), Bruised pain in limbs.

(During menses), Burning in eye; swelling of gums; toothache; pressure in the hepatic region; pressure in abdomen; violent pain; dragging in lower abdomen; weakness; constriction toward genitals.

(Motion), Externally bruised pain in forearm; tearing in arm; stitches in hepatic region; sticking in region of spleen; nausea; faintness; anxiety.

(Moving body), drawing and griping in umbilical region.

(Pressing forehead), Stitches in right ear.

(Reading), Aloud, scraping in throat; green spots before every letter; obscuration of the eye; lachrymation.

(Rest), Paralytic pain in one leg, with heaviness and lassitude; drawing in middle of calf.

(Warm room), Shaking chills.

(Respiration), Pain in chest; stitches in right side of chest.

(Riding in carriage), Nates painful.

(Rising from stooping), Vertigo.

(Rising from seat), Tensive pain in hip-joint.

(Standing), Stitches in vertebrae and knee.

(After smoking), Dryness and scraping of mouth.

(Sitting), Constrictive pain in right chest; weariness; indolence.

(Stooping), Shooting in head; headache; pain in chest externally; vertigo.

(During stool), Sticking and constriction in rectum.

(After stool), Sticking and scraping in rectum; discharge of prostatic fluid; burning and itching in anus; smarting in rectum; nausea; exhaustion.

(Stretching foot), Cramp in calves.

(Swallowing), Pressure in throat; sore throat; pain in cardiac orifice.

(Talking), Stitches in larynx and throat.

(Urinating), Sore pain in glans penis; burning and smarting in urethra; stitches in lower abdomen.

(After urinating), Burning in anus, in evening; discharges of tenacious mucus.

(After walking), Swelling of feet; weakness and weariness of lower leg; joints painful.

(Wetting feet), Swelling inflammation, redness of one toe.


(Eating), Pressure in stomach; warm food, pain in teeth.

(Drinking), Wine, throbbing in chest.

(Moving), Nausea.

(Riding in carriage), Symptoms disappear.

(Hard rubbing), Gnawing sensation in thighs.

(Sitting), Pain in thigh.

(Going to sleep), Stitches in right side of occiput.

(Walking), Pain in left inguinal region.


Ravenous hunger,

Great hunger, with weariness of life (after two days),

Constant appetite, though speedy satiety on eating,

Good appetite, that immediately vanishes when beginning to eat,

Had a second breakfast, feeling hungry and thirsty (second morning),

Desire for fat and herring,

He has no appetite; he is averse to everything,

Very little appetite, without bad taste,

Aversion to sweets,

Aversion to cooked meat,


Excessive thirst (third day),

Constant great thirst,

Much thirst at times at night,

Thirst at night (after thirteen days),

Much longing for drink,

Thirst for water, in the morning on waking,

Thirst (first four or five days),

Dryness low down posteriorly in the throat, with heat at night, without sweat,

Great dryness of the mouth, with great thirst,

Was obliged to drink while eating,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Many eructations before and after eating,

Violent eructations and cramps in the stomach the first half of the night,

Very easy eructations, with heartburn,

Eructations followed by burning (heartburn), extending from the stomach to the throat, after eating,

Bilious eructations while eating, especially in the evening,

Sour eructations,

Empty eructations, even in the morning, fasting,

Empty eructations almost immediately,

Violent hiccough (third day),

Hiccough from morning till evening (fourth day),

Hiccough (third day),